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    August Fifth 2011 Finding Dreamviews Academy

    by , 08-05-2011 at 10:32 PM (852 Views)
    I had 3 WILDs after doing assort of WBTB when I had to get up to use the restroom in the middle of the night. Before going back to bed I remember thinking about the task I wanted to complete and I wanted to have a LD after a long dry spell.

    Every time I woke up between these dreams I remember saying ďAnd I am backĒ and wiggling my finger a little (as a sort of RC without too much movement) before falling into the next WILD

    FIRST DREAM: Forgotten Tasks Mean Wanting Some Fun :
    I could not remember what task I wanted to get done so since hubby was in bed next to me I tried to get him to have sex.

    I stabilized the dream by rubbing my hands together and I also looked at my hands and arms. My I was surprised to find my scars were there and so was my tattoo with an added one on my left shoulder, but in the dream for some reason I thought it was completely normal to have and look for this second one. The black ink was faded blue color, however I remember thinking it looked cool like that.

    SECOND DREAM: Putty Skin:
    I was in bed with hubs again and he wanted to watch something with me but I thought about sex again. I could not do a proper nose pinch so I deiced to try the finger through hand thing, but I ended up twisting the skin between the thumb and first finger. My skin was like putty and I thought it was awesome and wanted to play with it a little more, but deiced not to get side tracked. I soon woke.

    THIRD DREAM: Thinking Of A Way To Complete My Task:
    I feel the wild come on get a little scared, but tell myself it is ok and not to try to force it. I try thinking about random stuff until I feel myself start to roll off the bed. At first I fight it, but then say I am moving into the dream so it is ok and if not this is going to hurt.

    I roll off the bed and find myself in the dream floating a few inches off the ground. Once I realize I am in the dream however I make contact with the ground. I rub my hands together to try to stabilize and think to look at my arms again only to be wearing my pink hooded sweat shirt. I think about taking it off but I do not want to lose the dream so I settle for pulling up the sleeves as much as I can. This seems to work and I head for the front door. It is an all glass door with condensation on it (nothing like RL of course, but I like to document when and how things are different.) I also see lilD (my cat) in the living room where it looks like he is splitting into another cat.

    When I open the door I hear mom cough, but I do not get side tracked and I leave the house. Once outside I see it has been raining and it feels like it is a mid fall night. I remember there was something I wanted to do but I forgot then it hit me and I said oh yah out loud. I take a moment to figure out how I will complete my task, I first think about walking and then think about flying, but I did not want to get side tracked with either of these ideas as I wanted to get to where I wanted as fast as I could without having to search it out. I come up with the idea to just announce to the dream world what I would like to do. So I cup my hands to my mouth and yell out I would like to visit the dreamworld dreamviews dream academy.

    My dream responds to show me a castle across the lake and I instantly know this is it. Again I think about how to get there. I think I could swim, but felt once more I could get sidetracked and then think about walking there only to say it is too far and I might wake before I get there. I then think since it is a lake why not a boat. After this thought, I see a rather run down dock with a boat sitting next to it. I get the dream knowledge this boat is waiting for me. While making my way to the boat I see another one coming in to dock. In this boat I see an owl and only think it was weird for a second then say well it is normal in a dream. I get to my boat to see another owl there (it looks like the owl in Manconís profile picture). I bow my head and say good sir or good mam owl will you please take me to the castle as I would like to see it. The owl bows its head and says yes in a kind of metallic whine. I move to get into the boat only to wake.

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