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    OBE x5 or 6 (19 Feb 2016)

    by , 02-20-2016 at 09:23 PM (299 Views)
    Before the OBE - No food, bit of water. Sweat pants and shirt. Fell asleep on couch prior to laying down to doing routine for about 40 minutes. Went to lay down about hour later. Was VERY sleepy. Slept in living room with Aiden next to me. Listening to Paul Collier binaural music (30 minute segment). Went through affirmations and fell asleep before I got to systematic relaxation of body.

    Okay, so while I was going through my affirmations and listening to my beats I think I fell asleep for a few minutes. Next is while I was sleeping my subconscious went to begin relaxing my right hand and arm. (In an actual dream or hypnogogic state) I believe the repetition of my routine was so ingrained that it began even though I fell asleep. As soon as I began this relaxation technique my body began to go into the vibrational state and I instantly began to float out. Surprisingly I floated down and had immense physical sensations while spinning and floating almost uncontrollably. I kept repeating clarity now and all remained black while I floated what seemed forever down through this dark void. I tried many things to get vision, but nothing. Eventually it took me back to my body. Even though I didn't get vision it was still very clear and vivid. I could hear my binaural beats the entire time.

    Again, I could feel my right side hand and arm buzzing and immediately got out again. This time without even thinking about it. I began to roll out on the right side of my body. Funny thing is that this roll continued indefinitely for what seemed to be minutes. I was in awe of the highly sensitive sensations it was sending to my body. From here I popped back into my body. Again I could hear my binaural beats the entire time.

    Like a broken disk, I could feel my right again buzzing. Out again. Third time, then forth. My body was in a perpetual spin into the darkness whenever I got out. At this point I could not hear the binaural beats. Most likely they had got to the end of the 30 minute video from youtube.

    The next of time I got out I remember walking around my living room with the feeling of my eyes twitching in an almost blinding fashion. At the same time I could feel my right arm buzzing and I knew I could get out again. The separation process was beginning but I was on my feet. I felt as if I needed to lay down because I was actually kind of in shock that this was occurring. (This part of it seemed almost like a dream to me but I had a unclear 3d sense of my surroundings) As soon as I remember again I was laying down and floating out of my body spinning about. Down, sideways and backwards.

    The last time I got out I remember walking around my living room again towards the kitchen. This time my wife was there and I remember explaining to her that I just had a bunch of OBE's and my body was humming with energy again so strong that I could feel myself trying to separate. My eyes were barely open but I VIVIDLY remember this. I was walking as slow as a sloth handicapped by the sensations. Then I layed down and it happened again. (This was the last one that I remember and again it felt dreamlike while I was walking around but I still had the 3d sense.. just very foggy though.)

    Okay, now the kind of crazy thing. Today when I woke up I told my wife about it. She just kinda rolled her eyes like she usually does and that was that. The only interest in it was that I told her I had like 5 or 6 of them. But then she said that I was talking really loud in my sleep last night. And that she could hear it all the was from the bedroom with her door partially closed. She said she got up and stood at the door for a second to see if it would continue, which it did. She actually thought I was talking to my son who was sleeping next to me and came out to investigate. She came out to the kitchen and watched but by this point I was silent. This is the spot that I remembered her being at when I was talking to her in my dream state or obe state. Very weird.
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