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    1. Dream Journal spellbee spring competition 2017 4th lucid dream

      by , 04-20-2017 at 07:13 AM
      i was praying in a school without reason,when suddendly i had a FA,close to my bed there was a Dream Journal
      but it wasn't mine,i started reading a dream i found there,but it didn't have sense so i went on my brother's room and started thinking about it until i did the Nose Pinch Test and i became fully lucid,
      then i went on my room and started moving things(like chairs)with telekinesis,after that i went outside...
      It was very cold and it was the 8 PM of night,
      i thought that probably it was very cold because i was sleeping only with a T-shirt in Real Life ,
      i started randomly walking when i started to hear someone with my voice shouting because of the amazement of my view,
      he was commenting me,something like this,infact when i started spinning to stabilize,that voice shouted : Oh nice everything is stabilizing
      i didn't take much care of this voice instead i started walking toward the tobacconist until i saw a schoolmate Z.
      he greeted me but i went forward to my objective but strangely the city was different and i arrived in a Grocery Store
      i sat on a wall there was and started to watch cars ran on the road,Then i decided to use some telekinetic powers
      So I started to move cars in many direction they flied for about 10 meters altrough some of them didn't move very much
      until there came a big car,then i focused on it and started to think the movement it would have made,then with a movement of my hand
      I launched that big car at an unbelievable speed towards the Moon
      after that i got bored and i sat in a bus a stop there was ahead a bit far from the store,
      i started thinking until Z. came and sat with me,i asked him where was the tobacconist be he didn't respond
      then i started tell him what i have done,but he replied that it was easy,
      so i replied that i launched a car on the moon and he stopped replying
      after that i decided to joke with him,and i made him jump for a meter with telekinesis
      and he replied to me "What are you doing",laughing at the same time.
      Then we started to go in the Grocery Store
      when i suddendly wake up at 6:30 AM

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    2. Dream Journal spellbee spring competition 2017 2 lucid dream

      by , 04-16-2017 at 03:13 PM
      I'm with my brother we are going to meet someone,after sometime
      we arrive in a place where there is a guy with a short beard and some glasses.
      We start following this man,until my brother leave me and started to return home,
      Then I started to questioning myself,Where is going my brother?
      Wait...What where i'm going...What i'm doing?
      Suddendly i became lucid,and i everything become on focus,i started to see my surroundings
      i was in a city,very similar to New York until that guy ask me to follow him,then i continued
      to follow him(during the time i've done the nose pinch test,i've saw my hands,and i have stabilized rubbing my hands)until we come in a building,at that point he go away and i enter
      in a room with many chairs and a big screen,there i speak with a bald man who ask me
      if i have done an important work in the past i say no and decided to teleport,but then someone
      called me,and ordered me to sit because the meeting was starting,i turn and i see who called me,there is a man with like 55 years,he it's a sort of army commander,i understand this by his uniform,i sit on a chair and started talking with a PO there was,I asked him where we was,but he didn't respond instead He asked me if i have done an important work and i again reply that i didn't,then he say me that because of this i won't understand the thing they will show me on the screen and said that i was ignorant,
      then i arsed him and started to ignore him,
      suddendly in the room enter my father and ask to the commander if he can cut my hairs
      he respond that mine are too long(?)so my father go away and the commander press a button,the screen turn on but i suddendly wake up

      PS : Sorry for my english

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