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    August 20, 1990 (33)
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    I'm approaching 21 and I'm studying to become a teacher.
    In my free time I like to go out with my friends.
    Another hobby is writing: currently I wrote 1 novel and I'm starting another one. At the moment I'm looking for an editor.
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    South of Luxembourg (Yes there are more than just one city here^^)
    Literature & Science
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    What I want to do while being lucid:
    fly [ ] walk through a wall [ ] beating up a group of ninjas [ ] breath ounder water [ ] Talk with "Emil", a character of my novel I've been writing [ ]
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    Night of 08/19 - The game

    by grischkaja008 on 08-19-2011 at 09:30 AM
    Vividness: 5/5
    Recall: 3/5

    I'm in a baskethall I used to play as a kid. I don't know how it comes, but I'm in one of the teams. I sit on the bench and see how the game goes. Our team seems to be loosing. I see all the missed opportunities to pass the ball etc.
    A player in our team is replaced by me. We play from this time on really awesome and we don't seem to be loosing anymore. The ball's out and the clock stops. I look at the screen and see, that we have the same number of points, but just 1 second is left. It's our ball. So a player passes the ball and he shoots. I see how the ball flies, hear how the alarm goes and I see that we made it to score the piont. So we won!
    I feel really awesome. I begin to think about it, but my thoughts are really disorganized and it's hard to me to focus.I remember that I thought how it would be if I play in a real team in real life. I argued with my self if this is really happening or if it's a dream. I see that the players in my team are complete strangers to me

    Unfortunately I don't know anymore what happened next. Might be a lucid :/

    Night of 08/15 - The highest mountain in the world

    by grischkaja008 on 08-15-2011 at 10:01 AM
    Vividness: 4/5
    Recall: 1/5

    I don't recall much about my trip to this mountain. I remember when I arrived at the top of the mountain. The rocks looked strange, I've never seen so smooth and flat. There was a lot of space to walk on, it seemed that the rocks were stairs. There were a lot of people here, they were all there to see the landscape. And this trip was really worth it: I've never seen such beautiful mountains. I remember that at one moment I asked my self how I managed to get on the top of the mountain, because it seemed that it was f*cking high. But I didn't question my trip any further, i don't know why.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Night of 08/14 - Strange love story

    by grischkaja008 on 08-14-2011 at 12:15 PM
    Vividness: 5/5
    Recall: 3/5

    Everything begins at a party. It's the party I went yesterday, but in my dream it seems, that I'm having here much more than yesterday night. Anyway, I'm atracted by a few girls, so I go towards them and have a chat. One is blond the other one has brown curly hair. It seems to me that I have seen her at some other place, but I don't recall that I saw her in a dream. I don't know how it comes, but I'm much more attracted to her than to the blonde.
    There is a passage I forgot but it ended that I kissed the blonde. I had the feeling I was kissing the open end of a bottle. She is a very bad kisser, but we can't stop. That other girl, let's name her W , seems to be disappointed, but she hides it very well. W goes her way, I remain with that bottle mouth.
    There is a guy appearing and it seems that this is her boyfriend. I'm confused, feel very awkward, they leave and I'm alone again.
    I look for W and find her somewhere. I want to talk to her, that I didn't want to hurt her and that the other is a bitch. But she doesn't want to and says this to me:

    W: Haha the joke's on you, you bastard! You just wanted to get laid so you bet on two girls. But as a bad player, you bet everything and received nothing. You are deplorable.

    She runs away and I ran after her. After a chase that seems to me an eternity I could stop her.

    W: Why should I listen to you?

    I don't know anything to say. Why don't lie?

    Me: Because I love you! (Yep I'm definitely lying at that point)

    She burst out crying and starts to kiss me

    Gosh That was confusing. lol

    Night of 08/10 - Crazy shit

    by grischkaja008 on 08-11-2011 at 10:27 AM
    Recall: 2/5
    Vividness: 5/5

    It seems that I'm in a seatown. There is my little brother, my parents and a 9 year old girl. We are first in a house, were we should live for the next days. The house was really tiny and remind me of a place I've been once in my life. I find this house really odd, because it seems that each time I walk in a room, it looks totally different.
    My parents say to me that they are going somewhere and that I should pay attention on my brother and the girl. I ask my brother who it is and he says, that she's some sort of exchange student. This makes perfectly no sense, because it seems that she lives at this place for real and that we are simply on vacation or something like that.
    So we leave the house to and go somewhere, but I can't recall where and what happened next. Only thing I know that both got back to the house. I'm standing alone in a street of that town, where we went on vacation this year. I know this city very well, I can recall the exact place where I am. There is this enormous hill and I'm standing on the road on the top of the hill. It's really bright outsides it even hurts my eyes.
    And than something weird happens. I get witness of something terrible, but I can't recall what it was. Only thing I remember is, that I got scared really bad and had some kind of emotional shock. I look at my hands and I see that instantly, hairs grow on my fingers. That scares me a lot. I look at my fingers and see that they've grow also under my nails. My fingers felt numb. I tried to rub my fingers to get ride of the hairs, but I failed. First I thought that it's due to the shock, but I remember instantly that a shock would have as extreme consequence a loss of hairs and not the grow.
    There is a woman next to me and show her my hands. I say:

    Me: Look! What happened to my hands?
    DC: I don't see anything abnormal.
    Me: Look at the hairs!!
    DC: Well that's normal. I remember that you always had these hairs on your hands.
    non-lucid , nightmare

    Night of 08/07 - Akward moments

    by grischkaja008 on 08-08-2011 at 11:19 AM
    Vividness: 5/5
    Recall: 3/5

    I'm in a bar or something like that. There are a few friends and girl N. She has birthday that's why we celebrate it in this bar. I have the feeling that something isn't real, that something is wrong in here. I leave the table for a minute to go to the toilet. As I walk away, girl N. follows me. We stop a few meters in front of the toilet, but out of the sight of our friends. I still have an awkward feeling, she behaves really strange. She doesn't make any moves she use to make, no teasing , no jokes, nothing. I feel something special is going on. We start to kiss.I realize that this is a dream, because I know, she wouldn't never ever behave like this.
    I calm myself and concentrate on the kiss. It feels really normal, like this is reality. I am very cautious because I know that I would loose the dream when I get too excited.
    We stop the kiss and girl N. seems to be ashamed or something like that, just like she did something she will regret. I'm a bit confused cause I know that this reaction is caused by myself, well it's my dream. I know that what she feels is that what I would feel in real life. This emotion is really strong, it makes me sad. Girl N. starts to speak:

    Girl N.: I don't know what is going on here. I feel so confused.
    Me: I know what you are talking about. What does this mean.
    Girl N.: maybe we should actually talk about what happened. But we can't do it now, the others will suspect something.

    So one after the other we go back to the table
    I loose lucidity and sit near her. I wait until we can leave the place, so that we could talk about it. But I don't really remember anymore what we should talk about. The kiss? The feelings? A possible relationship?

    I don't know how the dream ended but I had a song stuck in my had when I got up. It was just a line:

    I cant believe that you can't see
    that you mean everything to me