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    Snowy Mountains- 29th October 2011

    by , 10-29-2011 at 10:06 AM (275 Views)
    Last night I had a dream, and it happened in the ten minutes before I woke up to do my first WILD. (Which failed, by the way. But I did get to the part where you feel like you're moving!!!!!!!!)

    I was with one of my friends, who asked me if I wanted to meet some of her friends who I had never met before. We all grouped up together, and started walking up a path next to a road. When I asked where we were going to go, they wouldn't tell me, but they knew that I would enjoy it. For about the first time in my recorded dreams, the sky was grey and the ground was wet, like it had just stopped raining, but could continue at any moment. The air was crisp and fresh. We walked up the main road from one estate to the next, but halfway up we took a turning into the woods. (This isn't really that unusual for me, I often take shortcuts like this). The trees were all wet and coated with dew. We turned to the right, where the overhead trees were suddenly shorter, and almost replaced with shoulder height bushes. On my right, there were bushes, and on my left, there was a mound of snow of about the same height. We were probably walking in an irrigation ditch, because there was nothing else to my left for about half a mile, and what was there half a mile away was just a line of trees. It soon became night time, meaning that I couldn't see my body or anybody else's for that matter, just their heads and the sky.

    The field that we were walking alongside got cut off with a line of trees, and on my left the trees became taller again. We climbed a hill, and ahead I could see several square shaped mountains. We went back down the other side, and walked around the next hill. At the bottom of all the hills were valleys, where there was no snow. In the valleys, there were just rocks. Some of them were quite big, and some of them were just the size of a block of post-it notes.

    The strange thing about the rocks and the reason why I was taken there was because somebody had painted on every single rock a logo, phrase, pattern, object or anything else that might have came to mind. The rocks weren't wet. We all sat down on the snowy hills (I'm beginning to think the hills weren't covered in snow, but were actually just piles of snow. That would explain better why the rocks weren't covered in snow or wet) and ate some sandwiches. I finished mine before everybody else, and started looking through the rocks. There was a couple with smiley faces on, that I was really happy with! I was quite upset when I saw one with nothing on, because I actually fell to my knees yelling 'NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!' when I saw it, but it only took me a few more seconds to realise that it was a snail... :/

    I don't remember much more. But it does remind me of a bike ride I went on a few weeks ago with my dad, which brings up that other dream I had. But I'll think about posting that when I have the time, and the proper dream journal with all the details, or maybe just full access to the internet XD Hope you enjoyed :3

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