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    Memorable Dreams

    1. A Vision of the Past

      by , 11-01-2011 at 09:19 PM

      My mother, father, and a very young me exit from the main doors at the mall. Judging by the fact that my other brothers are absent and I'm so young, I can conclude that this dream is a vision of the past. It's dark outside and ambient lighting reflects off little pools of water left by a recent rainfall. I can hear the sound of tires tearing through them as I watch my past self and parents detach themselves from the rest of the crowd.

      Suddenly, without any warning, little me bolts from the side of my parents on roller skates. I'm going very fast and seemingly in control of my balance, but oblivious to the danger that I face in the busy parking lot. Immediately my mother takes off after me, hysterical that I may be hit by a car. Instinctively I follow after her, also on roller skates, to help her catch my young self. After several minutes of extremely close (and what felt like life-threatening) swerves and skids, she finally caught up to me. Around the same time, I went to grab myself but realized I was something of a ghost and my hands went right through me.

      My roller skates were off now, and my mom was still hysterical. It seemed she blamed herself for me wanting to run away, she left me (now safe) with a bottle cap in my hands and an empty beer bottle in hers. She wandered in circles mumbling to herself and ended the conversation with a shattering of the bottle she had in her hand. Throwing it so high, I had to strain my neck to see the peak of the arch it made.

      Watching this made me overwhelmingly sad and I blamed myself. I awoke and the sadness lingered. I felt for a second that this may have actually happened, but I don't remember it fully because I was so young. I think I'm going to call my mom an tell her I love her : )

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    2. N2o

      by , 10-20-2011 at 07:27 PM

      I'm laying on my side beside a few friends and a television set. Next to the television there are several cases of nitrous oxide that seem to appear almost out of thin air. I grab one and so does my friend, pull the trigger, and inhale. We lock eyes. She's follows my every action. I now notice the dimness of my setting as I set the canister beside me and the gas leaks from its nozzle: a bland looking apartment building living room. There is a sense of bleak hopelessness, but not overwhelmingly and it's definitely comes with a drag of content. I warn my companions not to smoke or light a match while the gas is fogging the vision between us.

      Suddenly, I get that feeling you get when your tooth is about to get pulled. Sure the giddy lightheadedness from the nitrous, but more so the overwhelming feeling of being strapped to a chair. There is a detached chattering in the back of my head. I realize I'm dreaming, only I'm still stuck. I realize after a moment of struggling that I'm stuck in a transitional state between waking and sleeping. The chatter is the sound of my professor's voice pulsating through my bedroom. I wake up, realizing what a failed attempt this was at laying in bed and still trying to pay attention to my online class.

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    3. Reign of Fire

      by , 02-26-2011 at 08:28 AM

      The city is crowded and my friends in eye are walking in no particular direction. I look into the sky and notice a symbol I mistakenly recognize as a red superman symbol being projected by means of a spotlight. Upon pointing my finger to show my friends, I realize it is actually a goat's head in the shape of an inverted pentagram. My heart sinks. I recall there being some sort of prophecy of the night changing to day and the world ending. At that moment, I see I bright red ring in the distance. The night turns to day and I notice the ring is surrounding an Eiffel Tower-like building. It explodes and collapses.

      The entire city is in panic and everyone is running in different directions. My friends and I make off in the same direction until bombs start dropping. It is now a frantic effort to stay alive. I start leaping what feels like ten feet at a time, at one point being propelled by an explosion beneath my feet. Eventually, I make it to what I decide to be a safe location. A parking garage built underneath a large office building. I'm with a close friend of mine, Chris. We have a view of the large reddish nebula-like phenomenon, I think it to be some sort of portal, which has now taken the place of the Eiffel Tower-like structure.

      We're relieve and rest in this location, intently staring at the portal. I decide to call my parents and inform them of my dire situation, say my goodbye, and tell them I love them one last time. As I start to fiddle with my phone, a group of three red and black dragons emerge from the portal. Again, my heart sinks... To our horror, the dragon flies and lands right in front of us. We run for our lives up the stairs of the parking garage, being followed closely by the dragon. We get to an upper level, where we split ways and run to different stair exits in an attempt to shake the dragon. I jump down each flight of stairs as quickly as possible. The dragon is coming after me. Once I'm at the lowest level, I sprint to the elevator and smash the close door button until it finally closes. Just in time! I can feel the dragon blowing fire up the elevator shaft, heating up the elevator I'm now trapped in.

      Right before it's almost too hot to bear, the elevator stops right before the floor I'd intended to get off at. I press the open door upon and see that I've stopped a few feet too short and pull myself up the rest of the way and climb out. I'm now in an large, open office-like room with a surprisingly amount of calm, collective people. I observe my surroundings for a few minutes until my comrade emerges the elevator shaft. I'm surprised, but ecstatic to see him. We feel as though we've escaped the dragon for the time being, but that he'll be back. I take this time to try to send a text message to my parents, but I cannot get it to work no matter how hard I try. It's extremely disheartening.

      My friend and I decide it would be a safe time to go explore our area. We exit the building to our left and enter a park filled with benches and trees. We wander for quite some time and meet up with another friend of ours, Chris C., until we notice a dragon emerging from the portal once again. We make a run for the building we came from to shelter ourselves and hopefully not stick out as targets.

      I notice a few men investigating the elevator shaft I came out of, which now resembles my car's trunk. It has all the things I'd normally have in my trunk: some tools, a skateboard, a deflated volleyball, and a case full of Magic: The Gathering cards (which wouldn't normally be there). The men want to by them, but I tell them to wait for my friend, who they belong to, and to come back later. They argue they aren't well enough protect as the box they're in cannot lock, but I show them I can shut the trunk and lock the doors to my car. Problem solved.

      At this point the dragon has arrived again and I still haven't sent my text message, although I've been trying this entire time. We all run out in the direction of the park. We leap in different directions in an attempt to avoid the dragon and the flames its spewing. I realize now, that instead of killing people, the fire transforms people into non-aggressive goblin looking creatures. Instead of attacking, they merely point my direction and inform the dragon of my position if I try to hide. The dragon gets both of my friends, and I'm dismayed to be on my own. I keep going however, and reach a neighborhood where I hide behind a circle of fences which are surrounded by trees. A goblin gives away my position and the dragon finds me. I wake up.

    4. Mysterious Man, Beautiful Woman

      by , 07-07-2010 at 11:40 PM

      I wake in the same position I fell asleep: opposite the way I normally sleep, this time with my feet facing the door. I perform a reality check while laying down, confirming I am dreaming. I attempt to sit up but have trouble. I notice a faint bluish glow come from a drawer near my feet. From it, a man appears.

      He helps me stand while lucid for the first time in a while by teleporting me off the couch in my current position, as if the couch is what has been holding me back. I look at him, pondering his significant to the dream, and ask if he is willing in able to assist me in my lucid dreaming efforts. He nods very slightly and turns and walks through the door of my room which promptly shuts behind him as I begin to follow his footsteps.

      The dream fades to black and I awake in a semi-lucid state on a beach where the sun is setting. I am carrying two surfboards and walking next to a beautiful woman who I understand to be a long-time girlfriend. We are sitting, but decide to stand up and walk down the beach where we find a more suitable spot. I lean in to give my lover a kiss but become paralyzed, waking almost immediately.


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