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    1. Iron Maiden Concert [Lucid]

      by , 10-11-2010 at 06:07 PM
      This has been my longest lucid to date. The dream itself felt like it lasted probably around 30 minutes or so, but reflecting on it, it feels so much faster than that.

      I don't know exactly when my lucidity hit me, but I just know it did. However, prior to being lucid: I was in some lodge like area with someone I didn't recognize. out of the blue I was told that Iron Maiden (and more specifically Steve Harris) would be arriving momentarily. I turned crazy with anxiety. The moment they arrived I asked them to sign whatever I had, and they ended up signing my Zero shirt. I don't remember much else, except at one point I couldn't walk and collapsed to the floor because I was so filled with joy.

      Somehow, the dream transitioned to a concert arena. Like I mentioned, I don't know exactly what triggered lucidity, but it happened. I started walking around trying to meet people. There was a loot of people obviously. I remember walking through a crowd at one point and I saw a completely original face of a girl-- not one from my memories-- and she just stood out. I don't know why, but I felt she was another dreamer, somehow in my dream. She looked just as confused as I was to see her. I walked up to her, held her close and whispered in her ear "I'm Markus. Remember this moment." as I leaned back to look in her eyes they widened greatly, and she simply dissipated-- maybe she woke up, maybe I'm crazy and it was all me from the beginning-- who knows!

      I went back to a seat and sat down to see if my dream would make Iron Maiden perform. and they did. a strange moment followed where a row behind me, several people started singing the lyrics to a song (I can't remember which), but they were horribly monotone. I also remember it wasn't one of my favourite songs. After this occurrence, Maiden went off stage for the encore part and the crowd was restless. I realized it's my dream, Maiden doesn't get to have a break! I shouted "Play another song!" and bam, they were back on stage, playing music again. I listen to a lot of music, and one thing I've noticed about my mind is I really have songs engrained in my brain. when I'm in dreams, I can have music playback to me just like an MP3 player. I kept shouting "Next!", and Maiden would switch to a completely new song. it was exhilarating. Eventually they finished and I decided to walk around and check out the crowd some more.

      somehow, in the midst of walking around the giant rows and rows of chairs, they started to shrink more and more until there was about 2 rows of chairs, and the setting changed to my room. I didn't want this to be where I was, because any time I'm lucid and it's in my room, I end up thinking about waking life too much which ruins my lucidity and wakes me up. I've tried the spinning method before to change locations, but I've never been successful. Until now. I thought of traveling to a Forrest type location, and spun and spun. I could see the faint imagery of trees and clung to it. I was teleported to one of the most visually stunning landscapes I've ever seen.

      It was a majestic looking country-esque location, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Rolling grass fields in the distance, and closer to me where two houses, both with interesting log-cabing-esque looks to them. I went past one into the 'backyard' per say (there were no fences or boundaries)..and saw an amazing view. The season was somehow a mix of summer and fall at the same time, and it was gorgeous. Trees had no leaves, but there were many of them--and all across my field of vision, these strange sunflower things were floating around-- I'll try and recreate an image. It was as if the heads of the sunflower plants were just floating from the sky, and it was beautiful.

      They looked roughly like this (sorry for quick and sloppy photoshop) :

      I kept walking through this beautiful scenic field until I came to a mountain. I gazed up at it, and already knew what I was going to do. I thrusted up from the ground and took flight. As I flew over it I was speechless..I started loosing altitude, but I realized it's because I was too focused on trying to fly-- I just had to know that I could fly. and it picked up again. After that, I remember mumbling to myself "You are the one, neo" (I'm a huge nerd). I came upon a city scape quite fast and landed in it. I remember I was changing a bunch of things completely on the fly-- the city seemed to have a lot of police and SWAT members in it for some reason and it was giving me a bad vibe-- so I just willed them away. Poof. gone. The city also looked kind of dark itself, like it was build some time ago, not like slums per say.. but just old. I decided to change that. I said "lighten up these buildings" and they were transformed into newer looking gray skyscrapers. I kept changing small things here and there until I was distracted. I realized I should probably have some sort of goal, and was put off that I didn't know what the DV task of the month was, because it would have been an excellent time to do it. Shortly after I spent time thinking about goals, the dream collapsed and I woke up.

      This was my longest lucid to date. It was absolutely astonishing. I cannot wait for more.
    2. August 19th, 2010

      by , 08-20-2010 at 05:27 AM
      I had a dream I met up with someone who I once worked with. We met up at 4AM to smoke a joint (( This seems to be recurring theme lately )). It was winter. She went to go shovel snow and while she was doing this, wanted me to sneak into her house and grab the ganja and papers from her parents office. While I was inside, I decided to shower first. After showering and changing, her mom barged into the bathroom I was in, but upon seeing it was me, she was relieved, somehow already knowing me. I remember sitting out on a couch in her living area and playing with her two dogs.

      I awoke. Did a reality check. I'm awake. it's 6:12, I decided to try and WILD. I laid extremely still; trying to incubate the idea of the forest as to complete percy's task. I kept my body still and eyes closed for an eternity, but I didn't even get to my usual point of fast heartbeat and rapid eye movement..when I decided to give up, it was almost 8.. sleep cycles are about 90 minutes, I think I might have dozed off and not even noticed? I wish I were better at WILDing.

      I woke up once again at 10:19 because I forgot I set an alarm. I quickly fell back asleep-- I should have attempted to wild here, because I had a long intricate vivid dream..and when it was over, it was only 10:30. The dream:

      I was at a mall with my parents and Alyssa. There were several girls and one guy who were being loud and obnoxious the whole time throughout the mall. On our way out, they were spraying aerosol deodorant around, and I ended up spraying some on one of the girls in gest. She ended up chasing me outside with a huge ass knife, took one stab at me and missed, and turned around. It was then I struck her with my lanyard--but at the time it felt like a ninetails whip. She fell to the ground, screaming in pain. She yelled that it felt like hot white lightning had hit her--she seemed almost paralyzed. My parents and Alyssa left without me, I was stuck having my statement taken by several police officers, when I woke up.

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    3. August 18th, 2010

      by , 08-20-2010 at 05:14 AM
      I don't recall much of these dreams, so they'll just be posted directly from whats in my physical dream journal.

      Alyssa moved into a big apartment on York campus, it had several closed circuit cameras installed. Derp (her cat) was classified as a "class 2 cat", so she didn't have to get rid of him. She had a camera mounted outside her front door that had an 'anti-rape alarm'

      My next dream I can barely make out what I scribbled. I'll interpret it to the best of my ability.

      "Strange dream, living with parents, they hated me smoking weed. I decided to use a clean bong as a waterbottle, and then received a big talk from both my parents. Me and my mom drove around until Alyssa arrived in a taxi. Neighbors were complaining about the parking situation. Some more neighbors came and asked me if I did art. I told them not metalworking or floral art. They kept referring to my parents as snitches."

      after re-reading the dream, I recall it being incredibly vivid at the time, however reading it now it seems more foggy.

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    4. August 17th, 2010

      by , 08-20-2010 at 04:51 AM
      The only thing I have written down is a fragment that I had some kind of dream where I was at Dunder Mifflin.

      Missed Dream Signs:
      dream fragment
    5. August 16th, 2010

      by , 08-16-2010 at 05:56 PM
      At first the night seemed to be a bust. I woke up around 4AM and didn't recall much. Little did I know the night would turn out to be awesome! I went to sleep thinking of the imagery of trees and forests, still trying to incubate the dream for our classes' first task. As far as incubating dreams go, I'm not doing so well. but as far as turning lucid goes..

      After I woke up at 4AM I decided to try to WILD. I was at the same point I normally get to, my heart was beating loudly, my eyes were flickering fast-- and then bam, interrupted again.

      I decided to just go to sleep. I ended up having a dream where Alyssa, her dad and I were watching TV and there was nothing on. This was clearly daily residue from my activities of the day. I was so concentrated on trying to find the CNN channel, but her dad informed me that it was a hard channel to find, and only showed up sometimes. I also remember seeing a selection of 6 PSP ads, selecting one, and the group of us laughing because the ad was exactly 1 second in length.

      I woke up. 6 AM or so. The next dream I would have would be key to obtaining my lucidity, however I didn't recall it until after the second dream. However, for the simplicity of following the dreams..

      I was in my room at my Dad's smoking a Joint with my friend Mo. I don't know why, but I remember I had a keyboard with a keyboard on it. That is, a musical keyboard with a QWERTY keyboard on it. I ended up throwing it under my bed and my bed frame hit some keys. It was then that I realized the keyboard was playing music from my collection. It was entirely bizarre. I remember hitting specific keys, it would play a random song from a specific band assigned to that key. It was then that the doorbell rang. As usual, I ignored it because I wasn't expecting anyone. It persisted. I went out into the hall only to see my old friend Josh breaking into my house and bringing 6-7 people in with him. One of the people had started walking up the stairs with a bong and I remember freaking out saying he couldn't smoke pot upstairs (though I failed to realize I just was) and he had to go downstairs if he wanted to do that. They eventually all gathered around the kitchen table and I threatened to call the police. I dialed #11 by mistake and they all laughed. Upon dialing 911, there was no response, only several beeps that confused me. This clued me in to the strangeness of the scenario.

      It was then I had a false awakening.

      I looked at my hands. What the hell was wrong with them?! I'm dreaming. Things were kind of fuzzy. I decided I should try and stabilize the dream. I looked around trying to take in details. I picked up an ornament to the left of me and felt it. The hard stone was so realistic. I started shouting out that I wanted to see my dream guide, but nothing happened. Alyssa ended up walking downstairs. At first, I was having trouble moving. I still need to work on controlling my dream body better, I have issues with turning my head. After that was fixed, I looked at Alyssa and she told me "You complete me!". I didn't reply. I said lets go for a walk. "why not," she said "seems like a good thing to do while dreaming". As we were walking towards the door outside I said "I'm not going to put on shoes, I don't need them, I can summon fireballs!". "That's a good reason to not wear shoes.". When we got outside, it really clicked. I could summon fireballs. And I did such. I shot off 2 or 3 small fireballs from each hand one after another. It was this action that made me think if I could shoot a fireball, why not bring it a step further and try and shoot a hadouken? I shouted "When I go around this corner, I want to see Dhalsim!". I was intent on playing street fighter for real in my dream. Sadly, I had a FA. when I opened my eyes, I saw an intense image of bright light; it was Jesus playing guitar, but he was shining like a reflection and looked like church stained glass! It was almost cliche, but the guitar sounded amazing. I realized I was laying down and I needed to try and stabilize the dream again. I picked up the rock once more and rubbed it on my cheek, and then I licked it. It tasted just like a rock would. Plain and earthy. I wanted to experiment more with taste, so of course, I said "when I look under the bed, I'll find a plate of nachoes!" no sooner than when I grabbed the plate, Alyssa jumped on the bed in real life, causing me to wake up for real. I scrambled to write everything down in my DJ.

      After the Lucid I fell asleep again, recalling the first dream I already had. I had a FA and told Alyssa I remembered how my lucid started, and she informed me she already knew. This confused me since I had just woken up and there was no way she would know. I looked out the window and the world looked strange.. by the time I realized I was dreaming, I was already opening my eyes. I kicked myself for not becoming lucid again, but was still happy with the previous experience.

      Looking forward to more Lucids in the future!

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    6. August 15th, 2010

      by , 08-16-2010 at 05:18 PM
      Only remember one dream from tonight. Alyssa and I were watching porn together in her basement. Eventually, her dad came home (who apparently was Bruce Willis), and he started screaming that his daughter better not be pregnant.

      Missed Dream Signs:
      -Bruce Willis.

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    7. August 12th, 2010

      by , 08-12-2010 at 06:25 PM
      As per class 2, prior to sleeping I spent most of my time imagining a forest. I pictured myself touching the bark of an old oak tree, feeling it a little, then shooting up through the branches and leaves into a vast expanse of trees. The forest forms an infinite valley of greenery, and I fly around it.

      sadly, this didn't play out the was I envisioned, but the night was a success regardless!

      I only recall few fragments from my first dream. I was being transported all over the world. All I remember is that the Worlds' climate was in danger, and I ended up in Australia. There was a giant yellow sign depicting all of the atrocities Australia was doing, and it was claiming they were using a fourth of the worlds resources.

      I woke up early again. Probably about 6 AM again. Our cat was clawing at my backpack. Soon after I moved it, I decided to try to WILD, and realizing Alyssa's dad would be up for work soon, I decided I should use headphones to cancel out any sound. I listened to my binural beats track. About 1 hour after trying to sleep while relaxing, my eyes started flickering intensely and I felt my heart beating incredibly loud. This happened on my last time trying to WILD, but last time it was accompanied with visuals. I don't remember any clear visuals with this attempt, except at one point I was positive I was seeing blurry silhouettes of people. My left shoulder and right thigh started to feel weird, so I decided to snap out of it and just go to sleep normally. The whole time I was trying to WILD I was concentrating on the image of a forest.

      The last dream I remember, I was in some sort of mansion of sorts. Filled with several different people. I remember the architecture of the building made no sense. I can't give any real specific examples, but there were only certain ways to get to certain rooms, hallways weren't really present. I recall having a FA into a room of the mansion that looked similar to the room in waking life that I was currently sleeping in. I thought it was a strange dream. Then I'm not sure what tipped me off, but something didn't feel right. I looked at my hand, but didn't see anything. I was positive it felt like I lifted my hand up, but I could only see my thumb. I put it back down, and tried my other hand. Again, I saw nothing. I came to the conclusion I was dreaming, and became lucid. I remember looking around the room, trying to take it what I could. I looked down at Alyssa and had the thought of waking her to talk to myself, but she was breathing in a strange way so I decided against it. I took a few steps towards an air hockey table that didn't exist in the waking world, and felt a vibration coming from my cellphone in my pocket. I went to grab it and answer it, but as I did, I woke up.

      It wasn't the most amazing lucid, but it certainly beats my last record of becoming lucid and the dream exploding to white. Looking forward to my next lucid--hopefully to complete the task of the week!

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    8. August 11th, 2010

      by , 08-11-2010 at 08:47 PM
      Well, much better dream recall than the past few nights. I was startled awake around 6AM from Alyssa's cats going crazy--sadly I was too busy trying to contain the cats and quickly forgot all dreams that had just occurred. I tried to WILD afterwards because it seemed to be a convenient time, but was hard pressed since the cats were still going crazy and Alyssa's dad started getting ready for work..the constant audible distractions made it hard. I gave up on WILDing and decided to just go back to sleep.

      I don't remember precisely how many times, but in my dream I was having false awakening after false awakening, all in the same location that I was currently at. Eventually I sat up and Alyssa did as well, her father was concerned if she needed any money. At first she said she was fine but then seemed fixated on the fact that she would need money so she could go to 'the Boons' (usually the term is used in reference to the middle of nowhere, but in this case I somehow knew it was an event titled 'the Boons' for some reason.) I had another false awakening and remember looking in the backyard and seeing our cat hanging from a tree-- it was tied to a metal screw plugged into the ground and it was wearing a body harness, it was perfectly fine, but just hanging from the tree. it was very odd!

      that's as much as I can really recall.

      Missed Dream Signs:
      -Several false awakenings in a row

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      non-lucid , false awakening
    9. August 10th, 2010

      by , 08-11-2010 at 02:48 AM
      Bad recall again tonight. I woke up in the middle of the night and scribbled down "Paintballing with childhood characters at my old house in the middle of the night." No other details of the dream remembered.
    10. August 9th, 2010

      by , 08-11-2010 at 02:47 AM
      Absolutely zero dream recall.
    11. August 8th, 2010

      by , 08-08-2010 at 07:53 PM
      Went to bed extremely exhausted. Still remembered to think about my mantra and lucidity. Fell asleep within minutes. It was actually a good night for dream recall, I remembered two dreams tonight! an interesting first.

      My first dream (that I recall) I was in a store again. I was walking around noticing my surroundings, when two men entered the store claiming they were there to rob it. I hid in the air ducts with someone I can't remember. I remember one of the men entered the vent, and I slammed his head against the vent repeatedly and severely broke his neck. despite this, he still managed to get back up. I don't remember the interactions with him, but I remember he ended up pouring a glass of water on me. After this encounter I went back out into the store, and to my suprize Ned Flanders was there. He was having a deep troubling problem that 'he couldn't connect with today's youth anymore'. I remember looking at the wall to the left of me, and there was almost like a scoreboard that showed 4 names -- each one said "PASTOR" beside it. I looked back at Ned and he exclaimed he would become part of a "Pride".. I looked back at the scoreboard and it had changed, only for his name though. My dream then cut to a scene of an alleyway with a bunch of rough looking people. I heard a voice over that informed me a Pride usually entailed drugs and the sex trade for 'celebrity twins'. My dream cut back to the store. I don't remember much afterward except there was one man walking around who couldn't find anything he wanted.

      My second dream I was at my old childhood house, in my backyard swimming with my friend who lived across the street at the time. For some reason, the backyard contained the pool that my old house originally had, and the pool from my current house. I remember the floor of one of the pools was fairly green and gross and not many people were swimming in it. However it had a slide (that it did not in the waking word), so people were using it occasionally. I asked my dad how to clean the pool, and he instructed me to use 'the thing on the fence' I looked over and I said I knew that, but I didn't know how to use it. I turned back, and he simply told me he had no idea either. Eventually people (mostly my family) left the pool and gathered around my friend. He started talking about how he was "Presbyterian" (a faith I believe), and how he had a job and had "sold to over 80 people!". He went into great detail about how he was on a low budget TV show on his universities' closed circuit network. I remember seeing flashes and images of the show, and laughing at it. (I think low budget films and movies are awesome, I love cheesy stuff.) The only other thing I recall is earlier I was swimming and my niece was stuck to my back like Yoda on Luke Skywalker. It was kind of irritating.

      Missed Dream Signs:
      -The change in text in the store
      -The fact that a fictional character was present before me
      -My childhood home contained two pools.

      Waking Journal for August 7th, 2010
      Not much really happened. My girlfriend and I woke up around 10 to go to the mall so she could meet up with her future roommate to sign a lease. We ate some greek at the foodcourt, headed home for a few hours and then I saw Inception for a second time (it was her first). My friend asked to come over at a bizarrely late time, but I agreed anyways. After much street fighter IV, he ended up leaving around 2AM and we crashed shortly after that. I went to bed again with a positive mindset, however I was so tired I fell asleep rather rapidly.
    12. August 7th, 2010

      by , 08-07-2010 at 09:17 PM
      Went to bed in a very good mood. My girlfriend has come down for the weekend. Feeling rather positive that I'll obtain lucidity -- not necessarily imminently, but I believe the goal is well within reach.

      Again it was another bad night for dream recall, sadly.

      I had a dream that I was discussing with Dave Chappelle the 'dangers of white people'. He was explaining how he liked to scare them.

      Missed Dream Signs:
      -Talking to a celebrity as part of everyday life
    13. August 6th, 2010

      by , 08-07-2010 at 09:13 PM
      Very bad dream recall the next morning. Went to bed feeling fairly positive, rather relaxed.

      I dreamed that I was having an online chat with James from "wowhobbs", a popular youtube channel. I recall my internet kept disconnecting and interrupting our chat (this is a frequent real life occurrence)

      Missed Dream Signs:
      -The only sign I noticed that was my room was completely rearranged than that of my waking room.
    14. August 5th, 2010

      by , 08-05-2010 at 09:40 PM
      Went to sleep for the first time listening to 'binural beats". The track also contained some ambient noise (birds, ocean shore) so it was easier to fall asleep to.

      I was at a giant event and I wasn't sure what exactly to make of it. It looked like a circus or midway of sorts. It quickly changed locations to a clothing store in a huge closed location. Like when a bunch of clothing stores and sales booth are set up in an exhibition hall. It was ridiculously over priced and the clothes looked plain and very average. I remember glancing at the pricetag of a pair of pants; it read 120$. I then circled around the store, came back to the pants, and they were now only 20$. I looked at the DC who I figured was a salesperson and complained why were these pants less expensive than a particular pair of shorts, there's more material in the pants.

      I quickly left the store because it was closing, and ended up at the top of a building that was overlooking a massive amount of people..presumably I was back outside, at this giant event. I remember specifically being on the outside of the building high up on the side, as if I were on a catwalk or fire escape of some sort. There was a door on the right. I turned the corner of the catwalk and there were a bunch of celebrities sitting down. I don't remember who. Only about 3-4. They were complaining that the Africans weren't coming out of the building. I turned around, went around the corner and knocked on the door. After a moment of silence, I turned to face the celebrities now by my side, shrugged, and was startled as the door burst open and three men had grabbed me incredibly enraged, and one attempted to slit my throat, but I grabbed his hand and he ended up deeply slicing into mine.

      The dream faded. I reappeared at some sort of campus of a college or university. I don't remember as many specifics. I was being followed by a incredibly obese man and his brother. The man was in some sort of powerchair or hoverchair, he couldn't support his own weight. They reffered to themselves as douchebags. They kept following me around, found me in a stairwell and I found out the man wanted to date me. I told him I had a girlfriend, and he apologized for not knowing.

      I woke up shortly afterwards.

      Missed Dream Signs:
      -Clearly, glancing at the price of the pants.
      -If the textual price wasn't enough, I argued with a Dream Character over the change.

      Waking Journal for Aug. 5:

      Woke up very briefly at 7AM. Remember walking to the bathroom and being caught offguard by the sunlight coming in from east. Checked my hands to see if I was dreaming. Went back to bed and attempted to WILD, but did not keep my conciousness continuously. Woke up around noon, ate, took B12 and C pills. Ate breakfast, watched an hour of TV, smoked a bowl of ganja, and sat down to do my DJ. No further plans for the night. probably playing Castlevania. Really wishing my fall course started earlier.