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    Fragment of Dreams

    1. August 18th, 2010

      by , 08-20-2010 at 05:14 AM
      I don't recall much of these dreams, so they'll just be posted directly from whats in my physical dream journal.

      Alyssa moved into a big apartment on York campus, it had several closed circuit cameras installed. Derp (her cat) was classified as a "class 2 cat", so she didn't have to get rid of him. She had a camera mounted outside her front door that had an 'anti-rape alarm'

      My next dream I can barely make out what I scribbled. I'll interpret it to the best of my ability.

      "Strange dream, living with parents, they hated me smoking weed. I decided to use a clean bong as a waterbottle, and then received a big talk from both my parents. Me and my mom drove around until Alyssa arrived in a taxi. Neighbors were complaining about the parking situation. Some more neighbors came and asked me if I did art. I told them not metalworking or floral art. They kept referring to my parents as snitches."

      after re-reading the dream, I recall it being incredibly vivid at the time, however reading it now it seems more foggy.

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    2. August 17th, 2010

      by , 08-20-2010 at 04:51 AM
      The only thing I have written down is a fragment that I had some kind of dream where I was at Dunder Mifflin.

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      dream fragment
    3. August 16th, 2010

      by , 08-16-2010 at 05:56 PM
      At first the night seemed to be a bust. I woke up around 4AM and didn't recall much. Little did I know the night would turn out to be awesome! I went to sleep thinking of the imagery of trees and forests, still trying to incubate the dream for our classes' first task. As far as incubating dreams go, I'm not doing so well. but as far as turning lucid goes..

      After I woke up at 4AM I decided to try to WILD. I was at the same point I normally get to, my heart was beating loudly, my eyes were flickering fast-- and then bam, interrupted again.

      I decided to just go to sleep. I ended up having a dream where Alyssa, her dad and I were watching TV and there was nothing on. This was clearly daily residue from my activities of the day. I was so concentrated on trying to find the CNN channel, but her dad informed me that it was a hard channel to find, and only showed up sometimes. I also remember seeing a selection of 6 PSP ads, selecting one, and the group of us laughing because the ad was exactly 1 second in length.

      I woke up. 6 AM or so. The next dream I would have would be key to obtaining my lucidity, however I didn't recall it until after the second dream. However, for the simplicity of following the dreams..

      I was in my room at my Dad's smoking a Joint with my friend Mo. I don't know why, but I remember I had a keyboard with a keyboard on it. That is, a musical keyboard with a QWERTY keyboard on it. I ended up throwing it under my bed and my bed frame hit some keys. It was then that I realized the keyboard was playing music from my collection. It was entirely bizarre. I remember hitting specific keys, it would play a random song from a specific band assigned to that key. It was then that the doorbell rang. As usual, I ignored it because I wasn't expecting anyone. It persisted. I went out into the hall only to see my old friend Josh breaking into my house and bringing 6-7 people in with him. One of the people had started walking up the stairs with a bong and I remember freaking out saying he couldn't smoke pot upstairs (though I failed to realize I just was) and he had to go downstairs if he wanted to do that. They eventually all gathered around the kitchen table and I threatened to call the police. I dialed #11 by mistake and they all laughed. Upon dialing 911, there was no response, only several beeps that confused me. This clued me in to the strangeness of the scenario.

      It was then I had a false awakening.

      I looked at my hands. What the hell was wrong with them?! I'm dreaming. Things were kind of fuzzy. I decided I should try and stabilize the dream. I looked around trying to take in details. I picked up an ornament to the left of me and felt it. The hard stone was so realistic. I started shouting out that I wanted to see my dream guide, but nothing happened. Alyssa ended up walking downstairs. At first, I was having trouble moving. I still need to work on controlling my dream body better, I have issues with turning my head. After that was fixed, I looked at Alyssa and she told me "You complete me!". I didn't reply. I said lets go for a walk. "why not," she said "seems like a good thing to do while dreaming". As we were walking towards the door outside I said "I'm not going to put on shoes, I don't need them, I can summon fireballs!". "That's a good reason to not wear shoes.". When we got outside, it really clicked. I could summon fireballs. And I did such. I shot off 2 or 3 small fireballs from each hand one after another. It was this action that made me think if I could shoot a fireball, why not bring it a step further and try and shoot a hadouken? I shouted "When I go around this corner, I want to see Dhalsim!". I was intent on playing street fighter for real in my dream. Sadly, I had a FA. when I opened my eyes, I saw an intense image of bright light; it was Jesus playing guitar, but he was shining like a reflection and looked like church stained glass! It was almost cliche, but the guitar sounded amazing. I realized I was laying down and I needed to try and stabilize the dream again. I picked up the rock once more and rubbed it on my cheek, and then I licked it. It tasted just like a rock would. Plain and earthy. I wanted to experiment more with taste, so of course, I said "when I look under the bed, I'll find a plate of nachoes!" no sooner than when I grabbed the plate, Alyssa jumped on the bed in real life, causing me to wake up for real. I scrambled to write everything down in my DJ.

      After the Lucid I fell asleep again, recalling the first dream I already had. I had a FA and told Alyssa I remembered how my lucid started, and she informed me she already knew. This confused me since I had just woken up and there was no way she would know. I looked out the window and the world looked strange.. by the time I realized I was dreaming, I was already opening my eyes. I kicked myself for not becoming lucid again, but was still happy with the previous experience.

      Looking forward to more Lucids in the future!

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