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    1. The forest

      by , 04-16-2014 at 12:26 PM
      I am trying to fall asleep, but I can't cuz I have an insomnia again. Insomnia is my curse from nine years old and I don't know the reason of it yet. It is around 6 AM and I finaly fall asleep. I get wake up by my mother and is 8 AM. I have't dreamed yet because I slept less than two hours. Is 9:40 AM and I am waking up again because the noises of a dog.

      I am trying to fall asleep again because I feel tired, but I can't and I try again and again and again.... and I start to walk on a path into a cartoonish living forest where are growing the plants from Plants vs Zombies. Few trees are looking friendly, but most of them are looking like Jack O' Lantern evil and angry faces. I start doing noises with my mouse midle well. The trees are becoming annoyed by me, but I still doing the noise. One angry tree is stoping me and ask to stop doing noise, or he will call Tudor if I will not. But I am continuing playing with my mouse and keeping annoying the trees. I arive at the edge of the forest. I get encountered by six siamese trees without braches, but that can walk in two legs. They are asking me to stop disturbing them and I am wake up now.