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    Book of Cursed Dreams


    by , 03-25-2024 at 05:46 PM (78 Views)
    There was an anime battle between a villain and a hero. The hero was saying something about how much more powerful he got. The hero jumped up into the air then the villain threw a strange disk at him. The hero began blocking with a mop he used for a weapon, he couldn't stop blocking the attack or he would die.


    Unsecured cardboard
    I had stack of cardboard on the top of a car and my brother was telling me it wasnt secure to drive, to prove him wrong i started backing up, the cardboard fell off.

    middle of nowhere starbucks
    My mom wanted to go to a starbucks, living in the middle of nowhere i decided to see where the closest was. I opened google maps and found that there was one within walking distance from her home. (I was surprised at how far development was coming along)

    mom making coffee
    Just before waking up i heard my brother making a pot of coffee, in my dream my mom was making coffee and i was questioning why she was making it if i made coffee yesterday.

    Note: most of these dreams had a very long and strange story line. I need to get better at remembering these.

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