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    1. Limb Manipulation, Minecraft (LD)-Night of 4/14/24

      by , 04-16-2024 at 02:52 AM (Book of Cursed Dreams)
      Cyborg Hunt

      A couple of scientists were really sad when they found their cyborg was dead. After scanning it they, thought the "living" parts were counterfeit. Meaning that the alive half of the cyborg escaped. The DNA was very important to them. Eventually they found the living part and shrunk down to the size of cells. They were surfing on a glowing blue metal thing hitting corrupt parts of the flesh with a rod. The rod triggered an immune response and the surrounding tissue stretched out, forming tendrils that attacked the spots.

      Limb Manipulation

      I hear my brother call for my sister "J, come!" I'm facing a wall I know I didn't fall asleep looking at. "Ah I'm dreaming." I begin closing my eyes and twitching my fingers for a reality check, as I open my eyes, I'm floating in-between many false awakenings. I begin rubbing my hands together until eventually I stabilize in a void. It's different than normal though, it's hard to explain but it had depth to it. When I started flying up, I could sense that I was traveling through a three-dimensional area if that makes sense. "Minecraft, I want to visit Minecraft. What does Minecraft look like?" I began thinking to myself.

      Then all around me I began to see the World forming, bright, vibrant and blocky. "Time to experiment" I thought while bringing my hand up to block my left eye. Just like IWL I saw double, there was a transparent section followed by a solid more defined section of my hand. Satisfied by the results I brought my hand back down. The only thing was that only the solid portion of my hand was in my control. The translucent portion stayed behind and solidified as a large object next to the tree's that were in the background. "Maybe I can use this."

      I start heading in a random direction. "Cursed arm summoning." I imagine my arm reaching through the ground in front of me. I see it reach out and I can control it like my normal arm.

      I continue walking summoning more arms under my control. Spontaneously, I decide to try grabbing things with the arms and pulling as a way to boost me forward faster, it fails.

      "I can try to summon a husk for possession at this rate" I look at a distant mountain for the husk and find it. The arms are reaching out of the ground and it's pulling itself upward. It's now just standing still, it resembles an armor stand with missing textures. "A perfect blank canvas."

      I think about possessing it, then my body begins moving in 4 quick forward zooms, as soon as I'm about 20 feet away I finally fully possess it. I turn around to see the husk I left behind, it's now running straight at me. I hold my hand Infront of me and dismiss it into the abyss below, it falls.

      I start looking around the top of the mountain and hear a Girl talking.

      "You wouldn't believe how much a chunk with a Lemon and Apple tree cost me, zero!"

      "This is my chance to talk to a DC," I started thinking to myself about what I should say or even how I should talk. "Just say something, idiot." I focused.

      "Oh my dear, that must have been expensive!" My words came out delayed, and I noticed I sounded extremely posh and had a British accent.

      "Didn't you hear me?" she questioned. "It cost zero!"

      "Oh well, I seem to have misheard what you said. That's fantastic!"

      "It's simply horrible! On top of that, I have to live next to the river where I can go boating anytime as well!"

      "Now, now, don't want to get too exuberant about the river now, shall we?" I quipped, breaking a few blocks in the chunk as we spoke. The sarcasm was nice, and she seemed to be happy.
      I saw some artwork hidden in the blocks I was breaking.

      I wake up.

      The day before this dream I was car-pooling with my family to my sister's 40th birthday in Dallas, it was a 4 hour drive and I was using active imagination for some spells I could cast in a dream.
      I thought my spells could link to something I already know how to control, like my arm moving I thought. So I came up with a few spells. Here are two.

      Cursed Arm Summon:
      Summons an arm out of the ground that I can control. The arm can be grabbing an object as it comes out, such as a sign or tree and use it to swing around.

      Cursed Husk Summon: First summon the arm, then imagine it's pulling it's self out of the ground fully. The idea is have it do something that you want, or possess it for short range teleportation. It's important that the summoned arm is under your control. *My brother suggested that possessing a husk should leave a body behind, and it would attack me.*

      I basically had around 8 hours of active visualization imagining what it would look like.

      Besides that I wanted to try and put my hand in front of my left eye to see what would happen in a dream.

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    2. Liminal lucid-night of 4/6/2024

      by , 04-07-2024 at 01:59 PM (Book of Cursed Dreams)
      what on your computer desk-screenshot_20240407_051529_samsung-health.jpg what on your computer desk-screenshot_20240407_051536_samsung-health.jpg

      I slept pretty well.
      All of my LDs thus far have been through WILD.

      Although I am able to get LDs fairly easily I'm still relatively new when it comes to lucid dreaming, before the contest I just let myself naturally have them when I could "sense" I was able to have one.

      I have this fearful feeling like "wow, I'm going to lose my mind." But I know I'm not losing my mind, I'm just becoming aware of it and feeling afraid.

      Color code
      Intentional control

      Uncontrolled Drifting: WILD
      I'm drifting through this building. Floating up through the ceiling from one floor to another. I'm rubbing my hands together in an attempt to stabilize and gain control. The dream clarifies a bit but when I go to land back on the floor I just phase right through it to the floor below.

      *I wake up and remain still*

      School to Minecraft: WILD

      *Before I enter this dream, I'm telling myself I want to visit school.*

      I enter a school; the hallways are long and dimly lit. Everything is stable and I'm able to walk around for a while. I'm not really trying to do anything, and I get bored.

      what on your computer desk-dimschool.jpg

      I begin to fly at high speeds into the wall. I phase through it an now I'm in Minecraft and everything is bright. I remember my last three step task, Mass telekinesis, I see about 10 mobs and beckon them, they begin floating. I continue flying beckoning every mob I see, causing them to float and follow me. I see a hallway leading into the school I was just in and turn around to see them still following me like balloons and dismissively gesture the mobs.

      what on your computer desk-mass-telekenesis.jpg

      I turn back and land in the hallway, back to reality, I see someone and begin chasing them, it felt natural for some reason, they begin running away from me. I see them turn a corner and open a door, I jump into the air and attempt to stop them from closing the door by slowing down time, unfortunately that slows me down too. The door closes and I'm now frozen in time. I look around and see a monitor about 20 feet away, it has Minecraft on the screen, I'm able to control and play it from a distance. I stop after about 3 seconds though as I feel the dream ending.

      "Don't be fooled by a false awakening I remember last time"

      False Awakening?

      My eyes open and I can sense I'm not actually awake. Attempting to move my arms fails. "Sleep paralysis?" I've already decided the next time this happens I'm not going to close my eyes. Everything is very dark, moving like normal doesn't work so I imagine getting up and walking. It works, it doesn't feel like walking though, it feels like I'm just seeing through the eyes of someone I told to walk, it's very slow and takes a lot of will power to move.
      I'm now standing and I'm fighting back fear. The room I'm in looks like a distorted version of my room. The door to the living room here is much further away then it should be and there's no bathroom door. Continuing my struggle I open the door and can actually hear the creaking. I see the TV already has YouTube on it.

      *I set an intention for this exact scene, the next time I wake up in my apartment I'm going to get up and watch YouTube on the TV*

      The living room looks very distorted, and everything is misplaced, movement feels more natural now, I go to sit down on the couch and read what's on the screen, "wok", "mill" and something else. It's just gibberish and I don't know how to play any videos.

      I wake up

      Note: I'm very close to completing my personal goals, I feel like I overcame my fear of retaining awareness after a false awakening, but I wouldn't consider this to be exploring a real place or watching YouTube.

      Also maybe I shouldn't chase helpless DCs if I want to talk to them.

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    3. Minecraft To False awakening-Night of 4/3/24

      by , 04-04-2024 at 06:33 PM (Book of Cursed Dreams)
      Having to give dialog to DCs??-screenshot_20240404_052910_samsung-health.jpg Having to give dialog to DCs??-screenshot_20240404_052850_samsung-health.jpg

      I was too anxious from the FA to fall back asleep; I considered stopping lucid dreaming I was so disturbed. My terror and dreams are separate things however, they can happen at the same time but they're not causally related.
      I'm not going to stop because I was afraid!

      Color Code

      Intentional control

      It's around 4:15
      While laying down relaxing I'm imagine myself walking in the dark. It starts to feel very real; I continue on and soon after each step I take gravity weakens until with a tap of the toe I'm sent into space. I float for a few seconds, "Well, why not visit Minecraft?" accepting the fact that I dream of it so often, I hear the sound effect of falling into a body of water.

      I still don't see anything so I imagine pressing a space bar on an imaginary keyboard so I can float up, just then I can see that I'm in a body of water. I make it to the surface and then float above the water. "What was my task?" it feels like the dream world is fading as I ask myself this question, I land then begin focusing on the tree's and notice some tall green Mario pipes with a 2d image of Kirby on them. Everything stabilizes.

      "Element control!" I turn back to the water and command, "Rise water, rise!!!" I bring my hands in-font palms facing up and raise my hands. A medium portion of the water is reacting but only lifts about six feet into the air, never disconnecting with the body of water.

      Satisfied I turn back to the Mario pipes and think about what else I can do, I phase through the Mario pipe to look inside, in the center of the pipe where the ground meets, I see another 2d image of Kirby.

      I fly back up in the air and circle the area just taking in everything. The dream begins to fade.

      *I think I wake up, I want to grab my phone after the lucid so I can record an audio file.*

      I sit up in bed and hear a swooshing sound and feel off, I reach for my blanket and when I grab it, I immediately notice that I can't actually feel anything. The blanket moved so realistically, I'm filled with a sense of terror, "Is my brain messed up?" "Am I awake but my body is asleep and that's why I can't feel anything?" I'm questioning my sanity at this point and simply decide to lay back down and close my eyes.

      I wake up.
      I should have known it was a false awakening and remained calm, the light was on, I heard strange sounds, I couldn't feel the blanket.
      This was my first time moving around while fully conscious in a false awakening and it really caught me off-guard.

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    4. Weight lifter/brief lucid-night of 4/1/2024

      by , 04-02-2024 at 11:55 PM (Book of Cursed Dreams)
      Color Code


      nub-screenshot_20240402_055129_samsung-health.jpg nub-screenshot_20240402_055123_samsung-health.jpg
      -woke up at 1:20am
      -poor sleep, way too excited about lucid dreaming to fall back to sleep on time.
      -fell back asleep around 5am woke around 5:40am

      I was trying to pee at a urinal when someone walks right up the urinal next to mine and starts peeing, mind you this is a very small restroom and there's no dividers. After a few seconds of awkwardly standing there, I start to pee as-well.

      I see three brothers, one skinny, one skinnier, and one skinniest.
      Skinny pats skinnier on the back and says "I'm skinny all thanks to my bro!" Skinnier says the same thing to Skinniest and pats him on the back too.

      Weight Lifter
      There's a large exercise room where there's probably around 25 women and they just got done with an intense exercise. One of the women who completed the exercise no problem was approached by a slightly chubbier women who was struggling a bit. "You had such as easy time, you've been lifting since you were ten right?" The chubbier women asks. "You have no idea how hard it was! You've never tripped!" the fit women says as a cut scene plays showing her as a child tripping.
      *I think to myself, what does that have to do with anything?*

      Smooth Lucid *It's around 5:30am*
      I hear faint smooth jazz playing, I'm floating in a void, I'm lucid.
      Everything is black but attempting to control the music proves fruitful. I'm in full control of it, it's hard to explain but, I feel like I'm in total control of every beat of the drum, the saxophone, lyrics, guitar and other melodical instruments. It kind of sounded like smooth operator. I'm the most relaxed I've ever felt before, I wish I could float here forever. I spend about 2-5 minutes playing with the music and lyrics, which I can't remember because it was highly improvisational. I get a bit exited and start adding energy to the music, I decide it's time to start tunneling,
      *Tunneling is what I like to do to transition out of lingering voids, it involves me flying forward as fast as I can while imagining traveling through a worm hole to an unspecified location, I let my brain come up with where I end up*.
      I can feel my body accelerating extremely fast as lines begin to shoot past my vision.


      Suddenly I hear a cat meowing, It's Arthur begging for food. As I'm going down the tunnel I become aware of my body lying in bed and wake up.

      Note: I stopped letting my cats sleep with me and Arthur, the big baby, meows under the door constantly. Maybe that's why I had a hard time falling asleep. Time to wear ear plugs!

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    5. The infinity virus-night of 3/31/24

      by , 04-02-2024 at 12:54 AM (Book of Cursed Dreams)
      I fell a sleep 2 hours later than usual.
      Grade Changes-screenshot_20240401_053207_samsung-health.jpg Grade Changes-screenshot_20240401_053211_samsung-health.jpg

      Woke at 12am
      Shopping with J
      J and I were driving to a market, he wanted me to check the time on google maps to make sure there weren't any slow downs. I could see the times on the map on our path counting down the further we got into the path from 50 to 45 then to 40, which I assumed meant there was no slow down.

      We arrived at the market and as we were entering there was a lady to our left following us out of sight.
      I could see there was a line of abandoned shopping carts at the cash register, we decided to walk in that general direction only to find isles full of apples, at the end there was some almond butter and I thought about dipping the apples in it for a snack.

      Woke at 5:20(40 minutes early)
      The Infinity Virus, Minecraft
      I was at my computer logging into a Minecraft server when two of my friends began talking about how the world got infected with the infinity virus. I looked up what the infinity virus was and saw that it could simply be created with typing a set of numbers (10,000, 4560, ???, ???) *I can't remember the last two numbers, but maybe that a good thing! * switching back to Minecraft, I could see the set of numbers that summoned the virus in yellow text on the left of the screen.

      Grade Changes-infinityminecraft.jpg

      We traveled a set path collecting items that we would need to give to the virus, my friends explained that it summoned an ancient entity that was now in full control of our world. *This is basically a Minecraft adventure map, not being taken too seriously* I could see my friend picking items up, there was some on top of the roof for a structure that could not be picked up, tried anyway and continued. After looting the first spot we found a huge set of armor made up of blocks, that set of armor belonged to the infinity virus.

      Grade Changes-large-armor.jpg

      We looted a second spot and just like before there were items on a roof that couldn't be picked up, again, my friend tried to take them just to be safe. After looting the second site we continued, spotting a second set of armor. This time as we passed it lightning struck the armor setting it on fire, just then backslashes and forward slashes began spamming under the numbers that spawned the virus. We started running away from the armor, then I woke.

      Grade Changes-lifeinfinity.jpg

      Note: First time I'm playing Minecraft at a computer in a dream.

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    6. many scenes/fragments_night of 3/30/2024

      by , 03-31-2024 at 03:15 PM (Book of Cursed Dreams)
      Ambulance brain fart
      I was with two people, and they were my friends, I can't remember who they were. One of them got severely injured and we called for an ambulance. Sitting in our vehicle waiting I realized that we were in an ambulance and could just take him to the hospital ourselves. Our injured friend was now in a bucket, and we took him around to the back of the ambulance to see if we could treat him there or something. I had no idea what we were looking at as the ambulance we called for arrived. "How are we going to explain this..."

      Mom and Dad's pistachios and debt
      *This was a scene from a longer dream and before this point I remember eating some pistachios from an enormous bag*

      Walking down the hallway to the kitchen for some more pistachios I notice a bag of Stacy's salt (This is a recurring imaginary product from Stacy's pita chips) I turn it around and see they used shitake mushrooms. "yuck" I put it back down, continuing to walk to the kitchen.

      Who wrote on the toilet walls?-stacyssalt.jpg

      As I arrive in the kitchen I find the pistachios, but there's even more gigantic bags of them and they're a different flavor than the ones I was eating before.

      Who wrote on the toilet walls?-bigbags2.jpg

      Instead of eating them I started thinking about how expensive this must be.
      A cut scene of my mom and dad's bank statements and purchase history started to play. There was a narrator explaining that the reason they were spending so much is because they were going to die soon.

      I started wondering how credit card companies deal with this.

      Dark YouTube video
      I remember seeing many thumbnails of a man wearing a plague doctors mask, I clicked on one of his videos to watch.
      The Youtuber started to explain how he captured another Youtuber, the scene cuts to him and the other Youtuber fighting, the plague doctor guy bashes the other guy in the head, knocking him out.
      It cuts back to the plague doctor guy and I can now see the other youtuber in the video, suddenly I'm in a first person perspective of the plague doctor guy and I can see him wondering his house looking for a container large enough to hold some type of chemical to dissolve the other Youtuber.
      "This is insane, how is this on Youtube." I think
      Most of the containers he found are too small or have holes on the bottom of them. He grabs a small container with the intent to dissolve the other youtubers body parts one by one.
      "This is torcher, just kill him!" I think as the dream ends.

      *The guy I was dreaming about was probably PlagueDocPlays, he does skits where he pretends to be a serial killer sometimes*

      *I'm going to bed with the intent to watch a YouTube video in a lucid dream, but it seems to be leaking into my regular dreams. This wasn't too disturbing to me, but this was the first time I had a dream that dark.*

      Nether escape
      *This is also just a scene from a larger dream, before this point I remember going to the nether and building across a large lava lake.*
      I was travelling around the nether with a friend when suddenly we began to levitate.
      "There's no way we can make it back to the portal!" my friend said floating to the ceiling of the small cave we were in. I hit the ceiling soon after, I was trying to brainstorm how to get across when it hit me, I could grab the floor and crawl my way down to the bridge I made earlier, and if I can get below the bridge I can use it to stop me from floating all the way up and travel across.
      "That will never work!" a disembodied voice shouted, it wasn't from my friend, but it was a third person from outside the game."
      Unbothered I continue with the plan and make it all the way down to the bridge I made. I destroy a few blocks, clearing the pathway to the bottom of the bridge when suddenly many of the blocks I'm standing on turn into entities, much like an activated TNT block, allowing lava to flow into them. "I have to hurry." I begin floating under the bridge as fast as I can, it now looks like I'm in a long hallway, lava is to my left and right getting ready to flow but I don't hesitate and continue onward. I see the end of the hallway and there's a water elevator, I get inside the elevator and when I look up the water looks super realistic compared to the blocks, it forms a whirlpool, and it pulls me all the way back up.

      *This is a water elevator*
      Who wrote on the toilet walls?-elevator.jpg

      I make it to the top and I'm now in control of the levitation. "I knew it would work" I was telling my friend who was Infront of me now. I began flying up and down in a circle to show off and landed straight on my neck, I was okay and started doing better circles.

      Note: It seems that Minecraft is taking over my dreams, maybe it's because I'm writing about them.
    7. sunken pyramid (night of 3/29/24)

      by , 03-30-2024 at 03:20 PM (Book of Cursed Dreams)

      I was trying to watch YouTube with my dad next to me and one of the video's as I was scrolling had an explicate thumbnail which infuriated my dad, I tried explaining to him I don't control what appears in the recommended.

      *a lot of story happened before this point, everything was non-lucid*

      I was with my brother and we found a sunken pyramid in a lake. He jumped into the water swimming around it. "Come on in!" he pleed. I reluctantly jumped into the water noticing that it was very cold. We started having a contest to see who could hold their breath underwater the longest. I used my toes to grip the edge of the pyramid to pull me under the water, going deeper and deeper until I could see the underside of the pyramid, it was floating and I could see a entrance at the bottom.

      Who wrote on the toilet walls?-underwaterpyramid.jpg

      I swam back up to the surface to tell my brother about what I found, I let him know I was going to go inside. I swam back down to the bottom and entered the pyramid, Suddenly the theme turned into Minecraft, everything was blocky. Looking around I noticed a lot of hostile mobs and a place I could jump too to escape the mobs.

      Who wrote on the toilet walls?-insidethepyramid.jpg

      Now running towards the safe spot I was taking a lot damage from the mobs, closer and closer I was getting but it wasn't enough. I could see my health bar go to zero and everything froze as a yellow tint overlayed my vision.

      I heard the voice of a women, she seemed to be some sort of mastermind. "I planned for my daughter to explore the pyramid and die."
      The scene changed showing her face.

      Who wrote on the toilet walls?-mastermind.jpg

      I could sense there was a larger story taking place as I woke up.
      *Thought it was strange the lady called me her daughter, I'm a guy*

      Note: A fair bit of my dreams tend to end with them transitioning to the middle of a larger story taking place where they are aware of the dream that just happened. Even though while I'm dreaming it feels like a continuous story, I can never seem to remember it when I wake up.
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    8. Parkour in minecraft LD

      by , 03-29-2024 at 07:38 PM (Book of Cursed Dreams)
      Color code

      I used wild to enter the dream.

      I felt my body floating as I transitioned into sleep, it felt like I was floating upward as visuals started to appear, it was Minecraft again. The terrain was unnatural and there were layers of floating land masses that were built using a single layer of dirt at various heights.


      There was an unrecognizable song playing as I was floating, I couldn't control the melody, but I was in control of the vocals. It was euphoric. "I will remain calm" I injected into the song's lyrics. I didn't want to wake up from excitement.

      I landed on one the highest floating blocks and began running forward, jumping to new blocks I looked down and could see my legs, they looked like my normal legs I noticed. I could feel my excitement growing as I continued running. I wanted to calm down a bit more, so I decided to turn around and see what was there.

      As soon as I did though, everything went black, and I could now feel body hallucinations as I became aware of my body. I opened my eyes and could see through my eyes as I was lying in bed and couldn't move, I thought this was a false awakening because the light was on in my room and I left it off, I was still disturbed because I couldn't move and closed my eyes again to finally wake up.

      Note: I need to stop derailing my dreams before they become grounded.
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    9. Losing the van 3/27/24

      by , 03-29-2024 at 06:41 PM (Book of Cursed Dreams)
      Color code

      *There was a lot of dream story I can't remember before this point*

      My mom was driving her van as she answered her ringing phone. It was from a lady at a school, they were talking for a bit when the lady realized that my mom was driving while talking.
      "You shouldn't be talking on the phone while driving!" The lady hung the phone up.

      *Some stuff happened after this and somehow, I ended up driving the van, trying to bring it back to my parents' home*

      I began to approach a drawbridge; it was only wide enough for one vehicle at a time. There were three semi trucks driving down it, as soon as one exited I drove onto the bridge despite the fact that it was too narrow. Alarms stared to sound and I stopped to put the van in park. The bridge deck started to lift up allowing a boat to pass under. As the bridge deck lowered I could see that the two semi trucks were still coming, I pulled off onto a pocket to allow them to pass me.

      After parking the van on the pocket I could now see there was no way to drive the van over to the other side of the bridge. Now walking down the bridge I was met with a fence that I couldn't get over. I noticed a trap door and I thought I could probably pick the lock to get inside of it.

      "Hold on my friend I got the key" I heard from behind, looking up I see that it's Cruz.
      *he works for the general contractor at the job I'm currently at.*
      "It's okay I can pick the lock" I reassure him. He ignores me and tries to hand me the key put drops it into a container of glue. "All the more reason for me to pick the lock" I think to myself. Undeterred he picks the key up and opens the trap door anyway.

      I climb down the trap door and somehow end up in my parents backyard walking up to the home with two other people. "Oh no, I left the van behind" I remember.

      "Well this is just a dream so I can just imagine driving the car to bring it back here" I think to myself now closing my eyes. Everything is now dark with some swirling noise in the background. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I'm trying to imagine it I can't seem to see it, I can't even feel that thought to make any sense. It's as if my will is being suppressed by the expectations of the dreams logic. I open my eyes and see that I'm still walking with the two men up to the house.

      We were right outside the house now, the two men set up a latter to climb up to the roof. They pull one of the shingles back to reveal that there was no tar sealing them in. "We're going to have to take down all of the shingles and reseal everything", After they said that I could now see my dad, he had an embarrassment look on his face, as if he should have known about this.

      Note: This was the second time that I could remember where my dream self knew I was in a dream but I wasn't fully lucid.

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    10. Fragments

      by , 03-25-2024 at 05:46 PM (Book of Cursed Dreams)
      There was an anime battle between a villain and a hero. The hero was saying something about how much more powerful he got. The hero jumped up into the air then the villain threw a strange disk at him. The hero began blocking with a mop he used for a weapon, he couldn't stop blocking the attack or he would die.

      Who's from England...I need some guy tips-file-ocforhe6z6mvhgwymorwjiyi.jpg

      Unsecured cardboard
      I had stack of cardboard on the top of a car and my brother was telling me it wasnt secure to drive, to prove him wrong i started backing up, the cardboard fell off.

      middle of nowhere starbucks
      My mom wanted to go to a starbucks, living in the middle of nowhere i decided to see where the closest was. I opened google maps and found that there was one within walking distance from her home. (I was surprised at how far development was coming along)

      mom making coffee
      Just before waking up i heard my brother making a pot of coffee, in my dream my mom was making coffee and i was questioning why she was making it if i made coffee yesterday.

      Note: most of these dreams had a very long and strange story line. I need to get better at remembering these.