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    1. Semi-Nightmares

      by , 09-07-2011 at 05:17 PM (Curiouser and Curiouser)
      I stayed awake for a while trying the free-fall WILD technique with no success, although it was very relaxing.

      When I did fall asleep my first dream turned into a nightmare.
      I was in somewhere that felt sort of like a mall, and I helped some guy find my old drama teacher, Mr. H (God only knows why he was in my dream, haven't seen him in years). Mr. H said he hadn't really wanted to see the guy. I watched a clip of a movie that reminded me of Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, except the two main characters were running through some sort of cornfield and getting caught. Mr. H told me it was a really dark movie. Then I was sort of living it out.

      I was with M and three other people (one of whom was a pig? I don't even know) and we were in a cornfield, but it was inside a big room with high glass ceilings (it was night time). The pig guy chewed our address into the corn, and left behind things that could give us away. One thing was a mug. As we're leaving the lights start going out so we run and make it out just in time. The other three leave, but me and M realize that we could get in huge trouble if they find out we were there, so we try and get back in but a tech guy stops us and says we're not allowed inside. We pretend we won't go in and he leaves and we sneak in.

      A ninja comes and attacks M and sort of sexually assaults me. Then we're running and Mr. H is back except now he owns the cornfield and is the bad guy. I remember how the movie ended, and this is the part where we get caught, so instead I lead M to the back yard and we are climbing over a tree to leave through a hole in the fence (The backyard is my backyard from my dad's old house). Then I wake up.

      My second dream is mostly about the cast of Friends, and I don't even remember myself being in the dream, I was kind of just observing. Something bad happened to Rachel. Joey was worried about his kid or something, and some sort of official went to his house but Joey's baby ape was there, and the official thought it was his human child. The ape showed the official how far he had completed in his workbook and the official was impressed. Joey had a small white dog entered in a dog show, but he knew his dog wouldn't win if they followed the rules, so instead when it was his dog's turn he wrapped him in fabric and dressed him up like a piece of sushi. Everybody cheered.

      That's all I remember. What WEIRD dreams. Oh well, at least my recall is getting pretty good, haha.