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    Coloured circles

    by , 08-04-2011 at 11:36 PM (343 Views)
    I had a dream which had an old Buddhist kind of feel, or like something off airbender (haha) . Anyway i was there with my parents and it was like an opened huge section with stone walls surrounding it, it was very beautiful. I was there with my parents, and i found some kind of circle on the ground, i called my parents and told them. they got rather excited and we all went off to remove all the snow from these circles. as we got deeper through all the snow we started to see the circles had a colour and an inscription, as we neared to the floor all of the circles started appearing and we were all excited to recover such a mystery. Once all the show was pushed away we could see a huge circle.. of circles we then took the colour from the circles and put them into pots. My parents got each colour and put them in an individual pot but i had mixed them all together in a sort of mess. My colours had then started to go a browny colour but theres was all bright and beautiful. The colours had turned into those… sweet rollers. like the fruit rollup things. i took my sweet gooey colours and ate it, it was very sweet and overwhelming. the dream ended with that?

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