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    1. Train Ride

      by , 01-28-2011 at 08:04 PM (Hot Chocolate's Dream Journal)

      I was at the station to catch a train. I was hanging on to the train on the outside by a vertical handrail when the train started moving. I held on while the train caught speed, I was a bit frightened I think. There was a conductor urging me to get inside. I tried but fell. In my fall I tried to kick me away from the train to not run over. When the train passed there was another train following directly after.

      I found myself in densely forested area. There was a tall hedgerow on the other side of the rails. I wondered how to get out of the place. I came upon a road very quickly. There was a gray sedan parked, I think. In it was a girl with blond hair. I couldn't help but smile as I approached her.