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    Tricky Rc-fail.

    by , 05-17-2012 at 12:36 PM (381 Views)
    Me and Sigurd were not really talking. But it was coming along.
    Astrid was the connection between us, I was very happy alltogether, anyway. Something is just way better than nothing.
    I was hanging with my friends when Astrid went out to play football and I started counting my fingers. There was something fishy about the whole scenery.
    Five fingers. I pinched my nose. Air came trough, and I thought that I wasn't holding it right. I tried again; more air, but a little less than before. Wtf! This couldn't possibly be a dream, could it? I felt a sudden urge to convince myself otherwise (for whatever reason..)
    I counted my fingers. Now I counted six, but as I looked at my hand again, I saw five. Must have counted wrongly.
    Counted again- six. When I looked at my hand I saw five. I wanted to tell my friends about my counting-glitch, but tried one more time.
    Six fingers. Five. This scared me; was something wrong with my brain? I turned around to look at an icecream booth at the other end of the hall. There was a lady behind the disk, but no icecream or commercial. I tried looking for something dream-like, something blurry or wrongly placed. What is odd is that I didn't think at all that the icecream booth in the hall of my school was a little out of place.

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