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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Tricky Rc-fail.

      by , 05-17-2012 at 12:36 PM
      Me and Sigurd were not really talking. But it was coming along.
      Astrid was the connection between us, I was very happy alltogether, anyway. Something is just way better than nothing.
      I was hanging with my friends when Astrid went out to play football and I started counting my fingers. There was something fishy about the whole scenery.
      Five fingers. I pinched my nose. Air came trough, and I thought that I wasn't holding it right. I tried again; more air, but a little less than before. Wtf! This couldn't possibly be a dream, could it? I felt a sudden urge to convince myself otherwise (for whatever reason..)
      I counted my fingers. Now I counted six, but as I looked at my hand again, I saw five. Must have counted wrongly.
      Counted again- six. When I looked at my hand I saw five. I wanted to tell my friends about my counting-glitch, but tried one more time.
      Six fingers. Five. This scared me; was something wrong with my brain? I turned around to look at an icecream booth at the other end of the hall. There was a lady behind the disk, but no icecream or commercial. I tried looking for something dream-like, something blurry or wrongly placed. What is odd is that I didn't think at all that the icecream booth in the hall of my school was a little out of place.
    2. Dinosaur (frorm childhood lucid dream) enters the stage and crashes the party

      by , 03-28-2012 at 07:21 PM
      We are in a house that could be a hybrid between where I live and the Twilight-vampire-mansion. Bright white walls, windows and corridors with smaller rooms.
      Maria having a party, entering a singing contest.
      I wish her luck, and hope for the best.
      She is making new and other friends, and I accept that, I am glad for her.
      But I have the feeling that something will go wrong soon.
      And suddenly I am moved to third person view watching a kid in front of the small crowd's skin suddenly rip apart in the middle of his face, neck and stomach. I think he is me.(I'm a girl btw.) I can see the red flesh at the edges of his skin, but there is no blood or screams, no agonizing pain.
      Out of where his guts (in reality..) would have splatted out, rises a giants head. And now I am the giant, as the boy has changed into it like a butterfly growing from it's cocoon.
      Everybody is watching me, I am a little surprised and feel like the situation had just taken a turn of the worse. I roughly slide out of the room and hurries to a window. I now know that I know that something bad is coming. And am I right!
      In the shadows of the forest outside the dark window I can see a dark creature keeping watch over the house. When I understand it's form, my heart jumps. The familiar T-Rex, from my first brief lucid as a kid, is out there, hunting me. I see it disappear among bushes, before I run over to a window on the upper side of the house. At the left sits my father. I make sure to keep close watched over the forest outside, and any suspicious shadows there might be, as I discuss the dinosaur with him. During this tense conversation I can't recall, I somehow understand that it is my job as a giant to defend the house and the people that are inside. I must meet the dinosaur at it's arrival and hold him back with all my fight.
      Most of all I had wanted to hide in the corner of a locked room.
      I again spot a darker shadow in contrast to the trees, and know that the dinosaur is coming closer.The dinosaur is coming for me. It's coming for the glass of the window.
      I run to another room nearby, and know that the dinosaur had already leaped trough a now shattered window. I hear steps and feel it's presence like an unavoidable truth.
      I hear loud cracking noise as the T-Rex heads in the door separating us and get's trough. First, it is just his giant head in a hole of the door, with green shells and sharp teeth. Then it is his full-sized ancient body, as the once most infamous predator of the earth he were, standing before me. It is almost as looking into a gun pointed at your head, only this time it is highly aggressive and a little bit taller and larger than the average giant.
      We threw ourselves at each other, wrestling, but it didn't last for long though.
      I had something he wanted to get; a glove. And the rest of the dream circled around me; The giant, watching a fighting and how-to-use-your-magic-glove instruction video together with another person, knowing the dinosaur could break trough the doors any minute.
    3. Idealistic teenage terrorist group (can you make that one word?)

      by , 03-27-2012 at 08:13 PM
      So I was in the library with L. again, which means this could be a possible dream sign except that I don't think I have ever been in the library with L. yet..
      Before we went down the stairs "terroristic" buillies came over to us and made us sit in a corner, trapped. We didn't know what to do, but eventually we talked ourselves out of it I think. I don't know what they wanted, except bully, which frankly, a lot of bullies appear to long for. It might have been something about not borrowing the book I had found and now held in my hand. We were sitting at some benches. They slouched down the stairs with hunched shoulders, and we followed after making sure we were not in the danger-some.
      The stair had business like blue, dimmed transparent "fences", and the stairs themselves were grey.
      When we got down I was about to deliver my book. I felt jumpy and hurried. I wanted to get out of here as soon as possible, without bringing attention to myself. The floor was grey, the walls white and the room dark, so I should'a known better than to feel "safe" so soon. If safe means not in a potentially life threatening circumstances..
      The disc had a woman librarian behind it from Real Life. The disc in the middle of the room was also from the library in town, oak brown with a black plate on top in a curved form went towards the entrance. The entrance was a fancy double glass-door. It had kind of a "light" atmosphere. I was soon getting out of there and starting to feel more confident.
      Before I talked to librarian I glimpsed a TV hanging on the wall next to the left door. The librarian, and now my friends A. and M., was also watching. My companions, subtract the librarian, didn't pay as much attention to it as I did. It was a news report.
      On the screen there was a young dark male in a dark green bobble-vest. He was running, plowing trough the impulsive and officious reporters. He pushed away a black camera in pointed towards him, and a voice came on. It was the anchor on the channel, talking about "Idealistic terrorists on the loose. They are teenagers and are very idealistic".. or something. O, jeez z__z .. I think the news in my dream might have been a clip from a RL memory from the riots in London on the news channel.
      "Oh my." the librarian mumbled.
      I looked at her, and the book in my hand was just seconds away from being handed over when the teenagers bursts through the glass in the doors. Although there wasn't any shattering or scrapes on their faces as the group gathered in the room staring determined on us. I barely had the change to act at all before they pointed their millitary guns at us and shouting us to leave the room and enter the little door on another wall of the room.
      "They want to isolate you!" I heard the librarian gasp terrified before we were all ripped away from her and enclosed in a small, green-walled room. I knew that this must be some sort of experiment. My friends knew no escape, but I had the escape in my mind.
      They sat hopeless at the end of the rectangular room when I showed them how we could climb out somehow and jump over a fence with a hedge. A. did it nicely, but M. needed a little instruction. But we made it out and that's the important part.
    4. Reality check failed .. Again!

      by , 03-25-2012 at 03:36 PM
      I was sitting in and open back container--thing of a trailer. My feet was dangling over the edge and I was "focusing"* on counting my fingers on the right hand. *I'm a total cloudhead during my dreams.
      I was counting them, as I said, and sometimes I counted two lesser, and sometimes two more, but I didn't seem to notice, because the counting didn't "count" when I was in wake state (IRL; Dream), and I was saving the REAL counting for when I was in a dream again... Why..?

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. Family meeting

      by , 03-21-2012 at 09:27 PM
      This was a very vivid dream, and I remembered a huge part of it, possibly caused by the HILD technique (uses a mantra, only during self-hypnosis)
      This post is very messy, so my apologies, but I'm not gonna straighten it up.

      1: I was playing with Ernie from Sesame Street (!?) in my room. Mom encouraged my younger brother to do the same. (okeey..)
      Afterwards, I apparently decided to take a stroll in my underwear, in the middle of the night. Acutally, I just went a few steps outside a door in my room (wich is pretty none-existant IRL) and started to bleed from my nose. To stop it I cuffed a fist snow into my face. The snow wasn't really cold, it never is in my dream. It had a cotton candy-like feel to it.
      As I lifted my face, about to head back in, I saw a grey car park on the raod beaneath my yard.
      That caused me to run inside, heart in my troat. Although I had little hope that anyone would take me seriously. I quickly slam my door shut and lock it. I dress, then hurries to dad, to tell him about the "robbers".
      He doesn't take me seriously, as the old tale of dreams, that tells you that any thought, any excpectation you have, will inflict the situation.
      What I do then, is run upstairs and spy on the car that waits on place, maybe for me to come out again, but after awhile they lose patience and gets lost.
      As I am spying for cars, I see my neighbour, Erik, having guests; Sander, himself and Trygve steps out of the car. I think something like "Ah, NOW I understand why he is so friendly towards Trygve."
      And in the darkness, I see headlights driving towards my house, down the road. It is the family car, bringing guests from the family and further (?).
      There was a boy there, wich I have never encountered in RL as I can remember, but he has now shown up 3x times, as my "love interest.
      *side track* First time (this was last year, I think) he showed up: A boy with blackish hair asked me on a date. I was hesitating, 'cause I love someone else.
      Second time, I don't remember.
      Third, in this dream. *end of side track*
      We had a singing gruop. Black boy played guitar and we played along with him. We had a really good time, creating a comp song.
      Afterwards, we had a fight and my sister made me preay for him even though. (With pray ''options'' like you have in some chat boxes.)
      I even think he gave me flowers.
      Next I had two friends over. We bought small wedding-ish cakes for each of us, 10dollars total, I had to pay two for mine. I chose not to have any toppings (nugathi, mayonese, creme ). They chose some topping.
      Someone I know was watching us as we went out of the store, but we didn't mind.

      .. I wish Sigurd was here.. with me, a little more. I want to smile with him..
    6. Going to sleep dream fragment I

      by , 03-20-2012 at 03:51 PM
      1: I was tucking myself in, getting to bed. And I think I fell asleep as well, thus having a dream inside a dream.
      In the dream-dream, I didn't know I was actually asleep :twice: and I dreamed that a boy came up to me and asked me on a date.
      I answered him yes, I think, even though I really shouldn't have.
    7. Stupid camera!

      by , 03-19-2012 at 04:06 PM
      I were at some camp, Again.
      And I found out that some guy, and a girl friend of his, not girlfriend) had taken some photos of me. That worried, and annoyed me.
      Me and Lise, my friend went over to them. I asked him to borrow the camera.
      "No! Why? You'll just take it." He said irritated
      "No." I started convincing "Of course I won't. I'll use it on shopping!"
      "You'll just delete the pictures."
      "No." I lied, "of course not. Just give me the camera, please?"
      And that was what it took to get the little compact grey camera that may or may not have been digital.
      I went down to a clothes department, Cubus-ish I think, except I had never been there before. Lise were with me. To play out the "faking" I looked at some T-shirts along a wall. Then I lifted the camera to look through the pictures. I showed Lise.
      The little camera showed 5-6 miniature images of an unknowing little me walking around, standing around, sitting around.
      So I decided to delete them. I was worried that Sim. and Mal. (owners of stupid camera) would come down to check up on what we were doing. And just then they did. And that pushed me into a sudden hurry.
      I rotated the camera in my hands, and pressed a Menu button. A little grey menu on the right side showed up, but none of the three alternatives contained "trash bin". I lifted the camera feeling like a trapped mouse, looked beneath it, and all that was was little grey buttons. Agh!
      Sim. and Mal. were getting closer.
      "I told you." "What are you doing? Deleting the photos." "Give me the camera now!"
      "No.!" I said, rejecting to hand it over.
      Looking for a gap in their defense, and finding it, I leaped between them, avoiding contact with their bodies. I think Sim. had reached out for me, but missed way far off.
      I had managed to push out of the door when they got themselves together enough to follow me. I didn't have much of a headstart though.
      My heart was beating quickly and something similar to adrenaline started spreading trough me. I think I might have run over parked cars beside the sidewalk.
      Then the dream ended.

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    8. "Lucid" (non-lucid) dream, trapped in a dream X The Hunger Games influenced set up

      by , 03-18-2012 at 04:27 PM
      1: "Lucid" (non-lucid) dream, trapped in a dream X The Hunger Games influenced set up
      First, I'm having a "lucid" dream, where I am not lucid at all, it is just my subconscious mind tricking me into believing. I do what it is most likely I would have done during a lucid. I am standing in front of a double window, I smash it with my hand and leap out of there. In the dream, I am thinking of unfurling my wings, and call for Warren from X-MEN to learn me how to fly. But, then of course, I fall down, thinking this won't work. And then I start strolling down the street, towards a nice red-brown cafe at the corner of the street. It has wooden panels and glass plate-windows.
      I "wake" up.
      I am in my bed, laying up at night, hoping for a lucid dream again. My room is almost pitch black, but I can still see. The contrasts are unusually bright, all I can see is bright white light crashing with black shadows.
      I am afraid, curled up on my bed, waiting to fall asleep into the lucid-world.
      There is a storm, and it is raging inside my room. Things are flying uncontrollably around, the computer screen on a desk in the middle of my room blows open, showing bright lights off into the darkness and the curtains on the left side of my second window is pushed aside, reveling a bright white glow from outside my window. It is like a nightmare. I can't fall asleep. I am afraid someone scary and nightmare-ish will enter the stage.
      After a while, a woman enters the room, after a while. The storm quiets, and she has a flock of other teens following her. I think she represents Anne, from Maximum Ride: School's out forever. (currently reading)
      She takes the computer away and we leave the room. Then we walk down a hall and she has a safe atmosphere surrounding her.
      Next, I am in a lucid dream again. I count my fingers and all, and have an unusual amount of them (ten once! New record) but I don't become lucid as it is part of the dream that I will become "lucid" and take "lucid" choices.
      And now I am in the cafe. There are mainly girls there, laughing and everything. There is one waiter and he is a blonde man. I went over to talk to him, as all the others in the cafe was busily talking to each other.
      Just as we enter a conversation, I don't remember much what we said, he crumples into this; http://www.mommyniri.com/wp-content/...lectionRex.jpg , and turns black-white.
      A teacher from my school (IRL he is a copy of the headhunter-principal from School (the normal kind) in Maximum Ride: School's out forever.)
      He tells me he that he have had enough of this nonsense, switching in and out of dreams and reality, and falling asleep all the time.
      And I understood that he was in control of the dream from now on.
      And he's trapping us (me and some other children that goes to my school, on my age) in a dream.
      The next thing I remember is being inside a P.E. -ish hall, in half the size. At the left side, there is benches and carpets spread along the floor. And on the right side, kinda backstage-ish there is hung an green overhang and behind there is spread different weapons and sticks - knifes, bows and arrows, maybe ropes, sharp metal.
      Me and E. trots over to the weapons, along with some other kids. The rest hurries to the benches.
      I realize that I might need something to defend myself with, and perhaps my territory.
      I tell E. he might need a bow. I already have one, from before (somehow). When the place is cleared for weapons, I have taken a knife and some arrows, I do an overlook and find an extra set of arrows for my bow.
      When I round the overhang, I see that people have already gathered in groups, survival-team-ish, behind gathered benches. Making their own territories and improvised fortresses. I join a group that welcomed me warmly, as I had belonged with them from the start. That is my only way of saying it.
      Kim is there. I think. And E. And some more, I didn't really notice. In the dream, it was people I trusted and that would manage.
      People had gathered carpets to cover up their flipped over benches. I helped my team set up what they had, and copied a team on the opposite corner of ours.
      The mad (mad. As in ko-ko) teacher was watching us.
      I don't know if I was getting ready to aim my bow at somebody.

      The End.

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    9. *Smbdy. had died and I was crafted with a dog's DNA

      by , 03-16-2012 at 04:05 PM
      This is all a dream I had this night.
      1: Smbdy had died and I was half human
      Walking up the streets with A-T, not talking much.
      "You know, I was glad it happened with you." I said, referring to her and the rest of the "flock"*, as in, her IRL friends. And saying that, I was actually subcon. quoting something she had said to me earlier IRL.
      *False memory- Me and the rest of us, as in A-T and some of her friends, had been made into part human part dog, as in Maximum Ride where the characters are 2% avian.
      change of scene
      My friends and a couple o' their new friends were gathered at a kind of wood montage at a hill. We were mourning, especially me. I was not only mourning, inside me was a aching empty black hole, wondering how I could go on in life. If there ever was more for me. How could this be possible? It can't be possible. Please no.
      Smbdy had died, *** had went gone. Gone. Maybe in a car crash or some accident. But it just couldn't be true.¨
      A friend of mine, M., that has no real connection with smbdy ran off, up in a three. And I was the one to go after her. She cried, and it was something about boy she'd liked before, Choco we call him. And I had to bring her back up from her sobs, and to get together with the rest.
      No one agonized with my pain, or even knew how much I was suffering.

      Later in the dream, I was having a presentation before a gathering of my class. They were circled around me and the powerpoint. My teacher were writing notes on how good I did. The presentation was in aftermath.. There I stood, sobbing in my words, having nothin' to really come to say about it. It was tough.

      2: Curling iron
      My mommy had invented a curling iron, and she said that just one curl on one of the sides of the hair was just perfect. But that's what I already have, I thought.

      3: E. and N. "Have a clue what I dreamt?"
      Me and N. and E. (my old best friend) was standing in the end of the hall with wardrobes in my school. I lent towards the window. N. was standing to my right, seemingly behind a window, outside, yet I could hear him speaking. E. was standing on the other side of the entrance, in front of me.
      I decided to test 'em a bit, I think.
      "Have a clue what I have dreamt?" I mouthed, looking at N. in a side glance.
      "Wha?" he asked, looking at me dumbly.
      "Know what I dreamt?" E. said shortly. He had understood. I was not shocked, but a very lesser degree of it. More like accomplishment.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    10. Shades, figthing and losing.

      by , 03-15-2012 at 06:06 PM
      Okay, so I had many dreams this night. Glad I didn't forget 'em...
      Two where fighting for my life, and two fragments of other stuff..

      is it scary the first time you wild?-zeldacopydreamwolf.jpgClick image for larger version. 

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      1: The dark wolf
      I was in a desert, with a dog, a labrador retriever I think. There was some grass there, and a tower. I went up in that tower. And I think this is where fragment One belongs, but I'm not sure. I might aswell had started outside the tower and the desert, and then went in.
      Cause remembering now, I went downwards.
      There were kinds of birds there, that wanted to attack me. I think they were supposedly Zelda inspired, though I hadn't played it in a long time. They couldn't reach me as I went downward, as my dream-logic said that since they were birds they could not fly down.
      When I got to the bottom of the tower, I stepped out in a patch of grass. The dream kinda led me forwards.
      (memory;There had been somekind of time-lapse effect in the tower, so I had been in that exact time and place, and I knew that we had been attacked.)
      We= a labrador, me, and possibly a werewolf (if that also weren't me)
      A black wolf was attacking us. The lab and something important. But all in all I think it was after me.
      The labrador came to my rescue as I struggled with the monstrous dark wolf. It had point fur, yellow, shiny round eyes, and long, white claws. The labrador came into the scene in a glorious, hero scene. It jumped on the back part of the wolf and bit. It left red, sore marks in a circle on the wolf's waistline. The wolf quickly shook the loyal dog of.
      And then it came back on me. I remember seeing a brown male were-wolf with ripped pants and a four or six pack on it's stomach. It was human like, with hockey-hair in a darker more complete shade of brown.
      I don't know if the were-wolf was me, some part of me say yes, some part says prob. not. I saw the wolf in a third person view, so maybe I had already lost the fight.
      I am very certain, at least, that in some point in the fight, the wolf won.

      2: The hall
      I was in the hall. Maybe this was on the top of the tower. Maybe the tower was like a collection of dreams I was scheduled to enter this night
      The hall was kind off set up like a mirror hall, just with no mirrors. The walls had golden list-work on the top and bottom. The floor were tiled, I think, but not white. The walls were beautiful, I think, the light and the setting
      But that's not important.
      My parents were kinda outside of the scene, but they were there, back a fence, as miniature figures in my vision.
      A shadow figure is fighting me. I never get to see his face, once I see a glimpse of his hair, as if his shadow slipped for a moment. It is dark oak brown.
      I am spawned behind a fence in the hall once, so that the fence was between me and him. I tried to get back to enter the intense fight again. For some reason I really felt like I HAD to fight him, that I must. I couldn't get past the little fence, as in a video game. Midna (from Zelda; Twilight Princess) appeared by my shoulder and teleported me back to him. Midna was like half the size of myself, and a little rounder.
      And the fight went on.
      In dreams, I usually go on unfrightened. But this one really scared me. Especially when the knifes was brought up, from a wase on a little table or something. He threw them at me, but I managed to duck, and I threw them at him. I think I might got hit by something once or twice during the dream, but didn't really recognize. At all times I was afraid that he would hit me, instead of me hitting him. I was afraid it would hurt, afraid he would win.
      I shouted for help, and my mom and dad came after being confused for a bit. They seemed very distant, and un-understanding. They took some spoons and carried them outside of the scene again.
      I ran and reached for some sharp knifes on the floor, and picked them up. Shadowman was after me, but I got up and spun a 180 before he could touch me. His final brick was laid when I threw them in his shoulder. They hung on in his flesh. I think there might have been four or five, even seven, sharp steel knifes in his left shoulder. . He didn't bleed. He didn't moan in agony, or scream as if in intense pain. He stood there, and lifted his right arm to reach them and drag them out. This was about the time I won, he died.

      Short Dream 1: Party
      My brother was going to a party in a trunk.
      I didn't know why.
      Also, outside my bedroom window, I could see a corner of a pool. Thats where the party was held.
      I was held outside, as in, I weren't allowed to join.

      Short Dream 2:Chocolate and Actor ranking.
      Me and a friend (N.) was going down to a cafeteria at my school. N. was going to buy something, and I was going to buy another friend of mine (A.) chocolate. Me and N. went down. They sold converse shoes there, and I was determent to try some on.
      We tried blue ones (the ones everyone have..) and it turned out I had bigger feet than him. I felt like I was really, chunky footed, .. And then we bought the food ad went outside the store.
      After a while I discovered I was still wearing the blue converse. I was starting to panic. Didn't I buy them? I had no memory of buying those, almost not even being in the store. I checked my pocked to see if my 100dollar bill was still there, or if I'd used them on buying the shoes. They were still there. I checked if I was carrying a check-out note or something, but I couldn't find something. I was too embarassed to go back to the store (yep, u heard me) so I went home, confessing to family.
      ... At another scene with my friends we were walking down a road outside. A. said said that the teachers were ranking the actors for our school-play from 1-3. (as in 1 best, 3 worst)
      "And what am I?" I asked, feeling like pushing it.
      There was a short, but noticeable awkward hesitation among the gang.
      "You, you're 4." said G.
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. New hair..

      by , 03-14-2012 at 04:33 PM
      1: There was something about a cave, maybe a Readingcavern in the library. It was navy-bluish on the outside walls, and inside is was dark. Me and a couple of friends sat there.
      We probably went outside of the hole, as the next thing I remember is standing by the library disk, lending a book about handling handicapped children or something. Me and L. had been put in charge of taking care of a disabled girl we didn't fully know.
      We went outside, to our car. As I sat in, E. drove past.
      He had a new hairstyle, the punk-ish kind where half the head is shaved and a bang that covers one eye is the only "long" hair on the head. It was it's usual brown, with black or red stripes. Kind off a undercut with lenght on top, covering one eye. (false memory- he had been at the barbershop a little time ago) He really suited it.
      He drove past in a red sports car, I think. He had a great smile on his face, directed at me, which meant we were still friends.
      There was something more after this, but that is long gone for now.

      (undercut Men's Hairstyles For 2012)
    12. Crying II

      by , 03-13-2012 at 03:10 PM
      I don't remember much, but there is one piece..

      E., my childhood friend, and his mother came bursting into my house. He had tears in his eyes and his voice threaded with despair. They gave off a panicked energy.
      He said I would have to come.
      His mother said "E. had a dream, where you died." I understood that they were trying to save me.
      Basically, they were messing around in my house, before they dragged me outside.
      We were getting away I think, but I don't know to where.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    13. 23.02.2012 Non-lucid, en jeg drømte at jeg drømte AT jeg hadde en lucid >.<

      by , 02-23-2012 at 03:27 PM
      Snøchill, Drøm 1:
      Sovnet i en slitt, rød klapp-strand-stol rett utenfor den nye hagen min <3
      Bror var der, og to andre, en jente og en gutt. De var eldre enn meg, og jeg oppfattet dem som kule.
      Jeg sovnet, og telte fingrene mine i en ganske gjennomsiktig og uklar drøm, hvor jeg var på en datamaskin (huffameg, lol). Jeg tenkte noe sånt som "Er det mulig, er dette en DRØM?" og det første jeg tenkte på var å gå på Dreamviews og sjekke hva folk skrev. Men PC'en brukte for lang tid på å loade. (Jeg var ikke egentil Bevisst, bare en illlusjon om det. Slik at jeg drømte i drømmen AT jeg var bevisst.)
      Bror skulle ha meg med, for han skulle rense den gjørmete sekken min.
      Jeg lurte på om jeg kunne gå i søvne etter ham, samtidig som jeg hadde en bevisst drøm (den ideale realiteten? Lol) Det virket noen meter, men jeg ga opp da jeg ikke klarte å se særlig bra da jeg gikk i søvne, og drømmen forsvant og ble gjennomsiktig.
      Jeg ventet utenfor kvinnemuseet med Pia mens Bror renset sekken og alt som var inni. Jeg lurte på om det bare var for å snike i tingene mine, men det var ikke noe jeg kunne gjøre med det.
      Imens hjalp jeg Pia å jage bort slemme, truende katter. En holdt på å fly på meg.
      Og av en eller annen grunn tror jeg det lå en gigantisk linjal på garsplassen på kvinnemuseet.
      Etter det, hadde Bror sortert alle tingene mine, flunkende rene, langs et fortau. Men samtidig hadde han notert på dem og lagt det til som en dektektiv undersøkelses sak-ting.
      På en mappe ved Trond, fra langeland, og Kari, var det et brettet ark notert noe sånt som "Videoen av Allie: Et iscenesatt mord, laget bare for å skremme dere?" Og jeg fikk en veldig mistenksom følelse.. -_-*

      Drøm 2, overgang fra 1: Kunstnere
      Vi hang ved en vegg, ved et rødt hus, nedenfor der Handu bor. Det er et ganske slitt strøk, synes jeg. Sola stekte, og himmelen var blå. Det var en fin sommerdag.
      Jeg og vennene mine hang på hjørnet av det røde huset.
      Liv, den gamle læreren fra 4.klasse var der. Hun satt i en trestol. Det var en del tre der. Vennene mine lente seg på et slags tre gjerde, 1,5 meter langt, ut fra veggen. Gjerdet var helt, med en blå topp tror jeg, som en disk.
      Jeg drev og malte noen plastikkstoler, en gul, (en rød?) og en grønn, tror jeg. Og en blå også(?).
      Alle hadde noe fargesplasha på seg. Noah hadde en fargerik thights, en hadde en sånn fargesplasha fransk alpelue-beree ting. Det var det jeg la merke til. En hadde kanskje hansker?
      Og jeg hadde ingenting, bare de tre fargerike stolene. Med dem så jeg sikkert ut som om jeg hørte til dem.
      Liv sa hei, med dem vanlige, blide stemmen sin, og lurte på om vi var en sånn "kunstner gjeng".
      "Neei.." sa jeg "Ikke egentlig."
      Så gikk jeg og satt stolene på plass på nord-siden av huset (en kort side, på motsatt side av den Liv satt på.)
      Så gikk vi tilbake til Liv, hun så litt granskende på meg. Noen foreslo - kanskje Noah eller Gine, det var bare en stemme i hodet mitt liksom - at vi skulle gå å se på bildene på den andre langenden av huset.
      Vi gikk dit. Over gata sto det trevogner, og selgere. På husveggen hang det masse malerier. (Ahh.. Igår sa jeg at jeg ville se på malerier i drømmene mine.. takk,.. ) De som solgte dem var reisende, kanskje Sigøynere. Har et lite inntrykk av det.Men det var som et lite marked. Trevognene var i akuratt samme farge som trebjelkene, og (gynge)stolen stolen til Liv.
      Det var en del små portretter, og bilder med bregner, og farger malt utover på lerretet. Jeg synes det var ganske pent, mye av det var nesten vakkert. Jeg likte det ivertfall.
      Jeg la spesielt merke til et lite portrett, på lommestørrelse. Men eikebrun, oval ramme, rammet inn av små treperler. Det var en dame, som så mot høyre. Hun var ganske blek, men mørkebrundt hår satt glatt opp i en enkel kule bak på hodet hennes. Hun smilte ikke, men hun så ikke sur ut, hun hadde det nøytrale ansiktet som var ganske normalt å ha på portretter på den tiden.
      Jeg synes jeg kjenner henne igjen, men samtidig har jeg aldri sett henne. Eller isåfall, lurer jeg på hvor jeg har sett henne. Ansiktet hennes er vendt mot høyre, og bakgrunnen er eggeskall farvet.
      Drømmeillustrasjoner.. - PhotoShack.com form og størrese på portrettet.
      Andre mallerier var med bregner, blader og farger, og kanskje litt natur. Det var flere portretter, og en del bilder av folk.(Synes jeg kanskje husker et par, som går på en sti med utrolig flott utsikt. Skogen er på deres høyre side/bak dem og himmelen er blå. Han holder rundt henne, og hun holder rundt ham. Malleriet er i omtrent samme "tegnestil" som Brudeferd i Hardanger, men lysere.)

      Drøm 3: Det er sånn leirskole tur ting på skolen igjen. Vi driver å pakker noen blå poser (og legger dem oppi en slags vogn etter en buss) jeg ikke helt vet hva er, kanskje soveposer og mar og sånn. Husker man måtte ta på seg uteklærene når man gikk ut, og jeg hadde den gamle blå, tynne "boble"jakka mi jeg brukte på skøyter for noen dager siden.
      Jeg sklei i den seige, mørke, tjukke-trebjelke trappa. Kriss smilte til meg.
      *Barndomsvenn* snakket masse med meg da vi gikk til klasserommet.
      Noah var også grei mot meg tror jeg.
      Så gikk vi en runde til, og inn i klasserommet igjen. Så ble vi delt opp i grupper. Alle ble delt opp i grupper, og jeg til sist.
      Jeg satt igjen i rommet med Ole-M og Anne-L. Jeg krympet meg litt, ufrivillig. Jeg prøvde å ikke hørtes sur ut.
      "Ja da var det oss da." Anne-L
      Mhm. Jeg smilte. (Ikke noe vondt ment mot noen av dem altså, Anne-L lærte meg engang noe viktig , men,, jeg ville jo være med vennene mine.. :J )
      Jeg husket at dette var en slags tradisjon, en vane. Det hadde skjedd før engang.
      "Vi var på gruppe i 2.klasse også." SOM om hun hadde lest tankene mine. MEN hun var jo en DC (noe jeg burde visst der og da, ivertfall sjekka)så hun GJØR jo ikke annet enn å være i hodet mitt -_- ...
      Så ble det noe problemer med Ole-M, og jeg mptte hjelpe ham. Han jobbet med etteller annet, og klarte ikke fikse det. Jeg hjalp ham, og fikk ham til å begynne å smile og le etterhvert.
      "Du klarer deg jammen bra," sa Anne-L "du burde jobbe i en barnehage."
      Oky, nå har jeg jobbet i en barnehage 2 ganger, og Noen SIer at jeg burde jobbe i en barnehage.. Hmm.. lurer på hva jeg prøver å si til meg selv.. men jeg trodde ikke jeg vurderte det engang..

      Edit: Ekstra
      Det var noe med noe språk, og oversetting.
      Det var visst noe utenlandsk. (!*)