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    Memorable Dreams

    1. My neighbourhood was inside a giant version of my house/ tried to kill a woman

      by , 02-27-2013 at 09:16 AM
      This started off as a dild. I'm climbing my tree in the front of my yard. I don't think it looked like my yard at first but later as I descovered it was a dream, I think the scenery shifted to my front yard but anyways I'm going from branch to branch. I started swinging on one then as it almost broke I swang to a different one. Then suddenly it dond on me that these branches were not this low and that I couldsn't climb my real tree. also what sparked my descovery was that I kinda cloated a few times, I remember floating a bit around the side of my house. I think the floating dond on me first before the tree branches.

      Anyways I perform a reality check and it's positive, so I spread my arms and fly down my hill. I see two white shih tzus down on the porch of my neighbors house down the road. I assume they are snickers and snuggles who are my next door neighbors dogs. I fly towards them then I look aweay and back again and suddenly they turen and look like small white wolves. I ignor them and then contenue to fly down my road and at this point I'm flying almost as fast as superman. I fly satraight down the road just little above the ground and then I soar higher above the houses. The scenery changes from a familiar neighborhood to a completely different looking city. then suddenly as I'm flying high above the houses, the scenery starts bluring out, I rub my hands and then the scenery brightens up again but suddenly I find myself in an enviroment that looks like my house. I'm in a giant version of my house with all the houses on the ground looking like a toy size version of themselves. it doesn't strike me as strange, just slightly odd. I shrugg it off and fly down now I'm in a city full of sky scrappers.

      A bunch of people appear walking around. I look for women to kiss, I find several but everytime I tried kissing them it didn't feel right. Most of the time it was like I couldn't feel their lips, just an entity close to my face. other times it was like kissing a wet wall of cloth. Only one time did it feel semi like I was kissing a real womans lips. I tried kissing another woman and she got angry and started screaming, I grabbed her arm, I don't remember exactly what happen after that, but later I grab a womans neck and fly high in the sky and threw her to the ground. I imaged blood squirting out but nothinbg happend, it was like a doll hit the ground. I went down to her and picked up her neck again, I said something, I think I said "I knew that wasn't going to hurt you, now get up" something to that effect. I don't remember what I did with her after that but next thing I remember is I'm flying high above ground and other parts of the city start appearing out of the woodwork. all these bueatiful city lights start flashing in a bright yellow color. sadly I could feel the dream ending here and as I expected, it does and then I wake up.
      lucid , memorable
    2. Very strange things in this lucid dream

      by , 02-25-2013 at 01:44 PM
      Well I started out spinning around in some strange area, I don't remember exactly where but this triggered my lucidity as I started questioning whether this was a dream. I performed a reality check a few times and it came up positive so I took a few steps to this support beam and I think I was in some arena type area, I don't remember exactly but after walking to this support beam, this animated drawing of a cartoon woman with blonde hair and a blue blouse appeared on the wall. I took a few minutes to look at it and it's mouth moved like it was alive. then after that I touched it and the whole frame of the picture started moving forward. the drawing stayed on the wall, but the wall which covered the whole of the drawing came out in a rectangular shape. I looked away and then it changes and some butten looking thing appeared, I'm not sure how to explained but I remember it turning from light blue to red after looking away each time.

      after that I saw some people and I was looking for some women to kiss and I went to one women who happend to be an old lady with terriblely animated lips which looked like something a cartoon character would have then after looking at the people she was standing with, I saw one old man who was also badly animated, but it was his wierd shaped eyes. First of all his eyes were super small, very beady looking which poked out like bug eyes and they were completely black, like he was wearing black contacts or something. I think I tried to do something but I don't remember but I remember staring at him wondering why people looked so weird in my dreams then the dream suddenly turned into a short nightmare when he suddenly roared at me like he was pissed by my presence. Ity was a scary raor almost unreal and his face looked very monsterish but it happend in a flash cause I woke up shortly after.

      when I wokme up I went to record what I remembered in my dream journal. I went to the computer and looked for this site, then for some reason was looking through a notebook and I don't remember if anything happend after that but later on I woke up for real and was surprised that it turned out to be a false awakening.