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    Fragment of Dreams

    1. Balcony, coffee, stars

      by , 01-28-2012 at 07:14 PM
      [B]1.[/B] Potentially at grandmother's home again. Step outside to my out-of-place, previous apartment's balcony and have a seat on the out-of-place futon. A cousin is there. Like me, she's going through a breakup. She's taking it much harder than I am, though. I let her in on my own troubles, which sort of comforts her.

      We're drinking tea which later morphs to coffee. Twilight is just setting in and we're looking out to the skies, over a lake that is now there (possibly, can't recall). I thought I caught sight of a plane, but it was a comet. Just as I'm opening my mouth to tell her, I see another! I direct her vision to where I'm looking and I see a handful more that minute. She finally sees a few. I see more and more, all moving toward one spot in space. I'm surprised I could see any, since it's not completely dark outside. I see about 15 in total and think to make a collective wish... but draw a blank.

      I turn around to go back inside. Sliding the door open for her, I notice she's on the other side of the railing. She makes her way around to the right side of the balcony. I wonder if she'll jump. Instead, a steel ladder appears and she makes her way down to the basement, coffee cup in hand.

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    2. Fragment

      by , 01-25-2012 at 05:53 PM
      Inside a massive, luxurious hotel. After leaving someone's room on another floor, I make for the elevator to get to the lobby. I notice a stout, muscular man walk behind me and out through swinging double doors. He's taking the stairs. I decided to do the same. They are very wide and carpeted. By the time I make it to the stairway, he's already a set down.

      After going down a level, I notice he's turned around! I quietly also turn around and escape out the door to the sixth floor instead of the seventh (where I started). I run around to the second set of staircases and start running down them, when I hear the door open and see him come after me!

      Apparently there had been a rule applied at this after-wedding hotel that people tending to use staircases were Dothraki... which somehow implied they wanted to kill me! Though I did call him a Tagaryen, instead.

      The dream continued with me running for my life between the sixth and seven floor, basically, until one time, after running back up to the 7th floor via the second staircase, I waited by the door (which had glass slots) to see if my enemy was after me. When he made it around the corner, muscles like slow-motion jello, coming after me, I ran up to the door... and locked it, ending the chase. Ha ha ha.