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    Another Night: Best of Jabre's Dream Journal

    Post-Move Dream Canon (Grimilia Strikes)

    by , 04-02-2013 at 05:30 PM (410 Views)

    1. I am at my elementary school at night. I am outside, and I am lucid. I walk to the border, but a mysterious figure in the fog blocks me. I get the feeling that I am not allowed, or will perish, if I cross the line. I realize it is Grimilia from before. She has a wolf with her by her feet. Someone else runs by and upon crossing the imaginary line is devoured by it. She calls him Tibb. I realize it is a werewolf when it transforms into a naked man, who wipes the blood off his mouth. When I see his face, I realize that he is the same man who I saw at the Marsh, the Island, and the Halo. He was following me. Why was he threatening me now when he helped me before? In fear, I run and hide, losing my lucidity.

    2. I am in a park. The sky turns very gloomy. People begin to run and shout that Grimilia is coming, and I become lucid. Instead of running, I walk slowly towards the exit. Grimilia is in a parked car. She is wearing a black suit. Instead of the hag form of before, she looks surprisingly young. Without fear, I slip into the passenger seat, and we drive away.

    3. Many people are in a maze-like complex. it has a viewof the city highway. We all run through it, avoiding Grimilia. I am the last to die.

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