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    My First Lucid! 10/27/15

    by , 10-27-2015 at 08:32 PM (341 Views)
    I am having a dream and at one point I am sitting in a circle with some friends and family. There are a lot of people so I look up to see who all is here. Then right that instant I am on a beach at the ocean. The sun has probably set (not a lot of light left). My mom and dad are in front of me, and we are walking. I continue to look around to see who if the people are still around. No one is around except for maybe some people far off in the grassy sandy lot.

    The next instant I am at a walmart. I am walking behind three people I know from high school. I know I am dreaming. I'm not sure if I just felt it, or if I knew because of the sudden transition. I didn't have any conscious thought as to how I knew I was dreaming.

    I am walking behind these people and they are pushing a baby stroller. I do not notice a baby in the stroller. One boy is waving a baby bottle in the air and I make a half-hearted attempt to see if I can get the bottle to fly out of his hand. It doesn't. I notice that all of the visuals are realistic. Just like real life. However, I don't feel anything, including my body moving, and I don't remember hearing anything. All these thoughts are in my head and my dream begins to become shaky. It's about to collapse so I try to rub my hands together. The second I go to move my arm I wake up. I maybe even ended up moving my real waking life arm.
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    1. Milly's Avatar
      Congrats on your first lucid! You seem to have be able to stay calm when you noticed that you were dreaming, it's great! Now keep up the good work, and many more lucids to come
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    2. werty52's Avatar
      Congratz on your first lucid
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    3. jacko's Avatar
      Thanks guys!