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      Merry Xmas and a happy New Year Buddy. Heres wishing you and Eli a Magical 2016. =^^=
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      My inbox is full...I wondered whjat was giving me that headache thanks A Millyon you is a pal ... i feel I got somewhere as I had a nightmare
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      Since we opened for business...my arch-nemesis seems to have skedaddled out of town, i'm sure we have not seen the last of him tho Dr Elkinstein...hmmm I should have posted you about my dreams but with only 3 pms an hour...grrr I will get round too it
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      K I having problems...deciding which power ranger you and I are...laughs way to hard...um I was actually seriously pondering on this
      i'm a little bit too excited...oh dear
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      Milly & Meoh's Dream Detective Agency is officially open for business...Go team! Go Team!
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      Synch...Synch...Synch 48000 (from DJ) so close to 50000 we are the synch sisters... the world will know our name...one day...maybe....perhaps...well ok not...but still good name...
      [Yay friended patience...I was thinking you two should, yesterday....oops synched again...k paranoid now]
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      *giggles* it says you are 1st class tagger on your avatar...Congratz!
      oooo...I see maybe DJ...I can be one too then
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      Oh deer shes here :p

      Sorry but the only name that comes to mind is....*laughs way to much* sorry but shes so cute and silly, has to be Milly...or Mills for short
      Oop is case you missed my comment I had a hypnagogic vision of this deer one a few days back...thought was crazy then felt mean, so shes on the scene
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      Oooo says she is a Celestial Star Spirit with control over the sun and is over one thousand years old
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      Shiroyasha but she is a white demon so you may or may not like that one. It won't let me send link on here. I looked at Mondaiji tachi wiki
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    into the woods

    by Milly on 04-19-2016 at 04:05 PM
    I'm on vacations with my family, the path we're walking on it made to simulate a forest, but it's fake, like an amusement park. We walk between the well integrated attractions, looking around. Other the limits of the fake tree I catch a glimpse of a castle in full gothic architecture, all high spires and graceful arcs, in light gray stones and slab roofs. I décide to try and go there, and my family follow. We push past the fake trees into the remants of a real forest, with moss and ashes everywhere.
    On the trail we're following, there's a square tower, with a large wooden door, locked. I easily scale the wall and enter it through a window. It's an house, and I start exploring it. The ground level is a diing room with a dark wood flooring, the furniture old but loved. A rickety staircase, almost a ladder, leads up to a TV room with a large, nest-like sofa taking up most of the room, making it nest-like and confy. On the far wall, there's a opening that lead into a bathroom; I can make out the sink and a tiny bit of shower curtain. I take a ladder to the next level and find another dining room, with armchairs and a big window overlooking the forest. I climb up the wall and end up under the roof in a bedroom; the whole floor is the cushy and confy, and there's a lot of pillows, the whole room in effectively the bed. There are a couple off roof windows, making the room sunny. I try to climb up into the roof itself but it keeps elongating, closing around me and making it difficult to breath and move.


    by Milly on 04-08-2016 at 08:32 PM
    A girl brought a egg in my house. It's bigger that my head with a rough, rocky shell. It's sitting on the kitchen table, in a ray of sunlight, as the girl argue with my sister. They are arguing about the girl character and attitude, my sister fed up with her. I know that this girl is messy and doesn't clean after herself, and is also quite selfish. I tend to agree with what my siter is saying, but want to avoid conflit so I don't join the discution.
    As they talk the egg hatches and a slender creature, looking like a mix of a ferret and an serpent with short, pure white fur slithers out of it, using his small clawed paws to scales the walls of the room. It's cute despite its strange way of moving, and I hope my sister doesn't see it and freak out because it remind her of a lizard. The newborn pet doesn't have a very sure footing yet, so it loses its hold and falls on me. I catch it in my arms, its body is very hot and muscled, almost hard. It cuddles to me, pointy muzzle nipping at my neck with a happy, chittering sound. It then jump out of my arms to climbs on the counter. The girl stops arguing with my sister to touch is, and it's fur turn velvety black.

    What kind of man

    by Milly on 04-07-2016 at 08:33 PM
    I'm running from some kind of mercenaries, trying to go to university at the same time. I weave my way accross buildings, taking hidden doors and corridors, the mercenaries voices hot on my trail, casual and laughting. I manage to board on a train, half train alf boat, standing up at the prow. There's a woman and her little girl behind me, the girl with pigtails and big blue eyes. She crouches down and pick up a piece or paper stuck to my shoes and excitatly tells her mother that I'm a member of the crew. I feel embarassed and tell her that it's not true, that I picked up the paper somewhere. I let her keep it and she's thrilled. Her mother thanks me and hands me some chocolates. As the train stops, her husband come to picks them up and I leave, still going to university. I meet up with somes of my comrades in a yard, half lawn half cement, and we start a waterballons fight. The sun is hot and the air dry, the water ballons very cold. Another friend calls us from a flat above, waving. We enter the building and go to her place. It's small but very sunny, and now crowned. We manage to all sit in front of her TV for a movie, on two sofa. I'm sitting at one of the end of one of the sofa, with the boyfriend of my cousin and my cousin sitting with me. The boyfriend has very wandering hands and keeps trying to kiss my neck, making me very inconfortable, but my cousin doesn't let me get up. Our phones are stucks together and it's somehow keeping me from leaving. I manage to separate them and get up to sit on the other sofa, next to a tall, brown-haired man. He wraps a arm around my waist and pulls me slightly against him, allowing me to sit confortably. I feel safe with him and snuggle closer.


    by Milly on 04-03-2016 at 03:56 PM
    I'm on a beach under a grey sky. The sea is green and churning, with a lot of thick foam. The sand is grey and rough, packed hard and cold under my feets. There's a heavy wind, the smell of the sea rushing around. There's a woman and a man here, in a hushed argument. Both are brown haired, the woman with a sloppy ponytail and the man with a shaggy cut. The woman is hugging something to her chest and the man is begging, his sweet, open face full of sadness and longing. She steps away from him and drop what she was hugging into the water, kicking it away in the waves. It's a pelt, a grey, shiny seal pelt, and it's melting in the sea, turning into seamfoam under the waves. The man, the selkie, is devastated, torn by the lost. He hugs himself, head low and shoulders hunched. I go to him, touching his arms lightly, try to confort him. He looks up to me, and his soft, milky skin is tanning at an accelerated pace, covering itself with layers unpon layers of heavy freckles, his cheeks reddening like the begining of a sunburn. I touch his jaw, his skin is hot and feverish. He takes my hands in his and his fingers are cold and wet.

    Two in one: the awakening

    by Milly on 04-02-2016 at 08:14 PM
    The first dream is from yesterday, I was too tired to put it here.

    Space opera:
    I'm in a gigantic spaceship, watching two men argue violently. One of them is obsviously military, trying to keep the other in rank. The other is some kind of scientist with psionics abilities, and he abrutly end the discution with what amoung to a force-shock, effectivly killing the military man. I run away before he sees me, along a curved corridor with lights embedded in the wall and shining white panels. I reach a vertical shaft cutting the corridor and flight myself upward using some kind of telekinesis, until I find a sas that open into a lab with a lot of people in lab coats, busy working. Some of them have a light halo around their heads, and are in charge of the other. I tug at the sleeves of the worker closer to me and gently levitate them into the sas. One of the man with a halo tells me "I'm not allowed to carry butterflies with me." I understand that butterfly is a slang to designate non-psionics peoples. I grab the railing and keep picking up the butterflies to get them away.

    Relativity in time and space.
    I'm in a big house, almost a manor, with another woman around my age. We're trying to protect a child from someone, and we have the help of a two men: a young, good-looking one with the face of a cursed poet and slighty curly brown hair, and a taller, more brutish one with a gentle streak. Both of them know of a place in which time is folded on itself, and the door keeps changing place. The poet seems to like me a lot and each time we find the door and get inside he welcomes me with a hug. The child, the woman and me keep changing outfits, matching the place and the time we get in each time the safe haven moves, leaving us behnd.