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    Fragment of Dreams

    1. candy machines in the hallway

      by , 10-23-2015 at 02:38 AM
      I was in some kind of big building. There were other people there,too. I was only casually aware of their presence,seeing them walking back and forth out of the corner of my eye. I was walking down this long carpeted hallway. There were some vending machines to my immediate left. Someone asked me if I wanted something. "Nah,I'm good," I said. I really did want something,but didn't think I had any money with me so I pretended like I was satisfied. I stuck my hand in my pocket and felt I had a bunch of change,which surprised me. "Ooh. I really am good," I said to myself. I stopped and looked at the different machines. Most were those small red candy machines with the knob and coin slot,but there was one that was different. The biggest machine was grey metal and quite old from the look of it. There were no markings on it to indicate what kind of machine it was. I had a handful of change,mostly nickels and dimes. I started to put the coins into this largest machine,but it wouldn't take the dime I had just inserted. There was a small round metal button,which I assumed was the coin return. I pressed it and something fell down into the opening under the coin slot. I saw a couple of wadded up dollar bills on top of something wrapped in green cloth. I started to take the money and whatever was in the cloth,but I noticed a black guy standing next to me. I thought the green cloth might be something illegal,so I didn't take it.
    2. Uncomfortable dream about ex-crush

      by , 09-26-2015 at 03:25 AM
      I had another dream about this lady I used to be romantically attracted to. I thought we'd get together at some point,but it seemed like all she wanted to do was play games. Needless to say,we did not part on good terms.

      I dreamed I walked into this convenience store. I got a soda from the fountain dispenser and went to the front to pay for it. Jessi and some girl were behind the front counter,sitting on stools and talking. The counter itself was about waist high,the top was gray marble and the base was aqua colored. I sat the drink down but neither of them looked up. It was almost like they didn't see me there. Jessi turned her head and said something to the other girl. Jessi told the other girl she and her husband had gotten into an argument about something trivial. I think she said a glass had got broken and he blamed her for it,even though she didn't do it.
    3. Dream about 3 nurses

      by , 08-09-2015 at 03:33 AM
      My first dream in a while that I can actually recall. Nothing about it makes sense because none of what was said relates to my current situation in any way.

      I was talking to someone,but they were standing behind me so I couldn't see who. My phone went off. I went to check it. I had gotten a message. I saw some words scroll across the top of the screen,but missed most of what was said. So I opened the message to read it for myself. It was a picture message. The picture was of me and three blonde women in,I'd guess,their 30s and early 40s. They seemed identical in the fact that they all had the same long,straight,dyed blonde hairstyle. We were in some kind of office. They were all dressed very professionally whereas I was dressed more casual. I had this feeling that maybe they were nurses. I was seated,one of the nurses stood to my right and the other two stood behind me. There was something written under the picture. This was the message I had seen part of earlier. It said,"Sorry,but I can't marry you. But it is fun to think about sometimes," I remarked to the unseen person with me that something about the picture didn't seem right. Out of the corner of my eye,this young woman,average height,with short brown hair walked up next to me and examined the picture. She pointed to the back wall which was painted light blue. "Like this,you mean?" she asked. She rubbed her finger over the picture. "This should be more pinkish,right?" The wall in the picture changed to a pink color. I said yeah,but wasn't sure that was the problem with the picture.

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    4. Missing and broken glasses

      by , 06-19-2015 at 03:15 PM
      As the dream starts,I'm standing in a room with some girl I don't know and another I have a rl crush on,Lily. The two of them were talking. I was glad to see Lily was alright after some unfortunate circumstances. She had on a black tank top and dark jeans. She was wearing glasses,but not the ones she usually wears. Lily asked the other girl if she knew what had happened to her other glasses. "They told me after the accident they were picked up by two guys,Joey Edwards and Bugg," I heard the first name and it set something off in me. I growled loudly,not caring how weird I looked at that point. Lily asked if I knew him and I told her about him telling me to back off trying to get with her. "Yeah,he told me you might say something like that," she said. From the tone of her voice,it didn't sound like she believed him. I stood there a moment,formulating a plan in my head to go on Facebook and hit the guy up,asking him to return the glasses. If he wouldn't,then I was determined to track him down and do what I had to,regardless whether it was just him or him and this guy "Bugg",whoever that was.

      The next part,I'm laying on my couch asleep. I hear noise in the room next to me. Two dogs come running out of that room,past me. My nephew and his wife were over for a visit and I guess they had brought their two dogs along. I looked at the stool next to me where I had set my phone and glasses while I slept. I noticed a square reflective object. I picked it up and looked at it. It was a lens from a pair of eyeglasses. I picked mine up and looked at them. The left lens was broken out and this,I realized,was a piece of it. I looked up at my sister and said,"Really? I gotta wake up to this??" She explained what had happened,that they had gotten knocked off and accidentally stepped on. I thought about calling the shop where I had gotten them to see about getting them replaced but I wasn't sure if they would since it had been longer than six months since I got them. I knew I had my old glasses I could still wear until they were fixed,but I didn't want to do that if it could be avoided.

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    5. playing the numbers

      by , 06-15-2015 at 04:36 PM
      Two more dreams with the same location. It has something to do with me making choices,but I'm still working on what choices those could be. A few things going on with me right now so I don't want to say it's one,the other or something else completely different.

      Saturday morning. Another dream at that store from my old neighborhood. I went there to get a snack,some chips and maybe a candy bar of some sort. I'm walking up and down the aisles looking at the different choices of potato chips but I want a certain kind that they don't carry. I already had some little snack cake so I decided to just go check out. I'm standing at the counter. Some woman is standing behind me. I just had this sudden urge not to buy the candy. I left it on the counter,stepped out of line,apologizing to the woman behind me and went back to look for the chips I wanted. Up and down the aisles,but again,I can't find them. I see a few that are close to what I like,but not my preferred brand.

      As I am anxiously hunting these snacks,I hear two women talking. One is the owner of the store,another is the woman who had just been working at the counter. She was getting ready to leave,I think. The owner was telling her about some guy they both knew and his recent troubles. As she mentioned him,I saw a vague image of what he looked like: old,white hair,scraggly beard,hunched over,with a tube in his nose from his portable oxygen tank. I heard her mention him being involved with something called SGC, "You know,saving good friends?" she said. I didn't hear what was said before that so I didn't know what had happened to him. It wasn't good from the tone of her voice,though.

      This morning. A different dream. Not in the store,but I saw it nonetheless. I wanted something,didn't know what,so I got dressed and put on my shoes. It was late at night. There was snow and ice on the ground. My sister warned me about it as I was leaving. I walked down the street. Even though I saw the ice,I walked easily over it. I either walked around it or walked in patches of snow over it. I walked by the store from my earlier dreams. I thought about going in,but wasn't sure if they were open or not. I could have checked the time,but didn't. There's a big rectangular window on the front of the building. I could see inside. Part of the store was dark,but there was another part further back where I could see a light on and the old woman who owned it was inside. She looked busy,balancing the ledgers or something. I decided not to stop,continuing on to another store down the block.

      I turn and go in this other store. The building is tall,black,very art-deco looking. The place is packed. I walk down the first aisle,looking for chips and sodas. As I'm walking down this aisle,a young blonde haired girl and some blond guy stop me. They were asking me what I'd do if I won. Won what?,I thought. Then I see my nephew standing there. He asks me me what I would do with the number. Still no clue what's going on,but I noticed he had some kind of ticket in his hand. I figured out it was something about the lottery. "The last few times 1100 has kept coming up again and again," I think he was implying we should bet that number. In my head,I was thinking it probably wouldn't come up again;the system didn't work like that. If we did bet,the number that came up would more than likely be 2000.

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    6. Living in a British flat

      by , 06-08-2015 at 05:17 PM
      Had two more pieces of dreams. The first one was,again,set in the grocery store from my last dream,but everything was reversed. The counters,registers and door were all on the opposite side of the room. As before,I got what I wanted,paid and was about to leave. I turned and walked back to the register where Lily was. I asked her if she wanted to go out. She pushed herself up on the edge of the counter,leaning over and said to me that she was already with someone. It hurt,but I tried not to show it. None of this has happened in real life,so maybe it's a warning or something not to get too overconfident about the situation.

      The second dream happened later and was totally different. I dreamed I was living with some dark haired guy in his house. The house was somewhere in the UK. I remember it had three small steps leading down to the front door and another,longer set of stairs going up to a second level. This second level was completely flat,no furniture or any kind except for a bed I was sleeping on. He told me he and his girl had planned to go out that night,but she would only go if someone accompanied her gal pal/co-worker(?). I ended up getting stuck with that unenviable task.

      The doorbell rang and he answered it. It was the other woman. I got out of bed and started down the stairs to meet her,but realized I was stark naked. For what it's worth,she did not seem shocked or offended by my awkward state. I grabbed a sheet off the bed and tried to cover up with that as best I could. The woman was heavyset,but very well dressed in a sparkly evening gown with a black coat over that. Her hair was piled up on her head and arranged very neatly. We started to talk and she began asking me questions. I was speaking in a fake British accent,for some reason. She asked me something,I misunderstood what she said,I said yes to whatever she had said and that's when I knew I'd slipped up. She had caught me in a lie and discovered I wasn't from there. I fessed up immediately,saying that I only spoke American,not British. I know it's all six of one,but it seemed like a big difference in the dream.
      dream fragment
    7. fragment dreams about different women

      by , 06-04-2015 at 04:45 AM
      Had two small fragments of dreams Monday. In the first my sister and I were at this little mom and pop store in my old neighborhood. We got what we wanted and went to the front counter to pay. This girl I used to know,Lily,was working at the register at the far end of the counter. We went to that register to pay. I pulled out my debit card and paid with it. We started to leave,but I went back to talk to Lily a moment. I asked her how long she had been back in town. "Since November 2," she said. I told her we would catch up with her later and left.

      Second fragment: I was in a room,but again,not alone. The walls were white and there was a wrought iron bed near me. My ex-girlfriend's niece was in the room with me. She had on a white t-shirt. Her hair was pulled back and she was wearing glasses. I don't know why,but I tried to kiss her. She didn't go for it. "Nooo," she said,pulling back. Even though she wouldn't let me kiss her,she did let me take off the glasses and try them on. The prescription was weaker than mine,but I could see out of them a little. I took them off and handed them back to her. I was standing next to her,but she acted like she didn't know I was there. She doesn't wear glasses in real life,so I asked her whose they were. She said they belonged to someone named Cait,a friend or co-worker I assumed.
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