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    Visual Space

    A place where I create continuous worlds
    (Working on controlling events)

    1. Honey Hive

      by , 01-16-2016 at 05:13 AM (Visual Space)
      A vivid Non-Lucid, been a while since I had a vivid dream.

      I woke up in my bed (surprised I didn't go lucid immediately) and the sun gleamed out my window into my room. I opened my door into the kitchen and noticed a gold liquid on my floor. it faintly smelled of honey. I kept walking into my living room and went outside to suddenly hear weird noises coming from the backyard. The smell of honey was suddenly getting potent until I turned the corner from my house and noticed a giant beehive looking structure the size of a 5 story building...How did I not notice as I was getting closer?

      The weird thing was there was bee.....girls?

      so now I have my back against the wall watching bee girls fly from the hive in different directions. I noticed a bottle of water sitting by me so I just pick up and began drinking it. I turn toward the hive and notice a bee girl buzzing at me slowly. I sort of back away a little and she lands on her feet. She looks like a normal girl besides the wings and a bee abdomen jutting out her back. She has short black hair and a yellow taintop, black leggings that even cover her feet, and black fingerless gloves for some reason. This is strange I start to think. she gently smiles and grabs my hand and takes me in the hive. some of the girls stop what they are doing and began staring at me. I go in and this hive is huge. a giant honeycomb cocoon thing was connected to the top all the way down the middle of this structure. everything is a gold, brown, and some white. different rooms with many "bees" flying out of. A whole mess of them can be seen just around this giant honeycomb putting honey inside them and flying off outside from the many holes or the entrance.

      The girl just takes me into this room that has many lavish furniture, all gold and black. she smiles and hovers pass me to do whatever she was doing I guess. Everything seems almost lifelike if it wasn't for me noticing the whitish outline from the corners of my vision. I almost went lucid because of this when until he girl comes back with a drink in her hand and hands it off to me, killing the moment. (lol) I drink it and notice it is a honey flavored milkshake. she sits next to me with this gentle smile and lays her head on me. we sit there in silence for a minute until the dream fades and I wake up......In the room where the girl took me to.....well then.

      I go lucid for a few seconds until I see the girl laying next to me sleeping, losing lucidity somehow. I get out the bed and walk out the room to see everything still in place. I walk out the hive and my house now has a big honeycomb slapped on the side of it...are they turning house into a bee hive? I see two of these bee girls on the room. I see all of them where the same clothing just different hairstyles, skin tone, eyes, or slight different coloration in the bee abdomen on their backs, such as a little whiter or a little darker yellows. I run to the porch and get inside and one is in my house in my room. she flies out the window. I look to see a part of my floor covered in honey. I then grab a water bottle and pour it over the honey and walk away....(why)

      I go back toward the hive and three of them just fly toward me and take me back in the original room. The girl before wanted to see me. Is she the queen or a higher up be? she lifts her blankets revealing she is nude....so we just had sex before...okay then, no problem. she puts her clothes on and picks me up under my shoulders and we fly up into this large door. That was a little nerve wrecking. The large door opens and I suddenly wake up for real.

      It was a nice dream, although random, but nice.
    2. Emotion

      by , 01-07-2016 at 04:19 AM (Visual Space)
      Bold is me, italics is a wolf girl I ran into..

      I guess I have no choice do I? *Sitting down on what appeared to be a stone bench in a cabin*

      Of course not. *walking toward me to sit beside me*

      well you obviously notice I'm not normal so I guess I have to confess.

      We've known each other for months now, Why can't you tell me?

      Well because I thought if I did, You might claw my insides out.

      Is It that bad?

      It could be to you.

      It won't be

      It might

      Tell me please, I saw it. Whatever you did back at the village was definitely something none of us have seen before. Is it really that hard to te-

      Anathema. *I stand up slowly*


      I am an Anathema.

      Bu-But impossible, those people are-

      *I turn around and look at her. She looked in my eyes. Apparently they were different then before. Everything grew much more clear.*

      H-How? I thought....They were extinct...

      Not all of them. My family still live. However only me and my sister remain now.

      I just..don't know what to... *The look on her face, confusion, and a tinge of anger*

      I know my people...they slaughtered most of your kind years ago. So I understand your rage... I understand you want to now grip my neck and rip my throat out.

      *she looks up at me with her eyes glowing an alarming yellow. her teeth showing. She wants to*

      I want to...You lied...

      I know.

      WHY!? *Jumps up from the bench, with tears in her eyes.

      To protect you, I didn't wan-

      All you did was corrected my thoughts! Your kind....All they do is cause pain! What did my kind ever do to yours!? What did we do to deserve such mass genocide...

      *All I can do is just look at her. Her eyes giving tears, her voice cracking in each scream she let out into words.*

      TELL ME!

      I don't know, I wish I knew...But let me ask you a question before you sink your claws in me.

      I don't want to listen to your questions. I just want you-

      Do you think someone like me would commit such things like my people?

      *Long silence*

      WELL! Because obviously your quick to blame your best friend! This is why I did not want to tell you. I knew even if you were close to me, You will still find somewhere in your heart to resent me because of the past. Something I wasn't even born in, I only knew about it! So how can you think of killing me!? Do you now just see me like them?

      No, I just-

      Forget it! I'm wasting time. Len and Griffith are still back in that war. I have to leave. *Walking away from her*

      No please...you'll die.

      Isn't that what you want. For me, an Anathema, to cease to exist finally?


      Either way, I need to know if they are okay. *Opening a door*

      NO NO! I wont let you go out there, You know you won't survive! Why do you choose to do these irrational actions!?

      Cause I'm the only that can survive this!

      You won't survive against Enon! You know that! Stop being arrogant!

      *She continues to grab my arm to pull me back. There is so much intensity and fiery tension, even then, I almost walk out until...*

      You know your saving an Anathema from certain death.

      I know.




      BECAUSE I LOVE YOU! I can't kill you because I adore you! Even though you are an Anathema, you are still someone I care about! Im sorry okay, I just let my emotions slip out! do you know what it feels like to lose so many friends to-

      *I just grabbed her and kiss her. She hesitates to reciprocate at first but soon follows through and holds me as well.*

      I just wanted to hear those words....Cause I wanted to love you this whole time, Because I'm sure everyone you use to love is gone. So I just...

      I...need you. I don't want to go out there. They will be fine, I'm sure of it. *Her head on my chest. The amount of emotions I'm feeling is just...*

      I still need to.


      I promise...I will be back here. I won't be long.

      .....Just get back as soon as possible, please

      I will.

      *I kiss her forehead. and then the dream fades.*

      For a non-lucid, this was such an emotional and intense dream. I only wrote down the dialogue because that was literally all I cared about. Just the amount of feelings that were going off, and I just felt such a connection to this beautiful wolf girl, like we been through thick and thin. I had no idea about the plot or any of the names mentioned, I felt like I was watching, but from a First person perspective. I woke up just feeling so sad, cause I think I really left her and I will never see her. I could just tell her bond to me was very sincere. It seems short, but trust me, it felt way longer.

      Either way, It was a very memorable and great dream.
    3. Night Walker

      by , 12-29-2015 at 11:20 PM (Visual Space)
      A lucid occurred. A DILD.

      It was short however, and I was not able to do my abilities well like before. I know its because I have been messing up my consistent sleep schedule as of late and making lucid dreaming a abstract importance. However now, since, I have been taking DILD, Meditation, and SAT (Puffy's technique) seriously, I have been lucid dreaming at least twice a week, and keeping a clear mind to be able to do so. I realized though, after this last lucid, that I need to be able to familiarize myself with my dreams to make it much more vivid. My first Lucid was life-like and I couldn't tell reality from dreaming that day and I want to recreate that clarity. So I am now taking it as of much importance and it's been making feel great and light.

      I'll stop rambling and tell you the dream

      I woke up in my bed and lunged up, I knew I was lucid and confirmed it via nose plug. It was sort of hard to walk around at first but eventually I was able to. I changed clothes by mental capacity and looked at my feet. I realized at that moment I am in a ninja outfit. I leaped out the window in the night and began walking around. People were not noticing me since I was jet black. I was very stable and just spent the dream walking around noticing the world around me was a suburban neighborhood but different. I noticed it was more alien like with the glowing blue balls of light floating around and the bio luminescent plants scattered about. I then thought of sprinting quickly, so I did and with the velocity of the speed, my vision slowly faded, and I caught the transition of dream to awakening. I felt my body laying down and slowly linking to waking up and felt my eyes opening. So I could have done a DEILD if I knew instinctively to do that but....yeah.
    4. Closed Walls

      by , 12-29-2015 at 11:02 PM (Visual Space)
      Can't remember much, But I know I was lucid. I was in my room and my lamp was on so I knew I was dreaming the moment I realized it was on and not completely dark. I plugged my nose to confirm it. I was able to grab "the fabrics of reality" and cause the walls to close in and invert for fun. I looked at the left side and it the wall was dripping like it was water. I grabbed a piece of it and it was like holding jello. I let it drop on the floor and confirmed it to summon a elf girl who strangely looked like my ex. We had conversations and the dream was getting more vivid. I lost lucidity once she pounced on me and started making out with me.

      This was a last Saturday lucid but forgot to journal it here.
    5. Horror Side; Lucid Strings #2

      by , 12-17-2015 at 10:06 PM (Visual Space)
      Sort of a horror-esque type dream.

      I was in the living room with my mom, my brother, and his baby son. We were coming from the store when a girl, I guess his girlfriend shows up as well. After talking afterwards, his son falls off the edge of a porch and seriously hurts himself. We bandage him up and I look for my mom's towel in my brother's car. It was a beautiful day with passing clouds, a bright sun, and seemed mildly cool but was still warm.

      I was searching through his car which seemed very messy with a lot of things all over the place. He comes over and ends up helping. We decided to drive around so we end up whipping the car in reverse and spin around almost hitting which looked like my friends naj and isa. We drove up hill and noticed a anime styled girl walking in the middle of the street. Her eyes were black where it should be white and her iris was gold. Her mouth was slightly opened and she seemed to stare blankly at us. We drove by and she was just looking in one direction pass us.

      We kept driving and noticing most of the girls had the same eyes and this zombified look on their faces. Caught a girl biting another's head. I remember saying that they seemed controlled by this dead girl. Soon we are out the car walking when a dark skinned girl shows up. She wanted us to come with her. As we were walking down the hill near the school, I caught a glimpse of her eyes shift color to gold in a split second. Me and my brother end up running the opposite way and she resumed chase.

      We ran down this hill and afterwards turn left back up the other hill losing her completely. My brother had the idea of crossing over then full sprinting straight toward the house. She soon spots us again and we did just that. Speed running toward our house passing other girls who seem zombified and began chasing us as we picked up speed, almost inhuman at that point.

      We were at our house and I was watching TV about these magical primates that had white and gray fur. One had a staff with glowing red auras around them. They seemed very intelligent. Soon afterwards I heard that the girls desired to have sex with us since they were only running on reptilian instinct, however will try to eat people if hungry.

      Another horror esque dream showing me and friends playing basketball in a classroom. We were having fun until we noticed something odd. Things that were coming to reality shouldn't be. I saw Alma from the F.E.A.R games coming forth from the TV along with other creatures. We were all running around noticing these entities terrifying other people in the building and attacking them. One creature looked like a tall grotesque, humanoid bag of blood and skin, and another looked like a biomass looking golem.

      *Woke up at 7:30, wrote dreams in Awoken Journal, back to sleep*

      Short string of 5-6 lucid dreams. Each time it started, I woke up in my bed, plugged my nose, and confirmed it. Walk out of my room for different events to happen. It was almost like my room is a base to restart.

      One of which where I went to my front door only to have a girl walk in to make out with me. Afterwards I went to my room to spawn a DC but restarted.

      Second time walked from my room to the basement. A door opens another girl in and she follows me to my room and we talked about something. Restarted.

      Third same thing, I walked to my front door to see if another DC would spawn but nope. I stabilized and tried walking through a wall to my room and it worked.

      The last two I cannot remember, but I think I went outside to levitate reasonably high. Im working on figuring out what causes these lucid strings as im calling them and working to induce them. So far they seem to happen whem im in deep relaxation but tireless at the same time.

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    6. I was framed!

      by , 12-10-2015 at 05:58 PM (Visual Space)
      A dream of me and a friend trapped in a kingdom for a crime we were framed for. We were dragged into this place where the king was at to be executed. A large room that was made out of tan stones and pillars. The king had a pope looking hat and wore a orange and white robe. We were thought to die there but instead we were to fight. As we were sitting near a wall watching people lose against these 2 built guys, a pretty girl with long purple hair and white dress walks to give us a manga. My friend gets a magazine type one and I get a large book. We were talking with her and she then kisses me to surprise me and pushes away. I kept a straight face and she kisses me again but this time a make out session.

      The king gets fed up and announces me in to fight. A large African guy shirtless walks in. He's bald and looks like LL Cool J with black sweats. We begin fighting in this large tarmac arena with people watching. I kept blocking his kicks and punches and people are shocked. I say your pretty good. And then he gets wide eyed but then grins. I dash back and the guy tells the king to get rid of the timer.

      I get serious and began stomping the ground into a fighting stance like Akuma but scream like martial law. The guy stomps and goes into his stance but silently. We begin and I start punching his kidneys and other weak points in such a swift way he can't keep up. I pick him up and slam him. Everyone is in shock. He is on the ground in pain but soon gets up. He charges and kicks but I block it with my knee and swift jabs to his neck. He backs off leaving his stomach open and I dash at it with a strong punch and connect. Gets on one knee holding it and in disbelief that someone as small as me is this strong. Everyone Is screaming in shock again and the king is speechless. My friend and the girl greet with joy but its not over.

      I wake up.
    7. The Corrupt Vs The Star

      by , 12-10-2015 at 05:48 PM (Visual Space)
      On the bus heading to a school trip with S. We are eating different snacks such as chips and muffins. He talks to a girl named Shane who looks like someone I knew from school. She had on a black shirt, gray sweats, and white shoes. She also had a long ponytail and was african. We joke around and soon heads to the front of the bus as we are in the back. Soon afterwards a cute girl gets on the bus I never seen before. She had a pink t shirt, black yoga pants, pale skin, glasses, jet black hair in a ponytail and black slip ons that are pointy at the end. She sits at the front as well

      The bus begins moving through a highway and soon after we hear an argument in the front. Its between Shane and the cute girl I dont know. They are arguing about different things and from what I am hearing from people on the bus, Shane is in the wrong. Me and S continue to eat a big muffin when Claire *finally hear her name* starts yelling louder and saying to Shane to look at herself and her life if she wants the things she wants. And then there was something about ten dollars I cannot remember thoroughly.

      Soon Shane was about to get up and fight Claire. I see S get up and sat down Shane in the front while She continues yelling over S.* Claire then moves to the back with me and S and talks to us. She wonders why we are in a corrupt class when we are definitely not. Apparently the school has a *Shining Star, ethic, and corrupt classes.* me and S exclaim that we just didn't fit well. I soon said that I was just lazy and didn't do work. She chuckles and says we are definitely not corrupt.

      We arrive at our destination and we all stood up. The bus stops abruptly and Claire nearly falls backwards but I catch her since I was behind her. We both smile and laugh. I can't locate S and soon wake up.

      There was also a dream of robots fighting each other with crazy weapons, and the robots fighting a boss that shot fireballs. Its very distant. Gahhh my recall needs improvement.
    8. Cartoon Tanks; Me and a friend; Lucid Pool Side

      by , 12-09-2015 at 10:57 PM (Visual Space)
      Dont remember much, need to work on recall a lot

      I remember a large warehouse filled witj various sizes of red and white tanks like from airmech, but more curved and bubble looking. They were on some conveyer belt that was not moving, the warehouse looked old. The sky was a whitish blue, the sun was beaming on this warehouse, and there was someone in black.

      In Co-op with a friend (Satie) and seem to be very close. We were talking while walking downstairs and I trip over a blue slippery mat on the floor. She laughs, still wearing the same black hoodie and black frilly long hair high school. We go to the library and write on the tables there. I sit down while she stands and leans near me to write as well. She smells sweet.

      Small snippet if me and family arguing over food and chocolates. Then me and friends fool around with stuff and I threw a Gallon if milk on the ground.

      *Woke up, drink coffee, went and took a nap at 11:45 A.M.*

      Very short lucid DILD. was at a pool resort onside this building of many people. Soon after I went to sit down alongside the pool, I talked with this girl whom she took interest, but had a man. He came and I was sitting on his longboard. He was very tall and built, we chatted a bit about the very good food there such as the buffalo wings and sushi.

      Then I started playing with my penny board riding around doing tricks and then 2 African girls showed. We talked a little and one of them mentions about lucid dreaming. This is where I got lucid for a short time. I got off the wall I was leaning on and began to be more engaged with them conversing. Then one of them gets really close and we began flirting and kiss. She saying im interested in her, then I woke up.
    9. Lucid Strings

      by , 12-08-2015 at 02:24 PM (Visual Space)
      Cannot remember much but I had 3 lucids and a false awakening, 1 was a DILD, and 2 were DEILDs

      The false awakening occurred right after the last dream ended, and threw me into it. I instantly knew it was a dream but my mind kept forcing me to believe it wasn't. (couldn't do abilities)

      I was able to go through walls, instantly change clothes with some minor difficulties and glitches, run fast, and spawn people correctly, however, I had to either find them or run into them. sadly I can only remember small snippets but I am still happy to have broken a dry spell.

      -Spawned Tifa from final fantasy, looked for her and found her in the pub with her crew. Messed with them and went through a wall and came back to sit on one of them. She saw how fearless I was (I think she drew a picture of a d*** on the table jokingly) and decided to have sex with me. Used some mental technique to clear the pub of people while I was making out and doing the do.

      -Another lucid of me spawning one of my favorite characters in a show and found her. She showed me her house and decided to just hang out with her family.

      -Highway turned into a falling and collapsing bridge when dream was unstable. I was sliding down and saw FF characters. I grabbed a sword like weapon while hanging onto a railing and it transformed into said weapon. Was thinking of joining whatever battle was about to happen but woke up.

      That's what I can remember so far. All the dreams started in my room, 2 of which ended up with me on the floor waking up. My mom was going to work, my dad was watching TV. and each of it was beginning just like that, and I will just go through windows to continue my fun. I guess I kept returning back to that same scenario unknowingly with DEILD. It was fun, I'm Happy. ADA has helped greatly when I decided to apply it yesterday, especially with how clear and almost life-like it was. It wasn't as clear as waking reality but it was damn near close.

    10. Annoyances

      by , 12-07-2015 at 05:35 PM (Visual Space)
      Dream Lucid

      3 friends were at my house hangout and having fun. At first we were drinking water and juice in my basement just enjoying our jokes. Of course, my basement was arranged differently. Chairs I took out were there again replacing my futon, and the closet was not there. It was pretty much empty space. I was just drinking punch out of my water bottle while M and W were talking. (lets name them that, shall we?) There was also a miniature girl with her lower half replaced with a fruit powered jet propulsion following me around yet I payed no mind. She was blue skinned with navy blue long frilly hair and she word a red/silver jacket of some sorts, looked the size of a mouse.

      We were outside on the large hill near my house where M and W get into a large argument. It's sunny outside, cloudless and it looks like fall just hit as leaves were colored and began falling to the ground. W was being annoying to M for some reason. W was wearing a white T-shirt, black jeans, and black/white shoes with a black backpack. M was wearing pretty much all black, hoodie, jeans, shoes backpack, all dark. (I guess we were coming from school I suppose?) It was getting more fueled and M was pushing and shoving him. Then he tried to punch him but W dodges and jogs pass me laughing. M had enough and just walks back to my house. W just remains near this small blue house the size of a shed. My blanket was for some reason outside. (???)

      I pick it up near the tree and look up the hill to notice W is now wearing a red thermal, blue jeans, and Timberland boots and no longer has his backpack. He was running up the hill, on the phone, heading towards the school nearby, elementary. I'm taking long strides toward my house, almost gliding. I get there and ring the doorbell to which S opens the door. I told him to not let W in for reason and notice behind me, a Latino kid greeting his friend who goes to the back of the house. The kid is wearing a jean vest, neon blue sweatshirt, blue jeans and white shoes. he had a similar haircut to me. S agreed to not letting him in after being told what happened and the dream ends.

    11. awesome house; family matters; (bad recall)

      by , 12-02-2015 at 03:25 PM (Visual Space)
      A dream I can't really recall. But I remember there being a rollercoaster in this big field that ran through someone's house. The sky was practically night, treeless, if that's a word. There was also bleachers, and this boy who eventually beat up his bully.

      It soon switched to my house, and my whole family was there. My uncle and others were congratulating me on how good I was with women. I realized im in my parents room which was as huge as a auditorium. I soon see Shawn and we start chilling. It then switches to a brutal fight between what looks like Trevor, and some women in a black taintop, white daisy dukes, and white shoes.

      Gotta meditate, Recall has been terrible due to stress.
    12. Steel Bending is Bad M'kay

      by , 11-30-2015 at 09:31 PM (Visual Space)
      A short dream nap about elemental bending. I was on the side of good. I seem to be in this gym like place training and strengthening the abilities I had. I had steel/metal bending. Apparently this one is bad because of its impurity and the damage you can cause with it. It also slowly makes your body "biomechanical." It was evident on the evil character, who was In the same gym. He had white hair, a skin tight outfit on that was gray and black and parts of his body was steel plated such as his torso and the right side of his face. He was sitting down on a chair to my left watching people.

      I seemed to like it, the ability, which made some people distant themselves from me as my shoulders seemed to had been metal plated. I seemed to had been doing what looked like a squat machine. The gym also looked like a store as I looked around and saw lines and cashiers, and there also clothes sections next to the machine I was on. I sat down in a chair using a metal bend trick and Flicked these steel cubes off these holders as quick as I can. I looked left and these three girls left breasts were showing as i flicked the cubes.

      There was also moments when the dream scene quickly flashed action scenes of people fighting the white hair guy and him brutally beating them.

      Didn't go lucid but looking forward to tonight.
    13. A bus to Nowhere

      by , 11-30-2015 at 06:21 PM (Visual Space)
      Im on the city transit and notice that there are no buildings around me, just a road with green grass in the middle of winter, no leaves on the trees. The bus is moving very slowly and I look around to see two girls near me. I almost get lucid cause I notice my dream sign is having at least two girls in the dream, it was interrupted by a sudden bump follow by a random sandstorm. The bus flips over by the force and I suddenly teleport outside.

      I was then faced with a big house, the two girls show up in this house, one was a red head, had a white taint top, red yoga pants and black shoes, the other was a blonde had a pink tee shirt, light blue jeans and pink and white converses. I walk in and the blonde grabs my hands and wraps it around her waist she begins to kiss me. The red head disappears to the kitchen on my left, while we continue our makeout. She then stops and goes to the kitchen herself.

      I walk upstairs and see a sleeping leopard, in the hallway. this is where I became Lucid and notice the long white hallways with doors all over. The leopard wakes up and walks in of the rooms. I follow it and its no longer there. I turn around to see the red head jump on top of me and chuckles. I pin her and the dream fades and destabilizes.

      Will write again in a bit after attempting a lucid nap, still tired, coming from the gym.

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    14. Irritating Transit Ends With Kisses.

      by , 11-28-2015 at 03:25 AM (Visual Space)
      A dream where I was on the bus downtown on a cloudy day. We were heading down the boardwalk when all of a sudden the bus stops. The lady with curly blonde hair, the driver, decides since we aren't abiding by the rules of CT transit, the bus will be obsolete. Everyone groans and hops off the bus including myself. It seems to be drizzling as we stand in the parking lot yelling at the lady. I then began yellingv saying if people are not following the rules then deal with it or kick those specific people off. To which everyone agrees.

      I was then back on the bus with a different person driving and there was a tall black man standing in the middle with glasses and a white blue stripped button up. The bus also seemed to be taller then usual, and outside seem to turn to torrential downpour. We stopped near Starbucks to pick up people and a girl (old friend) hops on and sits next to me. We greet each other and not too long after began cuddling and laughing. Shortly after we began making out tongue and all while flirting with other and smiling. I look forward and see a couple doing the same. She sits on my lap while we continue our make out session until the dream ends.

      What's with the sexually themed dreams lol.
    15. Gym Paradise; Relaxing Drive; Lustful Two

      by , 11-28-2015 at 03:17 AM (Visual Space)
      A dream where we I was all over the place. At was at long wharf at night at my house which appeared to be a type of gym. It was completely black in there with different wall runs, treadmills, and bench presses. There was also many mirrors as well. I was attempting a wall run which was toward the end but the platforms were too small for some reason. So, my mom, told me to do it. And I did successfully m

      Afterward, we were driving around in my dads car in the middle of dawn. The sky was a bluish purple color with pink blotches as well. And for some reason my dad's car was red instead of being Silver. He was driving really fast around long wharf which also had many turns.

      Another connected dream where I was in the room doing sexual things with a cuter version of a friend of mine.. We were intensely kissing each other on my bed while also watching something TV, which seemed to also switch my perspective toward it. It was about a guy who killed his own brother for a good reason. The place was falling apart as he was running but soon the floor collapsed indefinitely. He seemed to be at a canyon.

      It soon switched back to a base he was stationed at as he explained the event. It then switched back to me and Kayla as we kept lustfully making out with another for a while. She then soon says she been wanting to-do something to which she pulls down her white sleeveless shirt and lavender bra revealing her right breast, and her skirt up. Soon my member was touching her vagina and rubbing it as she said I can move whenever I wanted. I stuck it in before the dream ended.
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