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    Cant Drive

    by , 10-13-2014 at 09:09 PM (342 Views)
    Non-Dream Dream

    Dream 1: I am creating virtual cities and buying/selling people and accessories. The people / accessories can gain or lose value depending on their interactions with everything else in the simulation.

    Dream 2: I am driving on a freeway with my dad and I am unable to negotiate turns. I am not drunk or on drugs but every time I need to make even the slightest turn I veer into other lanes or off the road. Miraculously I do not run into any other cars even thought the freeway is packed. I finally pull off the road and we go into a bar/diner. People in the place have large bags of weed.

    Dream 3: Picking up my brother from an airport. Not sure where we are - perhaps Vietnam. It begins to snow and I am terrified of driving in the snow / ice but my brother's wife makes me. There are strange trains going all throughout the city and they frequently hit cars - but this is acceptable.

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