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    Endless Pasta Bowl

    by , 09-24-2012 at 05:16 PM (517 Views)
    Non-dream Dream

    Dream 1:

    I am at the mall with my mom sitting at a table. A very cute waitress comes over to take our order. I am hitting on her hard and she is enjoying it - my mom doesn't seem to care. I manage to negotiate extra sausage for my endless pasta bowl. I order penne with chianti meat sauce and extra sausage. I notice my mom is going up to the desk to pay. I don't want the cute waitress to see my mom paying for my meal so I run up to the counter. There is a huge line and someone takes offense to me cutting (although my mom is already at the front). I explain why I am allowed in the front and call him an asshole.

    Dream 2:

    I am on a boat out in the ocean and the weather is terrible. Our boat crashes. We are all aware that the world is coming to an end. The ground is opening up and things are drying out. I help Professor Farnsworth (from futurama) fix it. I have to dump something into the lava - I believe it is professor Wornstrom's bodyguard.

    Dream 3:

    I am at the movies with my Dad. I have to step out to go to the bathroom and I end up going outside. I sneak back in through the main entrance when the attendant walks away. The movie theater is huge.

    Dream 4:

    I am with Mac and some other people. We are sitting around a big table showing embarrassing pictures of each other.

    Back at my house some chicks pull up in a white convertible mustang. They drop something off and leave me the car. I park it in our 3rd parking spot in the driveway which used to be grass.

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