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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Helping Grandparents

      by , 04-06-2019 at 09:45 AM
      Date: April/6/2019

      This was sort of a false awakening but at some point I thought that I woke up from a nap but then when I really woke up I woke up for real.


      There was also this other part of the dream where I was in my grandpa's house and I was helping clean up the drinks (there were lots of bottles of Shani etc) and plates and bringing them inside and I was complaining about that.

      Eventually we exited the house and started walking and there was a bus there and we were trying to run to the bus to be on time. We realize we're in India and we saw an Israeli tourist walking past. We run up to the bus, then.
    2. Lucid Dream again! Plus two other weird dreams

      by , 03-29-2019 at 06:20 AM
      Date: 29/March/2019

      Lucid dream:
      My mom first asks me if I want to keep or change my math scores, which of course doesn't make sense. I just did a math test in real life, but in the dream she just asks "Should we keep the scores or change them with another test?" I think she may have been asking me if I was hoping to score higher on the next test.

      Then, my mom asks me and Rishi if we want to get frozen yogurt, and we say we do. We go to Sodhi uncle's house and I'm very tired and I am swaying from side to side. My mom explains that I'm only tired like this in dreams, not in real life. I then proceed to think "dreams... only tired in dreams? Wait, am I dreaming?" I pinch my nose and breathe out and find out I am. I am then taken to my bed where I'm lying down, and I do another reality check, I'm still dreaming. I look on the roof and see weird glowing branch things. I want to get up physically and go somewhere, but I am way too tired, I just want to lie down. Anyways, I force myself up from my bed and I do a reality check and now I'm in real life.

      Nonlucid dream 1:

      I dream that I'm in the office for Hale Education, and Mr Thurston wants to talk to me. He is asking me if I stole some sort of mushroom plant. My dream alternates between me being at the mushroom plant thing and in his office. I start calculating the area of the spread of the mushroom plant as well.

      Nonlucid dream 2:

      I dream that I'm fighting the Guardian Ape in Sekiro and I'm doing drop attacks on it to fight it, which you obviously can't do. It's lowering its health really quickly.

      Dream Fragment:

      My dad wanted to get my phone a new screen protector
    3. Weird Dreams

      by , 03-28-2019 at 04:00 AM

      Dream 1: I dreamed that I was downstairs in a hotel eating dinner with my family, and then we left. I wasn't wearing shoes so I had to come back for them later, because I was in the car and didn't know we'd be leaving. I was wearing my Birkenstock shoes.

      Dream 2: People are coming to school and speaking foreign languages, I try to speak Hebrew with the wrong people and I'm looking for people who speak Hebrew there.
    4. Sekiro Ape and Old Friends

      by , 03-25-2019 at 07:24 PM
      Date: March/25/2019

      I dreamed at first that I was playing Sekiro and fighting a boss called the "Large Ape" or "monkey" or something, which might have been a boss I had spoiled for me. Anyways, I was fighting it and I got destroyed by a bunch of weird enemies on the way to it.

      In another part of the dream, I saw Stephen near the lockers at school and I took a weird picture with him. At other parts of my dream, I was late for school assembly.
    5. Elon Musk

      by , 03-22-2019 at 07:07 AM

      I simply dream that Elon Musk is smoking weed on the Joe Rogan show.
    6. Spanish Class

      by , 03-20-2019 at 03:53 AM
      Date: 20/March/2019

      First, I dream I am in the library at my school looking out of my window. There is a large field and several Vietnamese men working on the fields. I take out my phone and take a picture of one of them. He looks at me and waves, and I wave back.

      In the room, Mr Steed is doing some sort of presentation.

      In another dream, we're going from room to room for some sort of Spanish class. I end up speaking Hebrew to someone for some reason as well.
    7. Fragments

      by , 03-19-2019 at 03:56 AM

      We were at some place playing some game or something, I think it was tennis. I don't remember most of it.

      Next, we're on a bus, leaving. I'm trying to find someone to sit next to. I try to sit next to several people, but they tell me the seat is reserved for someone else. Finally, I sit next to James, but he won't let me sit there, he's saying "my bag is here etc."
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    8. Ghostbusters

      by , 03-17-2019 at 03:30 AM
      Date: 16/March/2019

      I don't remember much of the dream I had when I took a nap this night, but I do remember that the Ghostbusters were in it.
    9. US Admissions

      by , 03-16-2019 at 06:23 AM

      I had this dream during my nap.

      A teacher from my school, my English teacher who also does sessions on advice for US Admissions, has a US Admissions Duolingo course for us to do for some reason. I'm doing it, and he's asking multiple questions. One of the slides asks "What items will you sell to be able to afford your university education?" There's a bunch of pictures on the slides. One of them is of someone selling their toilet which they never used (then it cuts to me being in the toilet, it's knee deep in water). The other one is of someone sending some sort of frame, I think I remember someone selling a house or something as well. The last slide asks us how much money per year we necessitate to go to college.

      There was also a drawing competition or something we had to do, for which I was drawing an apple or something. Eventually, my friend Ed wins the competition but he's not even applying to the USA.
    10. Bathtubs and Guns, A New Life, Lucid Dream Within A Dream

      by , 03-15-2019 at 07:20 AM

      There is a bathtub in a hotel room, and we are throwing blankets (like the ones you get on Emirates planes) into it. The blankets are old and rotting, and when we throw them into the bathtub they slowly swell up. There are two people present; a boy and a girl. The boy points at the girl to get in the tub, and Iím sitting next to someone else who bursts out laughing, and she puts her hand on my shoulder. The girl shakes her head and points at something else. I start laughing as well.

      There is also a gun in the hotel room with one bullet in it. I shoot out the bullet. At this point, I think ďthis bullet was so quiet, it doesn't seem real.Ē But I donít realize that Iím dreaming at this point in time, and I fall asleep again.

      I have now bought my own apartment, and Iím trying to find a job. I go out to a diner with my family and we order glow in the dark drinks. The waitress mentions that they pay $10 for two hours of work over there, and I reply that it sounds great, and she says that she herself gets paid $50 for two hours of work. We take some of the glow in the dark soluble cubes or whatever and I put them in my mouth. They only glow in the dark in a certain orientation. I get a job at McDonalds and I take an elevator down. I am sort of travelling in this elevator which moves horizontally as well as vertically now.


      The next dream is absolutely insane. Essentially, I dream that Iím in the apartment in Bangalore, canít remember whether on my current bed (the really hard one) or the other soft bed (which I have images of from my dream), and that Iíve just done a wake-back-to-bed and Iím falling asleep. I now start slowly tapping my fingers as I fall asleep, and soon I begin to feel my body getting fuzzy, sort of like a mild version of paraesthesia. I lift my hand to my nose and pinch it shut, exhale, and confirm Iím in a dream. I enter my dream and rise in my bed, and the first thing I decide to do is change location. Now, this dream within my dream is different to my actual dream. Itís fuzzier and almost cozier. This ďfalseĒ dream is to my dream what the latter is to real life, for me. In the falsely lucid dream, I begin to try to manipulate my surroundings but I find a lack of organization or control in my thoughts. Then, promptly, after managing to change my location from that of my room to that of somewhere else (I canít remember where), I wake up in real life. I think I tried to spawn in someone but I recall that whatever I do in the dream was ineffective or it did not work as vividly as I wanted it to. I start thinking when I wake up how I need to be more planned as to what I want to explore in my lucid dreams, maybe I can spawn in some friends like JoJay (who would assumedly appear in the form of Darkbeast Paarl, not to mention in 30FPS) or try and visit older dreams (like the theme park ones, or the antique store tiger). It doesnít even occur to me that Iím still in a dream! I then switch open my laptop and voice chat online with JoJay, and I tell him about my lucid dreaming adventures. Heís finished watching Ghostbusters, and heís telling me about how he liked the Staypuft Marshmallow man scene, and that he went and watched a new Ghostbusters movie as well [which doesnít exist in real life].

      Then I wake up for real, now Iím in real life. I know itís real life, I can intuitively tell, but I decide to pinch my nose and try to exhale anyways. I canít do it; itís real life. I start thinking about how Iíve successfully induced my first lucid dream, but my celebration is short because as the dream starts to flow back into my memory, I begin to realize that what Iíve just experienced is uncharted territory, personally at least. I check my watch and the time is 2:09AM. I set my wake-back-to-bed alarm for 2:22AM. I then begin to realizeÖ Iíve just dreamed that I induced a lucid dream.

      See, I know all about false awakenings - when you wake up, go brush your teeth, and then halfway through your shower, you wake up for real. You just dreamed everything you normally do in the morning. Those usually follow another dream, and itís the brainís hypnopompic hallucinationsí answer to general routine. But never before have I coherently dreamed that I was lucid dreaming with an exposition, climax, and conclusive aftermath. I think Iíve only pulled off one or two successful FILD (finger tapping) attempts. One of them was last week, and it was on a weekday (which is bizarre for me) and the other was the other FILD-within-a-dream experience that I had. Thatís the one I had in Tanzania when I dreamed I was doing FILD and then consequently gained lucidity with a nose pinch reality check.

      The mind-blowing question, which pains me to think about in relation to the dream, is extremely simple; ďWas I lucid?Ē Usually whenever I see metalucidity in dreams mentioned, itís generally some sort of DILD (dream-induced lucid dream) or WILD (wake-induced lucid dream) which is succeeded by a false awakening, and the person in question incorrectly thinks that theyíve just had a dream-within-a-dream. For the purposes of general lucid dream theory, we can split one nightís dream content into several distinct dreams, usually divided not just by context and topic but also lucidity and REM cycle. In this case, the lucid dream and the false awakening are separate dreams. But in my case, my lucid dreaming attempt was one conclusive dream in which the happenings before and after the dream reflected the happenings within the false lucid dream. Whether or not my conscious was really controlling my surroundings is really hard to understand in this scenario. With dream incubation, you can successfully disprove the hypothesis that what happens in a lucid dream isnít controlled and the perceiver just thinks it is. Thatís because youíre able to decide during the day ďIím going to go to Disneyland in my dream,Ē and then go to Disneyland in your dream that night.
    11. Fight Club and Spanish Class

      by , 03-13-2019 at 05:39 PM

      I didn't dream too memorably this night, but I remember being in Vietnam or something and a bus of people were going to watch the new Fight Club remake. I was on the bus, and then I realized that I wasn't supposed to be there so I jumped off and walked back.

      I also have a memory of being in my Spanish class but it was also English literature at the same time or something, and there was a teacher walking around. I wrote on the paper "この言語がわからないĒ and I was being asked why I was sitting on a table by myself. I responded, explaining that we were sorted by the kind of topic we were doing and I was the only one doing my topic. Thing is, I'm pretty sure this was in reference to English literature which is weird.

      I also woke up in the morning during my alarm's snooze, thinking that it was 7:30am.
    12. Angry Relatives, The Flight, The Pedaling Zipline

      by , 03-09-2019 at 08:15 AM
      Date: March/9/2019

      I woke up sensing negativity and discomfort in my last dream, but I couldn't remember it. It slowly came back to me, though, and I remembered how I was down in the ground floor (where the cars are) of the Bangalore apartment. There was a little M&M or something on the floor, and it got shattered or something. My relatives were there, I can't remember which ones though, (the fact that they were related to me was more important than whom they actually were). They were attacking me and criticizing me a lot. My neighbor's dog, Kuku, was also present.

      The next part of the dream, the flight, was when I was boarding a connecting flight in Vietnam. In the dream, I was hearing that there would be work experience opportunities in the next part of my dream, and that made me quite excited because it's more work experience which I can put on my university application. In any case, there were two lines. One line was for people who had a boarding pass, and the other was for people who had their passports. This makes no sense because obviously anybody needs a boarding pass to go on a plane (and a passport, a lot of the time, too) but I didn't have a boarding pass. Turns out I was standing in the wrong line, the line for the boarding pass people, but I had a passport. So I moved to the other line, and started standing there. Eventually, I got to the attendant, and he asked me where I wanted to sit. I said that I didn't really mind, but then I corrected myself and asked for a window seat. He then turned on his monitor and started explaining the different locations and areas and seating plans in the airplane, and asked me "Where do you think you'd get the best charging power?" I said I didn't care because all I was going to do was sleep. He said "alright." My English teacher was behind me, and he was listening to the conversation. Then, I went on the plane and fell asleep at seats next to my friends, which were near windows, but the seats were perpendicular to how they'd normally be. The back of the airplane had "first class", which included beds etc. Quite weird, and I think I was eating some sort of sandwich/burger thing on the plane [I had KFC with buns last night for dinner, so that might have been it, in my dream].

      The last dream was vivid enough. We were going to ride some sort of zipline kind of thing (it looked more like a ski lift), but you had to pedal. Everybody else got on it and went, but my friend and I were taking too long to get ready. They arrived after 45 minutes. I was trying to find money to pay them in, it was one dollar per person, I asked the Vietnamese guy for the conversion rate and he said 23,000 Dong for one dollar. Then, we got on, after everybody else arrived and the teachers said that other people could go or we could go again if we wanted. We were also reminded that we should not completely leave the "zipline" if we stopped by at any of the shops to "buy something" because the zipline thing (it was really a ski lift, like I've said) would continue on without us. We were immediately flung by the zipline thing (which we didn't even have to pedal or anything on) forward, and we were at the top of a mall or something. I took my phone out and started recording, and then put it back in. We swooped down near the people in the food court who were eating, and asked them if we could have some of their food. This one guy had beef jerky in a box, so I took some of it, and then continued. For the next part of the dream, I was down there (not on the zipline) for some reason. It was my grandma's birthday and everyone started singing "happy birthday" to her. I remember they didn't repeat "happy birthday" but they instead said something else very weird, I don't remember what, not her name though.
    13. My House

      by , 03-07-2019 at 03:55 AM
      Date: 3/7/2018

      I didn't write down this dream even after I woke up in the middle of the night, which is a huge mistake on my part. I have to start doing this.

      All I can remember now is that I was in my house, and a bunch of friends were over for some reason. There was something on the third floor of my house or something that we were trying to reach, but my friends were accessing it through the backyard by climbing up a tree. There was a "supervisor" dude who was there, he was reminiscent of the guy who supervised our Duke of Edinburgh Gold practice.
    14. Blue People, Bees, Grandpa

      by , 03-06-2019 at 07:13 PM
      Date: March/6/2019

      We're walking near some minority people or something, and our guide tells us that we should watch out for the color of these people, but he reminds me the blue ones are okay.

      We are walking down one path and begin to be attacked by bees, so we're all running. I stop running after I hear the bees speak, and I stop the bees and tell them why we're here, and the bees join us in our mission to continue searching for the minority people.

      I do not think we find them at any point, and I don't think the bees begin to attack us again.

      For some reason, I'm trying to do a push-thumb-through-hand reality check in this dream, and it isn't working. My thumb doesn't go through my hand, so I conclude it isn't a lucid dream. [This is ridiculous, it seems like the nose plug RC is the only one which wants to work.]

      In the next part of the dream, I'm walking by a huge glasshouse in Vietnam, the kind I saw towards the end of my Duke of Edinburgh trek. My grandpa is walking with us, and I ask him how he likes to be referred to. He states some Arab name, which makes little sense (we're not Arabs).

      NOTE: I was reading earlier today about a lucid dreamer who dreamed some stuff in Arabic (he was Arab) so it could have been because of that

      And finally, I dreamed that a bunch of kids were in my father's room in the Bangalore apartment we have. In the kitchen, something is cooking, my mom is there.

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    15. Dark Souls Onslaught, Managebac Terror, Sagar Patel

      by , 03-06-2019 at 04:00 AM
      Date: 3/6/2019

      I had three dreams this night, but one of them had like three times the content so it was almost like six dreams!

      The first dream featured me playing the Dark Souls "enemy onslaught" mod. I don't even remember if that's a real thing! In any case, I started out at the Northern Undead Asylum, being ganked by dozens of hollows. I only had my broken weapon so I couldn't really fight them very well, and each one only dropped a few souls so I remember distinctly having 24 souls in the dream. The game then started to become Dark Souls 2 or something, which was weird. I ran all the way to the Pursuer fight, which is obviously impossible as you have to kill the Last Giant first, and you have to obviously be playing the second game for that. I was thinking "okay, I can just ballista cheese him for souls" but when I ran all the way to the beginning of the fight, the entrance was covered in rubble and I couldn't enter.

      The second dream was very weird. I dreamed that on the IB organization website that my school uses, Managebac, someone posted an entire page talking about me in a very malicious and objectifying way. [Note: In real life, I have been stalking this person on reddit out of curiosity.] I was wondering whether or not I should talk to someone about it, because it was damaging to me, and I was contemplating which teacher at my school I should contact.

      I then recall telling someone in my next dream that it was a hypnagogic experience. They seemed to know what I was talking about.

      In the next part of the dream, I think I was in Vietnam or something, and only I could enter the museum we were going to as we had to be from a country with an "authenticated military." The UK and the US were identified as having "authenticated militaries", but India wasn't, so my mother and father couldn't enter the museum. I asked them if I could go anyways and that I'd take plenty of pictures for them. When we entered the mausoleum, I think this was the point at which I was telling someone about my hypnagogia (it wasn't hypnagogia, obviously, it was just a dream). I was handed a map on how to navigate the inside of the mausoleum, which showed the paths as being very weird and twisty, non-Euclidean like in Lovecraft. In any case, I was trying to navigate the mausoleum, and filming everything in it. Turns out halfway through that I was actually just in a museum which showed the life progress of the rapper Eminem. The next part of the museum had a section regarding the bullying that Eminem dealt with when he grew up, which was weird. I checked my phone to find out I had been videoing for 9 hours, and that I could either turn back and go back to the beginning, or I could progress through the museum. I was scared to do either, because I didn't want to miss out but I also didn't want to be late, so that dilemma was present.

      Afterwards, I found out that there were multiple different clinics in the museum, all belonging to the plastic surgeon Sargar Patel [whom I recognize as he posts a lot on /r/plasticsurgery, which I used to frequent out of curiosity regarding the incels who posted there]. I ask my friend who's with me if he recognizes the name, and he says "yes". I locate the doctor and begin questioning him why he has so many fake clinics and excessive advertising on the internet, and he smiles at me and says "marketing" or something [I don't really remember]. Then, the dream ends.
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