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    Lucid Dream 527 + Some non-lucid fragments...

    by , 03-11-2015 at 01:55 PM (1444 Views)
    I'll start out with the Lucid Dream even though it happened between several non-lucid fragments.

    March 11, 2015
    Lucid Dream 527: The Factory of Time
    Series: Land of Dreams, Episode 17
    Technique: ADA

    The first parts of the dream that I remember, I am in a classroom. I'm sitting in a desk at the back of class and our teacher was former US President, William Taft. It seemed to be a high school setting and I was up to my former ways. Trolling the teacher, giving them hell, then pissing them off worse by acing the tests. Taft was handing out test results as me and a couple people around me launched paper airplanes when he wasn't looking. The idea was to throw them in directions that he could see, but try not to hit him. The closer you get to the teacher without hitting them, the more points you get. If you hit him, you go back to zero. If he doesn't even see the airplane, you get nothing. Yes, we actually used to play this game back in high school. Our teacher ended up getting permission from the principal to film us during class because she couldn't ever catch anyone, lol. Anyway, Taft kept spinning around and screaming at me, in particular. He knew I was ring leading, but couldn't catch anyone. When he got to me, he threw my perfect score test on my desk in disgust.

    The next part of the dream I remember, Taft was giving a lecture and I kept shooting coins across the room when he wasn't looking at me. He would get mad and yell at me, but I was denying everything in a, purposely sarcastic, bad-acting, innocent denial type of tone. "What...me? I would never do such a thing. To think you are giving your time to teach us lowly students about the world, and someone has the nerve to interrupt your brilliance. Youth these day, I tell ya what." The class was laughing and there wasn't much he could do without proof. Finally, he had enough and grabbed a desk and threw it up against the wall. After some laughter and snarky comments from me, he ended up grabbing another desk and threw it with an overhead-like basketball pass. I informed Taft that he seemed to be getting more and more mad, judging by his style of desk toss. Going from a chest pass to an overhead pass. He didn't like that, so he launched a desk at me. This is where I became lucid, but it wasn't a sudden realization. it was more like a, I felt like I knew it was a dream the whole time, but just now made it known to myself, if that makes sense .

    I stood up, puffed out my chest and let the desk slam against me. The desk shattered and all the pieces bounced backwards and fell to the floor in front of me in a physics defying manner. I laughed and told Taft said, "You can't mess with an anti-desk vest!" I then pulled off my over-shirt and I was wearing what looked like a bulletproof vest. He then picked up another desk and launched it one-handed like a full court heave. Basketball references for the spirit of March Madness . This one was coming at me like a missile. I matrix dodged the desk and it nailed a female student standing behind me. Knocking her out completely. I started laughing and mentioned that his career was over and he was likely headed to jail now. He completely blew a gasket and took off running at me. I had enough of the nonsense, so I just turned and took flight toward the upper corner of the room. However, Taft managed to grab my leg and pull me down. I simply kicked off of him with my other leg, broke free and took flight. heading for the upper corner of the room, I simply lowered my head and exploded through the roof/wall and exited the building.

    At this point, I'm flying above a town. Several other students in the class had also flew out of the hole I created and joined me. One was Nemo from the anime, "Little Nemo." He was the young adult version of himself complete with pajamas and holding a pillow. He told me to follow him. I figured might as well see where he wanted to take me, so I followed him for a bit. I heard students screaming behind me, so I looked back and the killer from "Too Many Cooks," was chasing/flying after me while slicing through the flying students. I knew it was Taft and he had shown his true form. I had already had enough of the Taft saga, so I simply sped up to jet speed, told Nemo he was way too slow, and soared off into the distance.

    Now, I'm at blazing speed, flying through a forest area. The foliage/trees/etc aren't very thick, so the flying was easy. A few times I flew at a little too vertical of an angle and felt myself losing steam, I just went into a nose dive and then flattened out at a lower altitude to get my speed back. After flying for a while, I suddenly found myself inside a huge factory.

    There is a lot of automated machinery and workers walking around wearing yellow hardhats. We are in one huge room. Nemo is with me again and tells me we are in the factory that sits at the very edge of existence. I look around taking everything in. The dream is really clear and vivid at this point. I see that the back of the room never ends. It just goes on as far as the eye can see. However, I can make out an "invisible wall" that is located a few feet away toward the endless part of the room. Basically, it look like a really thin veil of clear liquid. I could see it slightly distort whenever some machinery made a loud bang in the room. I was debating whether to go through the veil or not as it had a very ominous aura about it. Suddenly, I heard a song start up, "Takes a lot to make a stew-ew when it comes to me and you..." I turned around and that damn, Taft/Too Many Cooks Killer, was running at me again. I said, "fuck it," he won't follow me through the veil, so I took off running and entered it.

    I went through it very easily. I didn't even feel the veil on my skin, but there was a flash of light and I was now in the exact same factory room. The veil still in front of me. However, the room was slightly different from before. The machinery looked more primitive and the workers had 70's hair cuts and clothing on. Nemo popped into my vision as he had came through the veil too. I said, "Goddammit, is Taft going to follow us here too?" Nemo told me that Taft couldn't get through the veil because he didn't have any kindred spirits that used to work in this factory during this time period. Before I could ask him what year it was, "1971" popped up in the dream like a subtitle. A random jogger popped into vision behind me, jogged by me, waived casually while listening to headphones, then entered the veil again. Moments later, the same jogger, now about 20 pounds lighter, did the exact same thing. He must have known I was wondering what was going on, so he jogged in place beside me for a moment and yell-talked over his earphones saying, "WHEN YOU JOG THROUGH IT, ITS LIKE RUNNING FOR A YEAR STRAIGHT." He then jogged through it again and disappeared. I decided to just go through and see what year I ended up in next time. It was 1950. Everything looked even more primitive and there were loads more workers. I decided to see how far I could go back in time, so I went through the veil two or three more times and got to 1905 before the veil disappeared and I couldn't go back in time any further. I figured that I could have, but I didn't have anymore kindred spirits to connect to that used to work there. I was just about to exit the factory and explore 1905 in other parts of the dream, when I woke up.

    So, this was, by far, the best dream I have had in a year or more. In terms of vividness, recall, stability, etc. I was planning to do the "Task of the Month," raising zombies from the dead and starting a zombie apocalypse, but I did forget all about it during the dream . Other than that, I'm very happy with it.

    Series Details
    In the dream series, "The Land of Dreams," I explore the depths of my subconscious. With no real goals in mind, I explore the creative lands and characters that come before me. Who will I meet? Where will I go? What will I do? These are the dreams that fit into no particular category. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

    March 11, 2015
    Dream Fragment

    I am experiencing the dream through the viewpoint of a high school girl. I am living with my grandpa because my parents are separated. One is in jail and the other has shunned me for catching me with another girl.

    I arrive at school for my first day. About half of the dream is in japanese with subtitles and the other half is in english. I can't remember much except making friends with another girl with a troubled past. She is in love with me, but my lover from my previous town shows up. The last part of the dream I remember is stalking about the situation with my grandpa.

    March 11, 2015
    Dream Fragment

    I am with my buddy Christoff and Rack. One of them got their hands on a new video game prototype. It is a 4-player battle arena game. Like Smash Bros, but in 3-D stages like Power Stone (dreamcast). There are a ton of characters and they all have really strange names. However, every character is a parody/spoof of a celebrity, famous person/character, etc. One of the characters was a spoof of Big Bird from Sesame Street, but it was an anime version. It attacked with letter blocks, spelling attacks, school buses, etc. However, he was drawn in an anime art style, shouted out the names of his attacks, and told background stories during the fight. I played with a character that parodied Tom Cruise. During his introduction before the fight, he was spoofing the "acting crazy on the Oprah show" moment. Also, one of his attacks was based on the movie Cocktail. I can't remember much else of the dream except Big Bird turning green at one point and Leonard Nimoy (RiP) also being one of the characters.

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    1. NyxCC's Avatar
      Awesome dream and fantastic recall! The invisible wall part was really interesting! I remember experiencing something similar in a nld a long time ago, where there was a thin invisible line drawing nearer - I think it was some sort of destruction wave though!

      Looking forward to your zombie apocalypse!
      KingYoshi and AnotherDreamer like this.
    2. AnotherDreamer's Avatar
      Nemo!!! I was just watching that yesterday. Am I weird for being into little kid anime?

      Aw man, that lucid dream was epic. I hope you have more like that soon, I loved reading it.
      KingYoshi likes this.
    3. KingYoshi's Avatar
      Weird? Well, we ARE lucid dreamers after all . Haha, we are the good kind of weird though . It hasn't been that long since I watched Nemo myself. A month or so maybe. I watch a plethora of anime in all demographics, so I'm right there with you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope I have another one soon too. I had one last night that I thought was pretty good/entertaining, but I wrote it down during a FA and forgot almost all of it . Hopefully, it doesn't take long for me to get back into my 20-30 lucid per month range that I was at before I stopped practicing.
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