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    KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different

    Lucid Dreams 528 & 529

    by , 03-30-2015 at 08:42 PM (1045 Views)
    Have had several dreams over the last two weeks. Can't remember the exact dates of them though. I have a few more besides these three that I want to type up too. I'll get them typed up when I get some more time.

    Exact Date Unknown
    Normal Dream: "Its prehistory, brother!"
    Series: The Mind of a Gamer, Episode 8

    I started playing a video game in the dream and soon was "inside" the the game. It was an open world game with various missions, much like Grand Theft Auto. Only, the setting was in prehistoric times. The plant life was huge, and cavemen were the human population. Also, many dinosaurs roamed the world. I was running down these various paths of yellow-ish sand that formed the road. There was a radar on my watch that also displayed in the top corner of my view. Apparently, I was sent back in time, so I had several present day gadgets, etc. Also, several other present day humans had been sent back in time and I was searching for them.

    I followed the radar and came upon a wooden shack. I entered the shack and could see my game character's girlfriend tied to a wooden chair. As I untied her, I heard a familiar voice from the back of the cabin, "It's prehistory, brother!" The back door was kicked open with a bang and out walked Hulk Hogan. He was decked out in caveman gear and had a bone in his famous handle-bar mustache. I tried several different attacks on him, like smashing a chair over his head and throwing these ninja star-like bones at him. Nothing seemed to damage him, it only slowed him down. Somehow, I knew that he would 1HKO me if he caught me, so I kept my distance. Finally, I just decided to run away after knocking him off-balance with another chair. My girlfriend followed me as we ran down the road. I had to fight a couple raptors that were patrolling the path we were on. I had a bone-club the size of a baseball bat and it worked well on them. Hogan was following us still, but he wasn't very fast.

    We came to a clearing when I felt/heard the pounding of some "Jurassic Park vibrations." I then realized that I had to lure Hogan into the jaws of a T-Rex while avoiding both 1hko scenarios. I spotted the T-Rex approaching from one angle and hogan from the other. Right when we were all three about to collide, the power cut out in my dream. I immediately tried to remember when I had last saved. While I was waiting for the power to cut back on, I either woke up or forgot the rest of the dream.

    Series Details
    With the dream series, "Mind of a Gamer," the gaming world and the dreaming world collide to produce a lucid paradise. Read as I take video game scenarios to the next level. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

    Exact Date Unknown
    Lucid Dream 528: Disney by Putin
    Series: Land of Dreams, Episode 18
    Technique: ADA

    I can't remember much about the start of the dream. First thing I remember, I'm at an indoor theatre. It is pretty dark and loaded with people. As I look around, I can't figure out where I am or what I am doing there. I immediately become lucid after this thought. All of the people have now become large stuffed animals. Mostly bears, but some are other animals. I noticed that every single one of them is looking in my direction. It was a bit creepy. They also keep shifting positions whenever I wasn't looking at them When they started all getting closer to me, I decided it was time to just exit that theatre, lol. I flew up to the door and left.

    I now noticed I was in Disney World, but it was located in an old school Communist Russia setting. There were soldiers posted at every line for the rides/attractions. I could see people being yelled at and punished for being to loud or not standing in straight lines. I also saw some signs that were anti-screaming/shouting signs and said, "Enjoy rides on the inside," and had a picture of cheering crossed out. I just walked around and observed this bizarre scenario. There were gun vendors and drug dealers set up everywhere. Though, these were all hidden from plain sight due to the large amount of military soldiers patrolling the area. After walking around a bit and seeing nothing too interesting, besides some giant headshots of Putin with ridiculous quotes that I can no longer remember, I decided to try and find the Rainforest Cafe. I figured it would be awesome in a dream. I took flight, but felt the dream slipping. I awoke soon later.

    Series Details
    In the dream series, "The Land of Dreams," I explore the depths of my subconscious. With no real goals in mind, I explore the creative lands and characters that come before me. Who will I meet? Where will I go? What will I do? These are the dreams that fit into no particular category. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

    Exact Date Unknown
    Lucid Dream 529: Road Trip-y
    Series: Friends, Episode 15
    Technique: ADA

    I was at Walmart and walked by a woman opening one of the freezers. Suddenly, a dead body fell out as she let out a scream. I tried to make my way through the crowd of on-lookers. When suddenly a guy behind the crowd got crushed to death. The room from the Call of Duty:AW map, Bio Lab, that lowers down part way through the game had came down in walmart and crushed him. The store started to panic from all the deaths, so I just left. I was semi-lucid during this time and became fully lucid outside in the parking lot.

    I looked around for something to do when I spotted Brandon and Mike getting into his SUV. I ran over and hopped in as well. Wilson was in the back seat too. Brandon was in the driver's seat, but we were all kind of driving the vehicle with our minds. We began a sideways slide and drove in a giant looping circle. As we slid, we passed through houses, trees, and other objects like glitching through objects in a video game. While we were passing through the objects, they became clear with lines outlining their structure. Much like a video game glitch.

    After doing a few loops, we straightened out the car and began driving on the road. The road had now turned trippy and colorful. It reminded me of Rainbow Road from Mario Kart. After driving on it for a while, I decided to fly the car. I lifted it up and flew just a few feet above the street. Everyone else took over the flying as I laid on my back and looked at the roof. We were now in a large RV. I used my mind to start peeling back the roof of the RV as I wanted to look at the sky as we drove. Once I peeled off the metallic roof, I could see the blue sky and clouds passing by as we drove. I started playing the "cloud game" as I relaxed. The cloud game is simply cloud gazing and using your mind's creativity to make a picture out of the shape of the cloud. We used to play it a lot during baseball practice back in high school and college.

    After relaxing a bit, I sat up and started flying the car again. Soon we were flying over flat ground and the environment began to look like a PS1 style video game graphics. We were flying over low resolution video game characters. They were playing various sports. One group was playing baseball. I spotted Babe Ruth in the group. Not sure how I knew it was him since it was low resolution. Anyway, the homerun fence was actually just a plateau to a higher elevated area. On this area, there was a football game being played. We eventually flew over another plateau and there was a basketball game being played. It was the UNC Tarheels and Jordan was on their team. The next plateau we reached had Jordan playing for the Bulls. I decided to control him with my mind. He performed a sick dribble move and then jumped cartoonishly high in the air and dunked the ball while his shoes ignited into flames. Much like NBA Jam characters.

    I forgot some of the dream here, but next thing I remember, I was inside a house and I kicked a random toy on the ground and it hit a passerby in the eye. He looked at me and said, "It's ok, now I look like the toy!" I looked and the toy had one eye open and one eye closed like the guy. I woke up sometime after this, but can't remember much more of the dream.

    Series Details
    In the dream series, "Friends," I join the DC counterparts of my waking life friends and tackle the dream world. You never know what we will be up to next, but I guarantee it will be one hell of a time. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!
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