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    More boring dreams

    by , 07-14-2019 at 05:30 PM (135 Views)
    Fragment 1: Fragment 1: I'm trapped with other people in some place.

    I don't remember too much of the dream. But there is a sprouting romance between me and another girl. This took place in a forest.

    Dream 1: I'm playing a game called Alex legends. And I'm playing in first person, inside of the game. In the beginning I am on the ground. There's no skydive sadly. Well I find another person(there's no teams in the dream) and he had a L-star. One of then strongest weapons in the game. I proceed to best the shit out of him with my fist. Which It took a lot of hits for him to die. I was punching so fast too each one doing less and less damage.

    The match ends. And the dude friends me. I don't remember what happens next.

    Recall was poor tonight because I also didn't get much sleep. But I'm getting more and more sleep. I should be able to fall asleep normally tonight.

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