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    1. AI memories

      by , 09-01-2023 at 03:10 PM
      I am in a hotel or store and I put a photo of myself into a machine. It was a large machine looked almost like on of those old ATM machines in the bank built into the wall. It printed out a portrait of myself but it was blurred and not completely printed on the one side of my face. Then it printed out a few more photos of myself. It was only when I saw the photos I noticed I had two small braids in my hair one on either side of my temples. I wanted to redo the photo not only because I didn’t like my hair but because it did’nt print out correctly. There were two nice women working in there and I told them the machine wasn’t working properly. They were closing the hotel/shop I was in. I sat on a lobby couch and we started chatting and talking about life a bit. I then look on my iPad and the machine had sent a video. I clicked play and it was a video of my 20/30 something self talking. I looked very put together and I liked it. It continued playing memories. I thought “Wow, how nice this is!” Then it was a memory of me on a talk show and a women came out on stage that I had not seen in many years an old friend. I gave her a big hug. Someone handed us these aprons they were super cute and we put them on. I started thinking " wait… I remember those aprons my friend Laraina made them for me and two small matching ones for my daughters when they were little about 10 years ago, I didn’t get them on a talk show"! Then I started realizing that the memories I was watching were all pieces of my life reorganizing into a different context and not how it truly happened. I suddenly remembered AI and reading something about allowing AI into my computer to help with daily tasks such as typing, responding to emails, and organizing photos. As the movie continued there was a chase scene that appeared to be from some action scene. I didn’t recognize the actors
      but the what they were saying were phrases I had used and maybe posted online at some point. The audio was decently from my real life interactions but the two men and the scene I did not recognize.
      It was at this point I realized I was lucid. I was suddenly in the building I was watching the chase scene happening in. I started looking around the building it was very barren. There were white doors I opened one and there was a strange looking toilet. Only the toilet in a very small rectangular white room. I opened the lid and it was clean and empty. Then I was going to the next door when I woke up.
      In WL I went down stairs to make coffee and I turned on Youtube and the first thing that popped up was Sky New Australia Interviews “free-thinking” AI.