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    Open your eye's, See with your Heart

    by , 11-29-2011 at 03:31 AM (940 Views)
    This was one of my Favorite LD's of all time! July 5, 2009
    I thought I was dreaming but everything was dark . This has happen to me a few times but usually nothing comes of it because I can't make it light. I did the breathing through the nose and it worked but still it was like I had no body and everything was dark. Like a blank canvas (in the dark, lol) Then I thought ok maybe my eyes are closed. I tried to open my eyes and I remember them feeling very heavy and I was afraid I was going to wake up but I did it anyway and I was laying in my bed. At first I couldn't move but I did the hold the nose and breath (HNB) again and it worked so I realized I was still dreaming. I decided to get out of bed still afraid I was going to wake up and this wasn't really a dream. I kept doing the HNB and was working to my suprise every time. I pryed myself out of bed. I felt so heavy and almost the same feeling when your really tired and have to get up in the middle of the night to pee. I walked into the kitchen and Erik (my husband) was there. He doesn't really take my LDing very seriously and when I saw him I wasn't totally convinced that I was still LDing so I went into the spare bedroom and tried to go through the Mirror but it didn't work So I thought I must not be dreaming.
    I'm walking through the house and I see Erik and do another this time I do the HNB. It works so I walk up to him and with a big smile on my face say hey guess what your in my LD. He laughed replying "Oh really" he didn't really believe me. I was talking to him walking through the house then I relized he wasn't going to believe me till he had one himself. So I leave and start looking for someone else to talk to.
    I try to go through a mirror again with no success that is something I have not been successful at yet in any of my LDs. I want to change the scenery. It is still semi dark in the house so I walk into another room and suddenly all the lights pop on all at once. I did another HNB, still LDing. This room was not a room in my house I am somewhere else. There are 3 or 4 ceiling fans and white walls with windows and long flowing curtains. I try to go through a window but that does not work either. Going through things just does not seem to work for me in my dreams I really want to figure that out. So then I go outside and I decide to fly so I start a small jog down a copple stone path along side the multi story beach front building I just came out of. YES, I'm at the beach! There are a few DC walking along the path. I take flight right before hitting the sand. A female DC point at me as a ascend into the sky . I am totally enjoying the flight. Doing flips and swooping down and almost hitting the water. Then I decide I've never gone underwater in my dreams. This water was the murky green color of the Maryland, Delaware east cost ocean. So I dive down out of the sky and almost make it a few times but only my arms would touch the water. So I keep trying and finally I make it. Just as I'm about to go under I see something swiming in the water a dark angler looking fish perhaps. So when I get beneth that water I spead my arms in search of the creature, I can't see a thing. I am not afraid because I am aware it is a dream. I relize I am holding my breath, so I decide to breath. I must admit I was a little nervous to breath the first time, but then excilerated by the fact I was breathing underwater!
    Then I think I might of had a False Awakening
    Now I am in a building I'm not sure where. I do a RC HNB it works I'm LDing. I walk around. As I look around it seems to be some kind of religous buiding but HUGE and beautiful. Mulit dome ceilings with detailed paintings. I try to remember what else I wanted to do while LDing and relize wait I want to talk to Josh (my fiance who died in a car accident 9 years ago). I keep thinking maybe I will seem him around the next corner but it's not working. I decide to ask some DC if they know a Josh Durrance. I ask this young male DC standing next to me if he knows of a Josh and he said no. So I ask to other make DC if they know of him and they said Josh, Josh Durrance yeah we know him. I was in shock and asked if they could take me to him. They said sure no problem. We walk outside of the building we are now in like an alley where cars pull up to drop people off. They tell me that he is in there, a bulding connected to the building we just came out of. There was a female DC she appeared to be a police officer or a security guard. I walk up to ask her if she can take me to Josh. She said he is in there but we need to wait. I remember looking around at all the people and the detail and how WOW, these people are all made up in my head, this is amazing! I see a baby boy and I look him over holding him and trying to put every detail of him in my memory, to his tiny fingernails to the little scratch on his chest. I sit down and start talking to the police officer lady and I believe it was the other two gentlemen that sat down with us in a circle sitting Indian style on the floor. I told her that this is all happening in my LD. I asked her for her phone number. She said it's diffrent then your phone numbers it as 4 numbers. I said oh I know we all have an extra number now attached to our original phone numbers IRL a 2 or an 8 depending if it it cellulor or landline. So I looked for a pen then relized I can't take it with me. All I remember is 6 and but there was only 4 numbers to the whole phone number Then I remember Josh. I asked if I could see him now. They said yes but be prepaired he doesn't look anything like he did before the accident. IRL he wasn't disfigured in the accident he just looked like he was sleeping. They showed me a picture but it wasn't very clear he looked shorter and his face was all disfigured. So I went into the room and saw him sitting there but it looked nothing like him. I started to cry all these emotions bubbling up inside of me. It wasn't the way he looked I could of cared less. It was that we where finally in the same room together again. I have missed him SO much and to just be in the same room was more then enough. The emotion felt SO Real and although I was crying it was of joy.
    Then I woke up. This was my longest LD, but I can't believe I forgot to do my quest of going down to the center of the earth in an elevator!

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