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    1. 18/01/17 | LD - Wings and realistic vision

      by , 01-18-2017 at 03:19 PM
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      #10 LD - Wings and realistic vision
      During a NLD I was high on a tree or something like that (maybe it was a bed?). I was thinking that I should be brave enough to jump down because I was sure it's safe. Then I started to be lucid. As usual I was trying to fly. This time I imagined that I have real wings instead of arms. It worked somehow because I felt them. Didn't see them tho. I'm not sure if I was able to fly with them. It started to be dark and I 'woke up' in another scenario. I was in the car, looking through the window. I was pretty sure I woke up so I tried to not moving much and I did RC with my nose. Everything was clear and realistic. Even sunlight was reflecting on cars naturally so I was surprised that it's indeed a dream. Then scenario changed again. It was night and I saw some (3?) boys on the street. For some reason I was trying to hit them with a bucket. 2 of them ran away but 1 of them was throwing something back. Like something small and sharp, maybe screws? Because of this bizarre action I'm not sure if I was lucid enough. I felt pain when he hit me. Pretty realistic. I stopped this 'fight' and went in another direction, trying to fly again and ran away (I wasn't scare much tho). I was moving my arms again like with wings but there were still my arms (I wasn't trying to make real wings). Then darkness. I don't remember if I woke up or maybe I was still dreaming. It wasn't long dream, I would say 1-2 min. Anyway that's nice because I wasn't even trying to have one!
    2. 16/03/16 | LD - Low quality vision

      by , 03-29-2016 at 09:27 PM
      #9 LD - Low quality vision
      As always my room. I was laying on my bed with my bf. I was looking at the wall and thought that I shouldn't be there (I wasn't at home in RL then). I did RC and get lucid. It was dark. I tried to make some light by commands but I only had some strange quality vision. Sth like that: [KLIK]. I didn't write it down but I think that I saw also some disco colours and I said that I didn't mean this kind of light. I wasn't calm much. I went to the shelf and took a red figure. I touched some towel. I went to my mom's room and tried to fly through the window. I heard an alarm but I knew that it's still a dream. I saw on the phone that it's 2:10AM. I flew away and on purpose I was falling down spinning. I thought that it was a bad idea. It started to be dark and my dream changed to NLD. Some bird or 2 were falling down on the hill.
    3. 13/03/16 | LD - Wardrobe and TOTM attempt

      by , 03-29-2016 at 08:38 PM
      With a slight delay...

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      #8 LD - Wardrobe
      During NLD. I was in my room and I saw purple flowers behind my window. It was a day. I thought that they shouldn't be there. I did RC (nose plug) and get lucid surprisingly. I flew through the window near the trees. I did a flip and I thought that it was a bad idea. It started to be dark. Fortunately I teleported to the kitchen, still lucid. I went to my room again. I opened my wardrobe (I wanted to see some magical scape). I saw a blue picture, there were some things and characters. When I started to look more carefully it was less and less pretty. The wardrobe was like computer. I skipped to the next picture and another one (with woman). I didn't draw them then and I forgot how they looked like. I started to lose lucidity I think because I was thinking about saving these pictures by screenshots. I tried to flew through the wardrobe and I stuck. I rubbed my hands (?). I went to the bathroom and thought about summoning my bf but I didn't do that. I recalled a TOTM (basic II, DC's favourite dream) so I went to my mom's room. I wanted to ask her about her fav dream but during talk I wasn't sure if this is a dream. I tried to fly but I couldn't. I think that also nose plug failed. She told me that I should go if I don't want anything. So I did. I don't remember anything else so I probably woke up.

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    4. 09/03/16 | LD - Severe fatigue

      by , 03-09-2016 at 09:11 PM
      It was crappy LD but I'm surprised of it anyway. I don't know why but my skills are going worse somehow. I mean... first ones were more vivid and bright, I could do more, and now I'm more often in darkness even I'm focusing on stabilization.

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      #7 LD - Severe fatigue
      I had FA in my bed again. I did RC casually and was surprised that I'm actually dreaming. It was dark but behind one of my windows was day. I was rubbing my hands and saying commands. My room was poorly furnished, I touched the shelf. I was trying to make it more stabilized and bright, I felt like my eyes were really tired/sleepy and almost closed. I saw a bit tho. I was only able to make a day instead of night in the 2nd window by turning away. I vanished in the darkness. I was in my bed again, FA. I knew I was dreaming somehow but my eyes were even more closed than before. I tried to open them and I opened them in RL.

      I fell asleep again and had another FA but I didn't get lucid. I was in a different house tho and it was vivid dream - that's just mean brain!
    5. 08/03/16 | 2-in-1 LD - Wandering, TOTM and stuff

      by , 03-08-2016 at 04:07 PM
      I am the most cruel person in the whole dream world. No kiddin'. But about that later.

      I slept ~5h and I woke up, tried WILD/DELID a while but nothing happened. I couldn't recall much and I couldn't sleep so I got up, played some logic games on my phone. I was awake ~1,5-2h, counting and practise awareness a bit before sleep.

      Non-lucid parts
      Lucid parts
      My comments

      #5 & 6 LD - Wandering, TOTM and stuff
      I was lying on my bed, looking at the floor. My carpet in RL looks like this: <KLIK> and in the dream one of these swirls created a word "Sen" which in Polish means "Dream". Also the floor was closer than in RL. (I don't know if I did RC, maybe the one with breath check without moving, anyway I get lucid). I got up fast, I saw a little black&white kitten which looked like he was waiting till I wake up. And what did I do? I ignore him insolently! He even run away, I went immediately out of my room. (That's why I'm so cruel - I understand flying, superpowers, dragons, aliens, fantasy castles, ANYTHING BUT THE CAT. I'll never forgive myself that! He was so tiny and cute and I just ignored him, probably because I didn't want to lose lucidity but still that's inexcusable. Only cat lovers'll understand that :c) So the dream was pretty vivid and light however I was rubbing my hands for a while. I wasn't calm, I didn't know what to do. I went to the bathroom. Before I opened the door I was hoping there will be some mountains but it didn't. I went in and tried to fly away through the window but I couldn't so I gave up. I don't know if I should try anyway but I was thinking that I don't wanna lose my time for one thing. I went to the kitchen, behind the window I saw a little snow on the ground - it was day. The door were open a bit and I saw there a bag but I ignored this a well. Now I know that I should interact more with the surroundings. I recalled a TOTM with a dream guide. I was saying "I'm ready for my dream guide" (twice I think 'cause I did a mistake). I saw that some character are passing in my room. He was tall and massive, I think he had black coat and bird's head (or sth like that). It was a bit creepy but I went in. Instead of him I saw my aunt sitting on my bed. I asked if she is my DG, I think she answered sth but I don't remember. Then, the younger version of her went through the door and there were 2 of them. The new one said sth as well but it wasn't much important (like "so so"). I lose control and wake up to another dream, as well I was on my bed. I check if this is a FA and it was so I get lucid again. This time it was dark. I get up fast, the dream was blurry and I was afraid of waking up. I was rubbing my hands and shouting commands (+ 1 request) but it didn't work. Maybe I wasn't certain enough. Once I was hearing myself and another time not. As in my previous LD I put up the blinds and it was a little brighter. On my bed was a camera. I thought about talking with my subconscious but I knew that I have lack of stabilization so I wasn't even trying. And I woke up in RL because I couldn't maintain the dream.

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    6. 03/03/16 | LD - Shirokuma Station

      by , 03-03-2016 at 11:25 AM
      I had another LD, yay! Yeterday while running (50 min) I was practising awareness. Every song I changed a sense. It was hearing, seeing and touching - I took the inspiration from here: http://www.dreamviews.com/attaining-...cid-dreams.htm. I did this also before sleep while laying on my bed (without songs, same as orginal method). I also drank 2 glasses of fresh apple-carrot juice at the evening. I feel asleep for ~4h, then I wrote one my non-lucid, played 2-3 logic games on my phone, read one thread on DV and tryed to WILD with counting from 100 to 0 with saying between numbers "lucid dream" (ginsan's gold method ;p) and focusing on my breath (I also thought about LD, bonus task from TOTM). When I finished counting I tryed to stay calm. I said to myself that I did everything and now I must be patient. I had some random thoughts about LD in my head anyway. I spend awoken ~2h.

      Non-lucid parts
      Lucid parts

      #4 LD
      During non-lucid dream I went to sleep (or at least I laid down). When I raised my head I saw an integrated circuit which was moving by itself (induced by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhR7DmSp1Zg, lol). I did RC and I got lucid. However I was going through different settings, all of them were dark, I think there were also FAs. I stayed focus hopefully. I was rubbing my hends to stabilize it but it wasn't working well. Then I sterted rolling on the floor to get any touching senations and it worked a little. I shouted few commans, like "Vivid dream!" (I was hearing myself) but it didn't work. I was in my room but it was empty and dark. There were some door/window and I tryed to see behind them some scene but it didn't work either. So I was clever enough - I went to the window, blinds were lowered but I saw faintly a sun behind them. I was pulling them up (there were 2 layers of them) and voilą! Light! I saw my old furnishings. There were dust everywhere and I looked at the moment at wooden cat which I don't have in RL. I again felt too certain and I went out to the kitchen. There was dark but not empty, I saw that it's snowing outside and I felt happy about it. I went to the balcony, I didn't feel temperature, the snow was too nice to watch. I flew up, I had to decide what to do and first thought was about 1st basic task from TOTM - "Hop on a bus/tram/train and leave for places unknown. Describe where it takes you." I live close to the railway tracks so that was easy to find. I wasn't into this task really but I had to decide sth. I passed some guy and I thought that he doesn't see me because I'm invisible (like it would an OBE). I was above the tracks, I did RC with nose and rubbed hands for sec. One train was going immediately, I tryed to catch it but it was too fast and I couldn't get enough speed. So I turned back, there was another train (and one more I think). I was floating in the air for a while because of changing the direction. It was going up through the spiral tracks. I catched the top of it - I knew that it will stop in a moment because we were almost on some station (I thought that it's similar to RL and I was disappointed a bit but it wasn't so I wasn't 100% lucid apparently, don't know if this counts for TOTM then). Station was called "Shirokuma" and the setting was from anime "Shirokuma Cafe". I don't remember it very vivid, however it was nice and green, there was a panda corner (like in ZOO, the anime is i.a. about it). There weren't any trains and tracks, I only remember a sign with the station's name. Probably because of my bad attitude and instability I loose the lucidity. I woke up I think (maybe FA?), I was too tired to wrote it down and I did it after some time of sleep.

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    7. 02/03/2016 | Mental hospital and halves of pigeons

      by , 03-02-2016 at 11:24 PM
      There are parts of longer dreams but the rest seems not very interesting.

      Mental hospital
      I was with my mom on the car-park. She went to the bathroom in some strange building which was a shop previously. I entered there and looking around. The place was full of rust and a little creepy (but I wasn't scared). It was a mental hospital but looked more like a house (I remember a bathtub). There were 2 patients. Some adult woman and very young boy (3-4 years). He was laying on his bed with tons of food (especially sweets) and he was fat. He had a problem with eating. I was going to ignore him but he called me (by name I think). We was talking for a while but I don't remember much:
      Boy: Do you like eating?
      Me: Yes, I do. But not so many things at once.
      I was trying to be nice however he looked to me like a tease at first.
      Me: You will understand this when you'll be older.
      Boy: Yeah, I know this joke.
      Me: It's not a joke.
      Boy: You are wiser than my dad.
      He showed me his DJ. I couldn't read anything, there weren't even words I think. I thought that he should try LD to fix his mental problems.

      I was taking pigeons to some rectangular, transparent, big, plastic aquarium. I had to close them there but the lid was high on shelves. Then I saw that 3 of them are without heads. All of them were alive. Sth like that but there were flash and stuff: http://orig00.deviantart.net/a68e/f/...d_by_mprox.png . Apparently I did this to them. Later I saw that they're all cooked (they looked the same, only there were more brown color). My brother was there and I told him what I've done and he told me that it's ok - even better - because he likes pigeons in this form. Bon Appetit then.
    8. 29/02/2016 | 2-in-1 LDs

      by , 02-29-2016 at 12:13 PM
      AAAAA! I HAD LD. 2 LDS. Thanks to the... bellyache. I slept already 9h so I didn't want to sleep more (because I'm trying to change my sleep schedule) but I felt ill so I spent 1-1,5h on my bed with phone and heater. Then I thought that I'm poor little thing and I should go to sleep just for 5 min. Meanwhile I was thinking about that my dreams are boring and meh + reading message from my Dream Buddy (MamaBilleh) who had a dream about flying so maybe it had something to do with it.


      Non-lucid parts
      Lucid parts

      #2 & 3 LD
      I had a dream about talking with my friend via phone and comp. She made many misspellings, sometimes these weren't even words. I was writing to her a long message but I went to sleep because I was tired. When I was laying on my bed I knew that this conversation was in a dream. Then I thought "why I didn't do any RC, she was writing so strange, I missed the chance for LD again!". And I was lying there, it was dark. I noticed that my computer was in a different place than usual (and some light was reflecting in it). So I did RC lazily - nose plug. And WUT? I can breathe?! So I got up, there was still dark. I couldn't belive that I feel so physically. I headed to the window because I wanted to FLYYYY. I had some issues with going through the window smoothly, it was dark sometimes but I managed to do that. I felt that I'm going through the narrow aperture/passage (I don't have enough words in English ;_;). Outside was rainy morning. I was flying easily, I didn't have any doubts for it this time. So I was flying around my yard, I thought that I should do something to use anyhow this time. I summoned a cat (imagining that he's just behind some object). I tried to catch him but I couldn't. And there was a street so I was afraid that he'll be run over by a car. Then I started to lose control. I thought for a short while that I'm awake but I tried to check it anyway. I was again on my bed. And it worked! It was dark as well, this time I thought that it'll be good to get rid of it. I was rubbing my hands and thinking about vivid dream. It didn't work. Then, still rubbing hands, I shouted a command "Vivid Dream!" or sth. And woooohooo! Everything turned to light and vivid (there were even some sparkles), I was really excited about that (so I didn't pay attantion that it's my old furnishings and stuff). I went through the window with more certainty this time. I thought about TOTM from DV. So I did one in last minute, *fanfares*. I looked at the sky, it was sunset but I still saw the full shape of the sun. And it was unnatural big. Rest was rather normal, some clouds and sky. Returning to the flying, I headed to the sunset. My flying was like swiming (?) or sth, then I changed style to Superman. I felt the speed! I flew up, it was darker and darker unfortunatelly. But I saw a moon faintly, it was even bigger than the sun. Then I heard that my mom was calling me from the kitchen. So I thought that I'm waking up. I tried to maintain the lucidity and I was flying/falling down with thought that I'll gain some light if I'll crash on the ground and make an explosion with rainbow (yeah...). I heard knocking. My mom entered. I thought I'm awake. She was asking me about going to town, gave me a bag and left. I was lying on my bed but then on my chair near the desk. I was confused because of that much FAs and I started to waking up in RL. And I did.

      These was rather short, maybe 30 sec each one. In RL I slept ~1h during these but I had also non-lucids.

      So excited. It seemed to be so easy! And now I know that dream control and stabilization are not just some additional things ;P And that WBTB may actually help me. FA as well. RCs. So much information and experience.
    9. 02/01/2016 | "First" LD

      by , 01-17-2016 at 10:46 AM
      Technically it's not the first one but others were just too short or limited to count them (and I don't even wrote down every). So I think that this is the first one which is worth anything. Also I need numbers so here we go:

      Non-lucid parts
      Lucid parts

      #1 LD
      I was on the meadow close to my house. There were some animals: bisons (?) and black fox. As usually in my dreams I didn't have my camera so I went back for it to my house. I was there very quickly, like with teleport. Then I started to realise that something's odd. I was on the ground floor and again - teleport to my room (maybe with a very little lucidity). I was still going through the dream way. I get my camera. Again - feeling that this can be a dream. So I did RCs. My camera was working fine (vivid, display was on, I took a photo of the church with flash - it was night outside, I checked it on gallery). I switched on and off the light - it worked. I went to the kitchen where my mom was watching TV. I looked on my hands. I had brown gloves and my two fingers was close to each other but it wasn't that odd for me then. I asked my mom if this is a dream and she told me that I'm talking rubbish and I should eat a cucumber. Well, that's my mom. Nothing odd. I was looking so badly for the sign because I wanted to jump through the window and if it wouldn't be a dream - well, not so good RC then. So finally I tried to levitate and it worked! I was flapping my hands for it. It was hard to control the flight. I flight/went to my room, jump through the window and crashed. Fortunately that didn't wake me up, also I didn't feel any discomfort. I flied a little to a different part of the yard. It was day, grass was green, there were many flowers (i.a. red poppies). Everything was beautiful. If I was focusing on some detail then it was more sharp and vivid but also a little 'shaking'. I didn't have many ideas what to do because of excitement. I tried to summon my boyfriend then. I imagined that he comes from behind the tree. It was easy. But he did strange faces, didn't talk anything. Anyway I started to lose control, emotions and stuff. I hugged him. I saw in my mind (still in dream) his dog. Then I woke up. It was maybe 5 minutes between alarms on the morning.

      So it was short and I didn't do anything special but I liked it. Also I think it was a sign to start putting more interest in dreams, maybe to help myself with some things. I wasn't thinking then about LD or anything, I didn't even wrote down my dreams (last ones are from October).
    10. 11/01/16 | Poor little wasps and jelly-kittens

      by , 01-12-2016 at 12:23 AM
      Oh, what the heck, I'll also post here some of my dreams. Not every one tho.

      #1 Poor little wasps
      I saw behind the curtain of the window some dark little shadow-dots. I thought there was flies. When I looked at them it turned out that there are little wasps in a row. Without any thoughts I opened the window and tried to expel (?) them. It was winter and big snowflakes was falling down, also to my room. Then I started to feel bad for them but I didn't stop. Snowflakes started to stick to the wasps, then they was slowed down. I knew that they will die because of the snow, I realised that they was just waiting there for the better weather. I felt so guilty and sad, I woke up after that :c However dream was really beautiful visually. Vivid colors (yellow, white and blue) etc.

      #2 Jelly-kittens
      I was on my bed and on the little piece of paper I had 4-6 tiny little cats (1cm) which was alive but made of some transparent gel. They was standing in the circle. They was kinda sticky. I was responsible for them. They ate wood chips which gave to them. THEN equally small dinosaur came over! And he tried to eat or hurt my kittens. So I automatically hit him with tiny stick. Unfortunatelly one of the cats was glued to him. Also rest of them dropped of my duvet and I couldn't find them. When I did there was less of them (3-4?). And on the end of the dream (which is a little blurry) I lost them all. So guilty and sadness as well again. I wouldn't be a good mother ._.'

      Ok, rest of these are boring/private. I'll add here only some interesting stuff (when I'll be bored probably) and LDs.