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    Inflatable Playgrounds

    by , 03-29-2015 at 04:59 AM (610 Views)
    This was the last dream of about four this morning, the latter three all having been attempts at WILD but only this one really worked.

    I find myself looking up at what looks like my blue duvet. I decide to imagine that I'm in the ocean and it is the surface of the water, and I jump/maybe sort of swim up towards it. It keeps moving upwards too - I am tiny compared to it - but finally my head hits it. I can't burst through like I'm trying to, so I put my finger up and write an 'L'. It leaves a shadowy 'L' behind, which I realise it wouldn't do in waking life,
    so I realise for sure that it's a dream.

    I'm quite sure that I'm 'still' driving up the road with my parents and older brother and maybe my grandfather, riding on the top of a blue(?) car. In one or both of my earlier dreams I had been here at some point, so now it is almost continuing on from there. Dad is talking about someone and something that happened to them to do with a truck, 'cause they're a truck driver. Dad wants to send some money in to the truck company, or he wants to go and be a truckie too. Mum's reaction isn't what he was expecting or hoping for from her, so he says "This is Ken Muffay we're talking about." Apparently he means a guy named Ken he really does know, but whose last name is slightly different. Mum is still telling Dad he doesn't have to do that, but Dad wants to. I tell Mum, "Just let him do it. He wants to."

    We pull up at a place like the bus stop up that road, but it doesn't occur to me now that that's where it is, because it looks different. I say to Mum, "It's just a dream, it's okay," and maybe tell her to 'calm down', because she's still trying to tell Dad not to do it, and possibly getting slightly worked up or annoyed. I hop off the top of this car and onto the lower bit of ground, which is down a small bank from where the car is parked. I don't know what I want to do, but there is an empty square tissue box, it seems, on the ground in front of me (I've turned around and am facing in the direction of the car), so I get the idea to climb inside it and jump around in it. It must either have been big to begin with or I shrunk on my way to it, but by the time I've put half of my body in there - well, I fit. But I'm not small enough yet, so I concentrate on shrinking my legs down, and then I think I just have to imagine the feeling of myself shrinking inside this box/it growing around me and suddenly I'm little and fit inside. It occurs to me that jumping won't make the box jump, and I won't be able to move anywhere in this box. All of a sudden I'm looking at the again-normal-sized box from beside it, and I'm big, and I'm feeling bored about it and just not wanting to do it anymore.

    I leave that, walking up to the 'bank' where the car had parked earlier, but instead of the dusty ground there's some sort of inflatable track going around, and my brother is up on some part of it up on my right, and there are little plastic handle things to climb up with. I try climbing up using them. I am thinking of a particular person I want to make appear, but then I decide, no, I won't 'summon' them, I'll walk into another room and find them. The inflatable thing has a slope up to a non-inflatable door, and I can see the sky and a cloud pretty much just through the door, as though it's on the wall, and this cloud is orangey-pink and small and round in a swirl. I decide I'm going to climb/jump/crawl/however through that cloud and see where it takes me. I fly up onto the track - I guess I either climbed/jumped/fell off earlier or I never managed to get on - and climb up the slopey bit, hoping the cloud will still be there. It is, but at a different angle, so I can look directly into it and already see the world that it leads to. I put my arms and head through the 'cloud' and wriggle the rest of my body through.

    This place is also like a playground. I liked the whole wriggling-through-a-portal thing so much that I pick up one of those foldable tunnel things off the ground, except this one's probably only big enough for a cat or small dog - actually, about the same size as the cloud portal. It is pink/pinkish purple. I say to myself, "I will jump through this and it will take me to a house that looks.... no... It will take me to... yeah, to [my school]." For some reason I want to go somewhere else to do this, so I go to a part of the, yes, also inflatable playground, the beginning of the track, which leads up, and I think it would be a bit fun. This is grey with some black netting in places.

    I walk/run excitedly up to the inflatable playground. On my way up the little slope at the beginning, before you turn left and go up to REALLY begin the adventure, I notice that there is a rather big mirror on the wall I am running towards. I'm grinning and run up to it and say "you look BEAUTIFUL," and I look mostly normal except I have dark around my eyes, and my eyes are bigger or closer together or something, and also my hair is twirlier/curlier than normal. I'm wearing my grey top and blue jeans. Then I notice that my eyebrows look weird: above my right eyebrow is the first part of another eyebrow (?), and at first I'm not sure which one is the real one, and then I realise my eyebrows are really close together, with about half a centimetre between them. I'm still happy-looking as I remember an anyone dare (by blobularwindmil but I didn't remember who at the time, sorry ) to find a mirror and rearrange your facial features with your hands, so I try that, except I'm pulling at my own face instead of at the reflection, and I may start pulling my finger down the mirror but still nothing happens and then something I don't remember happens that makes me get really excited for half a second, like a brainwave of something to do or maybe something that happened in that scene, and the excitement, it seems, makes the dream start to fade, and I'm floating away from my body and soon I'm out of the scene, and I know that if I open my eyes I will be awake,
    and I do, and I am.

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