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    1. Trump Prison (10 November 2016)

      by , 11-18-2016 at 02:26 AM
      In a big room, like school library. Donald Trump and his family are there, at a little round table in the middle: him, his wife 'Joanne', and two daughters and possibly a son. This is at the time that I am sitting with them, between Donald and Joanne. My younger brother is opposite me, between the two daughters. The daughter to Donald's right starts talking enthusiastically about something. I'm wondering if this is the daughter that Donald says is hot. She's wearing dark blue, has blonde hair. The other daughter, I now look to in order to compare, looks skinnier, a thinner longer face, short blonde hair, and looks back at me expressionlessly. Donald looks younger, shorter, smaller in every way, and with an uneven bowl cut. I have a cup of tea they've poured for me, but it's cold now, and it's been sitting here for ages while they've been talking and I imagine probably has people's spit in it. When I'm looking at it I for a moment think I see a hair. I'm definitely not going to drink this.
      I'm looking at books. Down the left side, from where I'd been sitting facing the direction of the door, are boxes of picture books. I've come to look at these more than once. Anyway, this time I think, there's cushions around, and I might meet a girl there, I do believe so, there's a girl. I think soon I'm leaving but on my way out I notice that the books in this half of the library near the door have most of the tissue boxes, so I take one and go to put it in the other half. I find a place that could do with a tissue box. Some little boys are talking about planting grass so it will grow something. I get a green cushion and carefully sit the box on that, squishing it down so it will balance. I think then my tissue box is what they plant or plant on and I don't know but I just see them putting their grass down, maybe it's on a different spot, and it's a little round patch of dirt with some grass growing out around the edges. I ask the boys if they're gonna water it. “Yes!” they say adorably happily. I think I look at Donald's wife and smile like ‘isn't that sweet that they're growing grass bless them’. Then I think I walk up a grassy slope to get back.. to the library. I'm just thinking as I get up there of the names we can call that woman, because I think she said we can call her Joanne and I'm wondering about Joey, and I think of saying to her “thank you lord” or something, and she'd be like “what? I'm not the lord” and I'd say “but remember you told us we can call you Lorde like the singer” because she had. Apparently. But I don't address her at all.
      I go back to our building. At this point it might be a wee ways across the huge field from the library. There, I'm outside on the deck, a story up I think. I'm with two people: one's the girl I may've met in the library, who has dark curlyish hair and deep dark eyes that sparkle and an adorable laugh though I don't remember exactly how it sounds. The other, I don't know for sure, maybe a blonde girl, or maybe a girl I know from school. At one point the girl says something nice about me, as we're all talking about something, maybe something being “nice like Laura” or it's about me being good at something. I smile and say thanks, surprised and flattered by her comment. She smiles back, I think. It might've even been about me being cute or pretty. I got the sense she was flirting with me, though I wondered why she would be. I remember that I reposition myself on the stool I'm perched on, and I'm wearing my pink track pants. After a bit, we're inside, lying on a double bed with a laptop I think to watch something. The girl says something about another girl, who we know, being out the window, and I look out the circular window and see her, the blonde girl. She looks kinda like a couple girls from camp crossed over. I think I look again, peeping and not wanting her to see, and she's with two other girls now, talking. I peep once more, as though over a balcony or something, and hope they don't see my head. I go back to the bed. While we're setting it up I think, the girl here leans towards and ends up practically lying over the other girl. I could see that was about to happen, because I guessed that the girl was maybe trying to make me jealous, and would do something like that, so I keep looking at the screen when she is coming back and don't say anything. I think I'm working on it, trying to set it up.
      I don't know after how long, but Joanne gets back and we haven't been where we're supposed to be so we're gonna get in trouble. We probably say, “s***, we're gonna be in trouble.” We race out of the room, and here we're in a sort of living room that I've noticed before looks very pretty, purple or pink and with nice things hung on the walls, and just by us there are two or three more doors, opposite the wall with the nice things hung, while ours was on the other wall. Anyway, I go through the door furthest from us, maybe biggest, and in there are the people who the Trumps hate: in this case, black, old, and sick people. We race in, knowing we'll be able to hide but wondering how. The people in there quickly offer to help us. Joanne's coming in. I'm by an open closet and get in, walking as far away from the door as I can, which is sideways. I'm thinking I'll still be easily seen by Joanne if she comes to look here, which she will. But then a nice person comes in and puts a chair up in front of me. People bring in more furniture to place in the closet. Some don't seem that they're hiding me very well, but more is brought in until I feel secure in my hiding place. I don't know if Joanne even comes to look… But I don't get found. I feel like it's hard to breathe at one point and kind of wonder if I'll live past this moment.
      At another point, I think, I and maybe the girl are not where we're meant to be, and I'm on a deck and a woman I think tells me “you're gonna get killed!” or something similar, and I climb over the balcony and drop my hands to the deck and then slide onto the post there that goes to the ground and slide all the way down it. It's like it's not me though because at first it was like someone telling off some guy and then I as him doing all that, but I look like a guy when I'm doing it, you know? When I get to the bottom, I turn to look at the building in the distance, might be the library, on the slope, and I start running for the slope. Joanne wouldn't be watching right now and if she did look I could be far away by the time she gets down and comes after me. I notice the girl is behind me, running too. We run together. I'm like myself again now. We run against an invisible current, slow and sluggish but we push on. We make it up the hill. This might be the part where we have to push-up bounce, because that works better, somehow. I think I start and she copies. We reach the road. We head up; it's a slight gradient. I look back to see if anyone's running after us. I think there is a blonde guy, a bit like Coach Belov from Make It or Break It. We run on blue tiles like on playgrounds. We bounce really high on them. Then we reach some part in the road where we can go down or up. I suggest we go up, since that's where people would think us least likely to go, and because that way if we get caught we can run away, down, easily. I don't voice all of this. It kind of looks like a black stream. I don't know.. But we do end up, shortly, in an area full of streams and plants, like a little serene garden place. It's sort of night time; evening. But darker, now. We're running through the garden, and then I jump into a ‘stream’ - they have wooden edges, they're like pools in stream formats. I realise just before I land in it that it's deeper than I'd anticipated, up to our knees, so quite hard to move in it. I get right out again. Blonde guy is catching up; he's here now. But when he reaches us, the girl and I have started kissing, standing in waist-deep water, wet like we've been swimming, and the guy stands there and says “I can't take you now. I can't make you go back now.” He also says something about going home himself for something, and his hand moved briefly a bit down his pants as I think he lets us know what he means. We all think that's weird (yeah we're not the only ones here). Also I realise now that I'm not actually in the kiss, I can see it but somehow I'm still just nearby probably thinking of ways to go to escape. There's been a song playing, while we've been in this place and now kissing I think. This is like a movie, with the happy ending, and the way I'm experiencing it too. Then we're walking, maybe back along the stream, or a path by the stream. We pass a group of teenagers with broccoli. I'm like “what are you doing?!” because why would you hang out to eat broccoli. I might just say it with my look and actions. Cara Delevingne laughs and shows me its for a bandage for a wound. I nod in realisation and understanding, and exclaim, laughing, “I was gonna say!” and she laughs too.
      I feel like there was another moment of running down a slope with the girl and we are able to bounce really high, but she's running quickly and not bouncing and I realise that makes much more sense and feel dumb for wasting time bouncing.
      There's a time from earlier where we were first bouncing, and bounced kind of over some kids maybe 12 years old and I thought of how we can bounce that high, as tall as a person.
      At the end we must be ‘home’ again, back in the Trump House, coz I'm thinking about how we could, should, next time leave at 3-ish in the morning, and run away, because it would be a good four hours before they noticed us missing and we could've gotten far by then.
    2. Acting, Puppies and Kiss

      by , 11-17-2015 at 09:28 AM
      I'm at my school, in the library, acting in a movie or a play. I'm playing one of the main characters. At one point I, or my character, can't sit down at my normal seat because nobody likes me now, so they aren't letting me, and they put their hands on the table to stop me. A bit later I'm doing something I remembered from the script I had to do, and it is sort of an awkward thing to do, and after I do it half the people there start laughing. I figure I must have done it wrong. I say, "it wasn't that funny," and then everyone in the room starts laughing, and I feel slightly awkward.

      After the day of filming (?), I'm with my brother Adam and Mum on this white platform, that's sort of high, maybe a little more than a foot above the ground, and it has a short railing around it. Adam goes to borrow a puppy from the SPCA which is just down the steps and round the corner. He comes back with an adorable fluffy black-and-brown puppy. I take some photos of the puppy, until he starts trying to lick my phone. Adam takes the puppy back. As I'm starting to leave, he comes back with another puppy, slightly smaller than the other one but I feel that this puppy is somehow scary, because it seems vicious, even though I can't see its face. I'm like, "not another one," but it doesn't matter 'cause I'm leaving anyway. I go down onto a little boat that Dad and a few other people are standing in, chatting. The boat is similar to the platform in colour and the railing it has. The water comes up to the top of the railing, but somehow hasn't come onto the boat. I look out at the water, which is really blue and sparkly. I imagine what we would do if a tsunami came then, and if we'd have to time to drive away and be safe. I see a little ripple come towards us across the water, and everyone on the boat notices and start discussing it. Then we feel an earthquake, and Mum's with us too, and she seems really scared. Dad says, "It's over there!", pointing to a hill on the other side of the road (which is I guess right next to the water). "Look at all the corn blowing!" Because the corn blowing on the hill indicates to us that the earthquake is happening there.

      I'm with a young, maybe 10-year-old girl, and I think also my real-life friend Riley. The young girl has written a script from a book, by typing it all out so we can make a movie of it, or something. I don't think I ever hear her say anything besides "Yes" - when I ask her if she typed the script out from this book, and when I ask her if she edited it at all. She never says a single other thing. Then we're sitting down, three or four of us, and another girl says to the young girl, "I've never called you Mamie," and I 'remember' or 'realise' that this girl is Mamie Gummer (the actress) as a 10-year-old, or playing a 10-year-old. And then Riley is singing along to a song that's playing, so I start singing it too.

      I'm sitting on a bench, by the road near my house, with Riley and Mamie Gummer or whoever she really is. A boy is on my right, and I notice he is leaning on my leg with his elbow. I figure he must be coming onto me, maybe he likes me. I sort of turn to face him, and he turns to look at me, and we look at each other for a moment, and then I go forwards and he comes forward too and we kiss. Really briefly. And then he suddenly pulls away and he's taken my pen. Because he only wanted to do that so he could take my pen and see what was written on it because it said something about the group I was in, or like the Hogwarts House or something. ??? He immediately begins telling his friend about what just happened, how I thought he actually wanted to kiss me. I don't want Riley to hear, 'cause it'll be kind of embarrassing, but then I don't really care because I didn't lose anything - I got a kiss, and I got my pen back. 'Cause he gave it back straight after. So I just use the excuse that I have to go give the phone charger back to Mum and I run home. On the way up the driveway, I see the paddock on the left is flooded, and try to remember when it got flooded (it never did). And then the water goes away all these ostriches who'd been waiting in there all that time start coming out, and I see Big Bird. ????

      The end.