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    Amazingly vivid lucid dream

    by , 12-07-2017 at 12:00 PM (68 Views)
    I did a finger RC and I counted 6 or 7 fingers! I looked around to look at my surroundings and soak in the detail. I looked down at my body and saw I was wearing black school uniform (as that was what I was wearing in the dream before becoming lucid. I felt my body with my hands and realised I could feel my hands with my body too. I did a bit of awareness/dream yoga stuff to try and sense as much as possible in the dream. I felt the ground and it was grass with big clovers on it. It was interesting to bend down, as I could feel the orientation of my dream body change as if it were my real body. I transported to a pool in which I could feel the water on my body. I said ‘raise temperature by 2°’ out loud and the water temperature increased. I wanted to transport to a desert so I knelt down on the sand coloured tile floor and tried to imagine my finger was drawing a door. At first it looked like nothing was happening, but then I saw a bit of the invisible door I had drawn had a crack. I hit the floor and the door gradually opened, revealing a desert scene.

    I had a false awakening and immediately wanted to write the lucid dream in my dream journal. I was in a student house with some people I knew at uni and they kept distracting me from writing down my lucid dream! Eventually I did wake up in reality and I wrote down my lucid dream.
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