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    by , 09-27-2017 at 03:18 PM (326 Views)
    Quite the long dream!

    So, at first, there was some sort of bombing or tsunami or whatever (probably because Iím reading a book with a plot like that). I was with some friends and I knew right away that we should gather as many supplies as possible.

    I convinced my friends that we should go to the supermarket and they started buying things. There were two girls with us that I work with, theyíre very fake and selfish, so I knew Iíd have to lose them somehow.

    When the time came to get into the car, I left one of them in the supermarket, but the other one followed me. So I simply stared at her and shouted ďYOU ARE NOT GOING WITH USĒ.

    Then I got in the car, which didnít exist, I was literally sitting on the floor and gliding around.

    I got to my friendís house and it finally dawned on me that I hadnít called my parents. I called my mother and, from the sound of it, she was part of a guerrilla to survive. I was mildly disappointed that I wasnít there.

    At my friendís house, I met my cousin and he was also wondering what we should do. He told me I should decide since Iím always reading apocalyptic stories.

    My car was outside, and I kept looking at it since my keys from my keyboard kept getting stolen.

    We finally went to another house and the door was open. I tried to shut it, but I was too late. We were attacked by a giant, slightly supernatural spider. Iím not sure why, Iím not afraid of spiders. It looked like Aragog.

    I tried to throw an explosive at it, but I woke up before I saw what happened.

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