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    Asking for Cute Guys FAIL

    by , 07-17-2010 at 05:28 AM (570 Views)

    I've been slacking in the DJ department . Well, I did remember some dreams from this morning, but I was doin stuff, and didn't bother to remember it much . So, I have this bad LD I am sharing from yesturday.

    I was in school, and it was the first day. I "decided" that it wouldn't "hurt" to become lucid, because I know school hasn't started yet, so I did reluctantly. Weird I know. I remember seeing one of my friends IRL, and without thinking I asked her to show me the cutest guys around. Well, all of them round up in front of me. There are about 7 of them. They are all wearing this same sweatshirt, just in different colors, except one which I realize is this random indian dude I know...he only looks average to me...Well, I saw that two of them had blue eyeliner on. They are straight...It is to show their team spirit. I thought that all of them in the sweatshirts are sporty and in some team. One of them had the eyeliner on perfect, and it oddly looked good on him. The other, not so great...I just left them, thinking none of them were worthy .

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