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    Fragment of Dreams

    1. 8/25/16 - Fragments

      by , 08-25-2016 at 08:13 PM
      Fragment 1: A baby duck is being attacked by a turtle in a small pond. I freak out and hurry to save the duck. I grab it in my hands and hold it to my chest. The turtle disappears and then random people tell me that it's probably ok to put the baby duck back in the water. I'm too afraid that the turtle will come back though, so I try to think of something to do, like calling a shelter or something.

      Fragment 2: I'm outside on a beach. There's tons of people and family members. Someone comes up to me and says that I should meet my other Grandmother. I stare at the person, confused because I don't have another one. But they insist that I do and say that she'll speak to me and like me because of what I did. I walk up to the woman. She's very old and sitting in a rocking chair. I get down on my knees in front of her and she smiles at me, asking me if I'm Melissa. I smile back and say yes. She talks and questions me about what I did.
    2. 8/23/16 - Here Are Your Presents!

      by , 08-23-2016 at 07:13 PM
      I'm standing on a large driveway. An older woman, maybe 50 years old, turns to me and says, "Here are your presents!". I look further up the driveway and there are a bunch of used pieces of furniture. There's tables, chairs, bookcases, etc. I can't tell if I'm happy about it or not.
    3. 8/19/16 - Fragments

      by , 08-19-2016 at 07:06 PM
      Fragment 1: I keep trying to catch up to this girl. It's important that she knows I'm like her. I finally catch up to her and tell her that I'm the same, that I'm of the blood too. She smirks and says, "Did you think we don't already know?".

      Fragment 2: I'm in Grandma's bathroom. The door is cracked open slightly so that I can see my older sister still, but I'm able to keep away from her. She keeps threatening me.

      Fragment 3: I'm trying to roll a giant bowling ball home. It's really heavy and hard to control. As I pass a boy, I grab onto him and have him help me roll it home.
    4. 8/18/16 - Lice

      by , 08-18-2016 at 04:52 PM
      I'm standing in my living room, close to the kitchen. My older sister and niece arrive and start looking around the kitchen. Suddenly my niece announces that she thinks she has lice. I immediately back up and freak out.
    5. 8/17/16 - Fragments

      by , 08-17-2016 at 06:26 PM
      Fragment 1: I'm in the RV with Grandpa and a few other family members. As Grandpa drives down the driveway and out of the gate, I say something to him and the RV starts to tilt horribly to the right. I freak out at first, but it just keeps tilting and finally hits the ground on it's side.

      Fragment 2: I'm waiting at Grandma's gate with Julie. It's dark outside. A man is walking down the driveway to us. Once he get to us he puts the unlocked lock on the fence and attaches a large camera right next to the lock. I ask him about the camera but he doesn't answer. I already know that it belongs to Grandpa.

      Fragment 3: I dreamed about a school. High school.
    6. 8/15/16 - The Ultimate Tiny Fragment

      by , 08-15-2016 at 07:32 PM
      This pisses me off but literally all I can remember is that I dreamed about Lee Minwoo. That's it. *sighs*
    7. 8/14/16 - Fragments

      by , 08-14-2016 at 11:47 PM
      Fragment 1: I'm outside by a small river with a strong current. There's a grizzly bear drowning and calling to me for help. I run to the edge and pull him out of the water to safety.

      Fragment 2: I'm on a stage in front of a small crowd. Minwoo pulls me close to him and we slow dance, not caring about anyone who watches.

      Fragment 3: I'm sitting at a dinner table with a ton of people. Heechul is showing off all of his talents. I smile as I watch him.

      Fragment 4: I'm in a hotel room with someone. We are eating. I look up and the curtain to a sliding glass door is open and people walking by can see us eat. I get up and close it.
    8. 7/21/14 - Long Curls

      by , 07-21-2014 at 07:56 PM
      I'm walking through a house in a pretty dress. I have really long hair reaching to my lower back. It's soft and curled. I feel beautiful.
    9. 7/19/14 - Presence

      by , 07-20-2014 at 07:49 AM
      I'm sitting in the passenger seat of a car. There is someone sitting next to me. A male. I feel like it's definitely Stiles that's next to me. But there are no details. It's like we are just souls, like light without bodies.
    10. 1/31/14 - It's fading

      by , 02-01-2014 at 09:22 AM
      My forehead is pressed against another person's forehead. The person is holding my face in his hands and we are both a bit panicked. He keeps mumbling that we have to remember, we can't forget.
    11. 8/8/13 - He Is Going To Hurt Me

      by , 08-09-2013 at 03:43 AM
      Dream Fragment: A man is in our house. He is faceless and normal-looking. Mom turns away and I am left alone with him. He is going to hurt me.
    12. 8/3/13 - A Train Ride with The Doctor

      by , 08-04-2013 at 02:35 AM
      Dream Fragment: I'm on a train, sitting in a booth next to The Doctor. He's holding my hand. "We're almost there", he says. I feel nervous and very excited.
    13. 8/1/13 - Of Screaming And Freeways

      by , 08-01-2013 at 04:25 PM
      Dream Fragment 1: I'm standing nowhere, screaming at the top of my lungs. I don't know how long I scream but when I stop, I realize that someone is standing next to me. I suddenly find myself looking up and into the face of Stiles. He looks worried. I look down and notice that he's holding my hands. I look back up at his face and squeeze his hands in mine.

      Dream Fragment 2: I'm sitting in the passenger's seat of a car. Mom is driving. We are on the freeway. I'm looking at the other side of the freeway, which is at a complete stop. There are a ton of people on the other side just walking around and doing nothing. I turn to Mom and ask her why they are doing that.
    14. 7/30/13 - The Waiting Of Stiles And I

      by , 07-31-2013 at 01:02 AM
      Dream Fragment: Stiles and I stand alone in a dark forest clearing. The only light coming from the full moon. We stand side by side. Our shoulders are touching and his left hand grips my right hand tightly, our fingers interlocked. There is no sound but our breathing. We wait in silence.
    15. 7/28/13 - Knowing Unknown

      by , 07-29-2013 at 05:21 AM
      Dream Fragment 1: I'm holding onto a man. Both of my hands are gripping one of his arms very tightly. He doesn't seem to mind. We are in a very crowded area. It's filled with people laughing, drinking and dancing. I let go of his arm and he places his hand on the small of my back, leading me away from the crowd. I feel happy.

      Dream Fragment 2: I'm in Grandma and Grandpa's R.V., sitting at the table. Julie and I sit on opposite sides, talking about whatever. A guy, who I both know and don't know, Walks up to the table with a plate of food. He looks at Julie and then he looks at me. He smiles big and tells me to move over. I move a bit and he sits next to me. We share his plate of food.
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