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    Invisible Stripes and Dykes :P

    by , 04-19-2011 at 07:59 PM (1147 Views)
    Okay first I was walking through a field. I saw flowers dying as I walked on them. They caused me to turn invisible. I walked to a town, which looked like this:


    I walked though walls of the buildings until I saw Bennerman and ShockWave leaning on a car. They were smoking a cigarette and talking.

    I shrugged it off because I thought they were just talking until Bennerman put his hand on ShockWave's Chest..

    I was like O.O"'''''

    Shockwave looked like this:


    Bennerman looked like this :


    Then they kissed and disappeared.

    I ran away and found the beach. The ocean was a bit wild... but thats not all that was wild,,, Lol

    Zebrah and Bennerman were laying on eachother, kissing. Alittle french there... I turned my head to try to avoid watching..

    Zebrah looked like this:


    Bennerman and Zebrah kept feeling on eachother and I freaked out.
    I guess from me freaking out, My invisibility wore off.

    Then they saw me and started throwing sand at me. I ran away screaming "IM SORRY!!!! IM SORRY D: D: D: "

    I ran into a wall and thats what woke me up

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    Tags: djj, djs, luna, radio


    1. Karlitaki's Avatar
      Lol is that gay dream? ^^