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    Scary Dreams and Awkward Situations

    by , 04-11-2011 at 04:37 PM (1368 Views)
    Well to first start off, this is my first entry.. W00h!! :D

    Well here we gooo :D

    Well in my dream, me and my sister were talking... I want to say we were in this log cabin. It was really nice. Fires were going and the gentle winter breeze goes through the windows. The couches were covered in fur, felt as soft as a rabbit or a new born puppy.

    My sister and I, awkwardly, started talking about how we felt about eachother. I guess we were sneaking around because she kept whispering. So did I. We started hugging.. kissing... and it led to other things.

    Incest isn't ever my forte but it ended up happening. After we did it, my sister says "Oh my god! They're coming!" I replied in a shock "Who?" She ran before she could answer. She was 1/2 naked, running barefooted in the snow, trying to hide from these intruders.

    I woke up because I didn't want to remember the incest dream but I do anyway.

    How you somewhat enjoyed.. **if u enjoyed the sex part, your weird.. lol **

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    1. Oneironaut Zero's Avatar
      Haha. Interesting first entry, Luna.
    2. Keitorin's Avatar
      Congrats on your DJ~!

      I too have had this sort of dream so you're not alone. Awkward, but you just remind yourself of the weirdness that dreams can be in general and move on. XD
    3. Luna's Avatar
      Lol @ Keitor..

      And Thanks Oneir :P