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      So...Your leaving huh? Damn.
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      Download this and fall in love.
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      Hey Alyssa, thanks for the thanks in your video. Sorry it took me awhile to watch it, this laptop doesn't do flash. It was nice.
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      hey Alyssa
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      yeah, that's the one! she's a good actress with a good name, there are much worse people to be named after =P
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      haha, well that's pretty cool! My mom named me after that actress =P
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    Well, I live in Illinois. I am depend on the support of my Father,Uncle Kevin, and friends. I would so be lost without them. My sister Megan supports me alot too. I am going to college in the summer. I am also a Taurus. My favorite Goddess's is Aphrodite and Persephone.
    Steger, Illinois, United States
    Dance, Playing on the Computer, Clubbing, Walking Niome leon, Cirque du Freak, Legacy of Secrets, Se
    Still looking :)
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    My friend What??Me??


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    Recent Entries

    Invisible Stripes and Dykes :P

    by Luna on 04-19-2011 at 07:59 PM
    Okay first I was walking through a field. I saw flowers dying as I walked on them. They caused me to turn invisible. I walked to a town, which looked like this:


    I walked though walls of the buildings until I saw Bennerman and ShockWave leaning on a car. They were smoking a cigarette and talking.

    I shrugged it off because I thought they were just talking until Bennerman put his hand on ShockWave's Chest..

    I was like O.O"'''''

    Shockwave looked like this:


    Bennerman looked like this :


    Then they kissed and disappeared.

    I ran away and found the beach. The ocean was a bit wild... but thats not all that was wild,,, Lol

    Zebrah and Bennerman were laying on eachother, kissing. Alittle french there... I turned my head to try to avoid watching..

    Zebrah looked like this:


    Bennerman and Zebrah kept feeling on eachother and I freaked out.
    I guess from me freaking out, My invisibility wore off.

    Then they saw me and started throwing sand at me. I ran away screaming "IM SORRY!!!! IM SORRY D: D: D: "

    I ran into a wall and thats what woke me up

    No Escape

    by Luna on 04-13-2011 at 04:53 AM
    I was at my Uncle's house. The house had grey colored rug. The walls were covered in rug like fabric, which was also grey. I remember feeling miserable. Like life wasn't worth it anymore. There was a love seat, a rocking chair, and a 3 person couch. and in front of the rocking chair was an ottoman.

    Well I remember my dad, my uncle, and brother was in the front room. They were watching me. I felt more cold as I watched them glare at me. I closed my eyes, sighing deeply, trying hard to make myself feel better but I couldn't.

    I saw this black carrier on the floor. It was made of plastic. I snapped open clips that kept the case together and saw what was inside..

    A Springfield.

    I grabbed it... my hand shaking from the weight of it. I felt how smooth it was.. and I felt a sense of relief. I looked up at my family, all was quiet. I loaded a bullet into the chamber, cocked it back.... and rested my finger on the trigger.

    I leaned over the ottoman, turned my head to the side... closed my eyes. Warm tears gently glided down my cheek as I put the gun to my head.

    I shot myself and fell off the ottoman, onto the floor and bled out.

    My family still glared at my corpse and then...

    I woke.

    Scary Dreams and Awkward Situations

    by Lunataur on 04-11-2011 at 04:37 PM
    Well to first start off, this is my first entry.. W00h!! :D

    Well here we gooo :D

    Well in my dream, me and my sister were talking... I want to say we were in this log cabin. It was really nice. Fires were going and the gentle winter breeze goes through the windows. The couches were covered in fur, felt as soft as a rabbit or a new born puppy.

    My sister and I, awkwardly, started talking about how we felt about eachother. I guess we were sneaking around because she kept whispering. So did I. We started hugging.. kissing... and it led to other things.

    Incest isn't ever my forte but it ended up happening. After we did it, my sister says "Oh my god! They're coming!" I replied in a shock "Who?" She ran before she could answer. She was 1/2 naked, running barefooted in the snow, trying to hide from these intruders.

    I woke up because I didn't want to remember the incest dream but I do anyway.

    How you somewhat enjoyed.. **if u enjoyed the sex part, your weird.. lol **