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    Recall is improving!

    by , 03-15-2015 at 12:27 PM (316 Views)
    Dream no 1:

    I'm at my best friend's house, standing in front of a huge window, watching the neighbour have an unfortunate and uncontrollable bowel movement. I yell in disgust as my friend's two brothers laugh out loud. One points out that the cleaning crew from a nearby supermarket (Tesco) has arrived to clean up the mess. Lovely.

    Dream no 2:

    Bill Paxton supplies my best friend and I with various equipment and gadgets, and well as kickass cars. For what purpose, I'm not too sure. I had noticed that if we misplaced or damaged our vehicle, he would provide us with an even better one. To this end, I brutally crashed the car into the wall of our house. Bill, furious, told us that we could now use our own two legs to get to places. For some reason which seemed incredibly logical at the time, me and the best friend (let's call her Isabelle) needed to go camping. This was directly linked to the fact that we no longer owned a car. After having discussed this with her, I went to my bedroom, and picked out the warmest clothes I could find, settling on a black hoodie and combat trousers. I packed a bag, filled it with what I thought I needed, slung it over my shoulder before heading out, closing my bedroom door behind me.

    Dream no 3:

    Falling, falling, I hit the ground fairly violently. Standing up, I saw that I remained unhurt, save for the fact that I could no longer see out of my left eye. Panicking, I asked Isabelle's family if something was wrong with me. Upon seeing me, they all started shouting, saying that I needed to be brought to the hospital. I black out, and awake to all of them looking down at me, their faces very close to mine. They carry me to the car, intending to drive me to the hospital.

    Sidenote: The fact that all these include Isabelle and her family make me wonder if all this wasn't in fact part of one massive dream, and I just forgot the bits that connected. Hmm...I don't know

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    1. tadas98's Avatar
      Nice recall.Keep it up!
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    2. Marina1992's Avatar
      Thank you!