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    Narda just my own tarot reading

    by , 11-07-2015 at 04:17 PM (411 Views)
    Can't recall a thing, so i'm renting out this space.
    Oh I have one buyer - My subconscious has delivered a message via tarot as follows, and the cards read in this particular order:

    1) the current situation - High Priestess > Listen to your intuition
    2) barriers - Seven of Fire > Defend your beliefs , Stand your ground
    3) basis of situation - Ego > A false sense of entrapment
    4) the past - The Dreamer > A leap of faith, Follow your dreams
    5) the present - Page of Water > a new person enters your life, a phase begins, raised psychic abilites
    6) near future - King of Air > Speak your mind with confidence, seek professional advice, balance mental and emotional
    7) my power - Page of Air > Logical, Honest, Impulsive, curious
    8) affects of people - Five of Water > Things not going as planned, crying over spilt milk (us cat do do that )
    9) hopes and fears - The Lovers > intimate relationships, carefully weigh descisions
    10) Outcome - Three of Earth > The power of creativity, Reward for high quality work, Be a team player

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