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    posts to the subconscious

    by , 10-20-2015 at 05:27 PM (228 Views)
    D1 - I am making posts to the subconscious with someone else. Posts have to be made by painting a picture of a face.
    (Hmmm it looked like one of LinKZeldas 3D models, hope i'm not breaking copyright using it in my dreams .)
    I tryed sending a message using broad brush strokes in vivid green and yellow (not human face).
    I then go back in to edit it, to make my message clearer.
    Others try but are enable to send clear messages.
    D2 -
    On hols being advised where to go and what to eat and do.
    Sitting at a restaurant table with two others.
    I almost fall off my chair onto concrete below.

    [comment] I feel powerless in D2

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    1. Milly's Avatar
      Nice to see a follow up on your subconscious color coding dream! Yellow is new right?
    2. MeohMyoh's Avatar
      Hmm that colour thing is so last season now...I isa movin on...thanks for noticing tho