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    Being scammed at a video game store.

    by , 06-20-2012 at 01:20 PM (456 Views)
    I remember being at this video game store in a dream I've had. I was suppose to have a meeting with someone so I went inside and I was playing Pokemon Leaf Green and I had my game boy advance with me. I was looking around for another GBA game to play. I was taking my time at the store like I usually do at retro video game stores, they sold cards there as well. The guy wanted 20 bucks per card. He made the cards him self he says. Then I had to go, I was told I was going to be left there if I wasn't ready. I noticed the Gameboy Advance section. There were a few games, there was Zelda games there as well.

    I came across a silver Zelda cartridge that hasn't been released before. The guy said, that game is pretty rare, it came with two bonus story lines and he wanted $50.00 bucks for it. I told him, fine I'll buy it, so I bought the silver cartridge and went out side to get to the car. As soon as I've got to the car, all of the sudden I saw the game changing its self into a Pokemon game, And I've got pissed and told my self. "Fuck it I just got ripped off".

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