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    Playing with a 3 dimensional Box

    by , 06-18-2012 at 12:18 AM (534 Views)
    Well the dream started off with me sitting at a Desk being in a office type room. Here is a image of what it may look like.

    I am inside the building just minding my own business, all of the sudden I was playing around with some plastic box. It looked kind of futuristic. I was wondering what to do with the box. First thing I was doing was I was playing around with the box and it looked 3 dimensional. I was trying to figure out how to use it and it began to do some different things, when I was messing with it a logo appeared in the box. I saw a logo going really far away inside the box so I could barely see it. So I was thinking this was a next generation of computers. It was like a computer case made out of plastic that can do all sorts of things. It looked kinda like this but it was alittle bigger, kinda like the size of a PC Monitor or a TV.

    I was messing around with it again and suddenly it said Dreamviews on the logo. I was thinking for a moment, well that was odd. Then suddenly I heard peoples voices coming from out side, they were coming in the room. One of the ladies walked in and said, "Sorry you have to leave, I am busy with a client right now so you must go" And I was wondering what she meant by "Client" And I saw a girl walking in with her, And the dream ended.
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