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    My first lucid!!!

    by , 01-20-2017 at 04:16 PM (567 Views)
    I'm at college "studying" with a bunch of guys in a library. It must be the 50's or something because everyone is smoking cigarettes inside. Somebody lights up a joint so of course I'm excited, but I wonder if it's shwag because people back then really didn't have great weed. (How I didn't realize I was dreaming at this point blows my mind). I smoke and pass to the guy next to me who takes a hit then is surprised because it tastes way better than cigarettes.

    I leave and I'm on campus walking next to a girl and trying to do something on my phone, but it's difficult. I slowly start to wonder if I'm dreaming. I ask the girl next to me if I am, she doesn't know. I pause and think for a bit about it, and I become pretty sure that I am. I pinch my nose and blow through it and I succeed. Okay so I'm dreaming. I stand and think for a bit and I realize that this means I have control now. I'm obviously not as clear-headed as I'd like so I RC again while thinking about how I'm going to fly. As I blow through my nose, I start floating up like a balloon. After I'm higher than the buildings around me, I try moving forward, but I start floating down while I'm going forward like a blimp. I end up on the ground and try again. After a few running jump starts, I get the hang of it. Now I can fly. I fly through the hallways of a couple buildings busting through doors as I go.

    I end up in a Chinese style street market on campus. I stop and decide to ask some DCs how to increase my dream control. They start getting angry fast, I fly away. I try to ask my phone, but I don't have enough focus to successfully type out a search. I give up quickly and think about trying to teleport. I realize I have no idea how and no place I want to go, so I end up just flying around for the rest of my dream for fun.

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    1. KaliCo's Avatar
      Congratulations!!!! How long did it take for you to get your first lucid?
    2. miserymeat's Avatar
      A couple months.. but closer to like 3 weeks of dedicated effort.
    3. miserymeat's Avatar
    4. Saizaphod's Avatar
      Gz ! Excited for tonight now that you've had one? haha
      miserymeat likes this.
    5. miserymeat's Avatar
      Of course!! Honestly wasn't expecting it last night, I've just got in the habit of trying to SSILD every night and it ended up working. Not sure if it's due to the tech or the sleep interruption, but definitely excited for more.
      Saizaphod likes this.
    6. NyxCC's Avatar
      Congrats! Sounds like you had quite a bit of fun!
      miserymeat likes this.
    7. KingCobra's Avatar
      Congrats man! Pretty nice first lucid.
      miserymeat likes this.
    8. miserymeat's Avatar
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