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    Life Lesson

    by , 12-05-2015 at 11:07 AM (303 Views)
    Prelude: I'm subscribed to someone called Tom Scott on youtube who has made the type of videos that have literally saved my morale, my sanity, and my life. (Seriously, if you want a good laugh, search for "Tom Scott Citation Needed" on youtube. You won't be disappointed!)
    Also, Tom is a lovely person, great personality, great presenting skill, frankly someone I look up to.
    Now, Tom always wears the same kind of clothes in their videos: grey hoodie over a red shirt. This shirt will become important in

    the dream:

    I'm at boarding school again, like, living there again. At my current actual age. I'm in the TV corner, chilling with some random girl, and Tom.

    Tom is playing some video game, and the girl and I are watching. She's sitting between Tom and I.

    Tom's shirt changes colour every time I look away and back at them. The first time it happens it's khaki green. I comment on it, no reaction. It happens again a few times, so I comment again, and without warning Tom suddenly points a precision knife at my head, reaching all the way behind the girl between us. Who doesn't react whatsoever btw.
    "Do you know how close that is to my head, Tom!?"
    No reaction, but there's a warning look in Tom's eyes as the knife is retracted.

    It happens again, this time it's a lighter shade of green, with white cuffs at the sleeves.
    "That's a nice colour on you, though."
    Again with the knife and the look. I suddenly feel really bad and apologise softly, to which there is again no reaction.

    Then Tom gets up for a toilet break and leaves the room. I get up to get a glass of water (we're suddenly in my parents' living room) and vent to the girl about how bad I feel now.

    As I'm getting water, Tom joins me in the kitchen.
    Me: sorry. I'm so sorry.
    Tom: (now smiling) I think you got the lesson?
    Me: (embarrassed) ..Yeah. I'm undoing society's social training, slowly but surely. I'm sorry.
    Tom: *laughs and hugs me*


    ..this was an incredibly vivid dream, and frankly I'm surprised that the changing shirt didn't make me lucid XD

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