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    7/24/21 - Kanye West and failed lucids

    by , 07-24-2021 at 04:28 PM (244 Views)
    Dream #1: Kanye West comes over to my cousin's house, which my family and I were at. It was pretty weird seeing him there because my family had absolutely no relationship with him whatsoever. I also noticed Kim Kardashian was there, I believe with one of their children. I also remember turning on a Nintendo Entertainment System, but my uncle didn't want me to turn it on, so before he noticed, my cousin quickly unplugged it.

    Dream #2: It was a scary dream and I was in a hallway in my house. I remember my mom doing a very creepy truth or dare smile in the dark, and when I'm dreaming I usually know I'm dreaming but can't take control -- but that changed tonight (kinda.) As I've been trying to lucid dream more, I guess my ability to take over a dream has improved, and I realized it was a dream, but everything started turning white so I tried to grab on to the wall because I read in a r/LucidDreaming post that it can help you stabilize your dream. It didn't work for me though.
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