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    1. Strange dream

      by , 06-24-2011 at 11:16 AM
      In one dream I went on vacations with my brother, we went to the sea in one part and then we went to a strange tour in another place.

      In the second dream I was in my house, I didn't listen to some lessons and I ended up turning into some sort of IB, it was like half living in this world and not, there was a hell lot of suffering I felt like some sort of monster, I ended up very limited , I couldn't move much or do things, my mother would take care of me trying to make me overcome that state doing all kinds of energetic stuff, giving me some sort of bathes and trying to explain how I could come back/get better only some people could hear me, then I remember going to a place a and I asked for a guys help, I told him I know you can listen to me! and then he answered me, we were in a house that had view down at the street and we saw that they wrecked someones car , those people went to see and they punch the person that was responsable 13 punches he ended up pretty bad and I tried to help him.